As the new year dawns you may find yourself beginning to draw up plans for the year ahead. Personally, I have never been one for new year resolutions but I have always drawn up a list of (realistic) actionables for the year. A very generous section is inevitably dedicated to my home and often right at the top of the list is an unseasonable ‘spring’ clean and a thorough declutter. 

Here some of the top designers share what they think should be at the top of the pile of items we reconsider next year. Reimagining your possession at home and decluttering rooms doesn’t have to mean you have to forget about your sustainability values though as Elizabeth Hay describes ‘importantly this doesn’t mean throw it away… It means any item should be sold and recycled into the second-hand market. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.’

10 Home items designers say you should toss in 2023 – and one you should definitely keep

1. Cheap, mass produced artwork

blue living room with vintage art on the walls

(Image credit: ACM Interiors)

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn about interior design is that patience really is a virtue. In days gone by I have obsessively worked to finish a flat/house as quickly as possible when moving in. This inevitably leads to bad decision making when doing refurbs on a very tight budget. Buying cheap, mass produced artwork is a very easy mistake to make for that very reason. You could easily think that basic art on the walls is better than nothing. 


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