To decorate a studio apartment, you would require not only your space-maximising skills but quite a bit of creative thinking. It’s just one room to live in. The same place where you have to sleep, cook, eat, read, work, change clothes, and spend time with guests. It’s indeed challenging but surely worth a try. Before you start racking your brains over it, here are some simple yet stylish hacks by Palash Agrawal, Chief Design Officer at Vedas Exports to help you utilise every inch of your room wisely.

Clutter-free is the keyword:

A room looks bigger and broader when it’s clutter-free. A studio apartment will look more spacious if the décor is minimalistic. Pick simple, sleek furniture and statement pieces that make your room look clean and chic. Trendy metal artwork, table accessories, and wall art pieces can look stylish here.

The bigger picture:

A room’s color and décor play a significant role in making it look wider. Pick light pastel shades for your wall that look brighter in sunlight or room lights. In turn, your room will look big and cheerful. Choose a contrasting color scheme for your furniture and bright hues for your curtains, cushion covers, and upholstery. Your guests will love the vibe.

The symmetrical show:

A neatly designed and tidy room not only impresses your guests but increases your comfort too. While planning the décor of your studio apartment, it’s wise to go for an organised look. Try to keep the furniture arrangement symmetric, which automatically makes the room appear more prominent in one’s eyes. Moreover, the room looks balanced too.

Go vertical:

Every inch counts when a single room needs to be used for multiple purposes. To maximize the utilization of available space, use the verticals of the walls too. Wall-hanging open shelves can be an excellent choice to keep your stuff sorted and right in front of your eyes. Look for wrought iron wall shelves in geometric shapes that give your room a trendy touch. Alongside, add wall cabinets to keep cluttered objects out of view.

A hidden bed:

A bed, however neat, often renders a messy look to a room. In studio apartments, therefore, it’s always a great choice to hide your bed. Try a pull-out or pull-down bed that can be closed when not in use. This will make your room look tidier.

Pick space-saving and multi-use furniture:

Space-saving or multi-functional furniture is always a boon when maximising available space. A sofa-cum-bed or a box-bed, a reading unit within a wall cabinet, mirrored cupboards, a shelving unit that triples up as a storage, a display unit and partition, bean bags for extra sitting in the hang-out zone as well as hiding unorganized stuff, coffee tables with hidden racks can all be your savior here. The same idea will work wonders for your tiny washroom too.

Partition in style:

The same room has to be used for eating and cooking, sleeping, changing clothes, working, or entertaining guests. Thus, partitions are needed to separate areas for each of the requirements. Artistic wooden or glass partitions and pretty screens can do wonders for your décor. Based on the room’s structure and privacy preferences, you can place trendy furniture or curtains for this purpose. 

The mirrored magic:

Mirrors are a classic choice to make a room look bigger and brighter. Your room’s reflections with elegantly placed mirrors can work wonders in making your room spacious. Pick artistic mirrors in classy gold iron frames that would instantly increase your room’s style quotient.

A grand entry:

Welcoming guests in style always earns you brownie points. Pick a corner beside the door and place big, artistic vases that add a lively green touch to your room. Choose trendy wall art with hooks to offer people to hang their bags, jackets, or scarves. Attractive key holders will also look great.

Work from Home in elan:

With the work-from-home pattern becoming a usual practice, your studio apartment needs an arrangement for that too. A fold-out desk in your cupboard that can act as your workstation and get tucked away once you sign off for the day is a good choice here. Your work area will thus transform into a living room the moment you want it.

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