Scroll through your social media feed  and you’ll notice: All the interior designers seem to be decorating with sage green right now. From earthy green paint to furniture seemingly dusted in a thick coat of ashy fog, the muted shade is a rising decor trend. 

If you’re also ready to give your home a sage green moment, we connected with artist and interior designer Natalie Papier of Home Ec. to understand why this color is so popular and get her tips on how to incorporate the trend at home. 

As for the color, Papier who loves to decorate with eclectic tones believes it’s all about the emotion. “Sage green is an equally invigorating and calming color to incorporate into your home,” Papier said. “It evokes feelings from nature and the outdoors; equally stimulating and refreshing.”

We asked her to whittle down an assortment of 15 home decor and furniture pieces from Amazon’s sage green decor section. We found decor gems like paint, art prints, and even pillow cases hiding on Amazon’s Home Decor section starting at just $11. 

Sage Green Decor and Furniture on Amazon:

Country Chic Chalk Style Paint

Create an entirely new vibe with this 32-ounce jar of eco-friendly sage green paint, which is free of harmful chemicals and metals. Use it to update an old dresser or refresh a blank space, especially since according to Papier, “The accent wall is back.” But that might not necessarily mean what you think. She explained: “My personal favorite accent wall is the fifth wall—the ceiling.”

Buy it! Country Chic Chalk Style Paint, $40;

Home Brilliant Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows allow you to play with a trend without dropping a ton of cash. Think about this corduroy pillow set as a muted base for your other decor This way, the pillows  can truly go with any color scheme you currently have in your living room or bedroom—even neon. “Throw pillows can give you a color pop that still reads as a neutral, balancing out warm wood tones and brighter colors,” Papier said.

Buy it! Home Brilliant Throw Pillow Covers, $17;

Der Rose Three-Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants

Faux plants are all the rage because they’re the epitome of a set-and-forget careship (no one ever killed a fake plant!). This best-selling trio of mini potted plants are a gorgeous gray-green, and Amazon shoppers have found endless places to display them, like the bathroom, fireplace mantel, and laundry room.

Buy it! Der Rose Three-Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants, $26 (was $33);

H.Versailtex Blackout Curtains

Add warmth to an environment while simultaneously blocking out light and noise with floor-grazing blackout curtains. ”I love to incorporate color trends into easy things [that you can] change out, like curtains,” Papier explains. These drapes are available in six sizes, and made with energy-saving materials to regulate temperature. 

Buy it! H.Versailtex Blackout Curtains, $22 with coupon (was $29);

Loloi II Skye Collection Area Rug 


Area rugs are cozy and can completely change a room. This muted green one comes in 14 sizes that’ll work in just about any area of the home, including the foyer, living room, or dining space. Plus, Papier confirms that mossy green, seen in the tones on this rug, make it an effortless addition thanks to its natural appearance. “Softer tones in textiles on the floor, like a sage green rug, feel like nature underfoot, almost working as a neutral,” she says.

Buy it! Loloi II Skye Collection Area Rug, $100;

InSimSea Sage Green Matisse Print Room Decor

Got blank walls? That’s an easy fix. This six-pack of unframed Matisse prints tones down harsh (or plain) shades and offers immediate symmetry. “Art is such a great way to bring color to your home,” Papier said. “Sage green tones in art are a perfect balance to crisp black and whites as well as accent pops of color.”

Buy it! InSimSea Sage Green Matisse Print Room Decor, $14;

Lohoms Mid-Century Modern Fabric Accent Chair


A couch or accent chair will instantly become the focal point because green is such an unexpected color choice. And if you have smaller sage green decor like plants or art prints, Papier says an accent furniture piece like this one will tie the look together nicely.

Buy it! Lohoms Mid-Century Modern Fabric Accent Chair, $167 with coupon (was $177);

EcoHome PictureFrame

This 4-inch by 6-inch picture frame has a classic wooden makeup, yet has an unexpected pop of color from the sage green moulding. It’s a quick way to play with the nature-like trend without much investment considering the frame is just $11. This shopper who was searching for a clean-lined frame said,“Not only is it affordable, but the width is not too wide or narrow, and gives just enough slight detail.”

Buy it! EcoHome PictureFrame, $11;

Decor Therapy Side Table 

Courtesy of Amazon

You can easily punch up a space with a wooden side table like this one. At 24 inches tall, it’s an unassuming piece that works in a corner or next to a sofa. Plus, it’s ideal for small spaces considering it has a compact frame and short, retracted legs. And shoppers found they love the dusty pistachio tone, putting the table in nurseries, living rooms, and at-home offices.

Buy it! Decor Therapy Side Table, $68;

Redearth Round Pouf

This everyday unassuming pouf has more than 1,500 five-star ratings from shoppers who needed a place to rest their feet. It’s 14 inches high, so ideal as an ottoman, but the kids can sit on it, too. Feel free to move it around anywhere you need it—it’s only 6 pounds.

Buy it! Redearth Round Pouf, $68 (was $75);

Hnzige Storage Basket

Decorative and functional storage baskets are the unsung heroes of our homes because they keep everything organized without drawing attention to the (messy) contents within. This trio of versatile 15-inch long linen bins feature leather handles that make it super easy to move around. It also has a stylish beige and green color-blocking feature that won’t overwhelm your space. Fill them with toys, books, and games—they’re 9 and a half inches deep.

Buy it! Hnzige Storage Basket, $27 (was $36);

Battilo Home Sage Green Throw Blanket 


When it comes to renovating, Papier said the larger items should do the heavy lifting, but sometimes a little accent will do. A throw blanket like this one lets you in on the sage green trend without having to commit to large pieces of furniture. Drape this 50- by 60-inch blanket over an accent chair or fling it on the couch for maximum color confidence.

Buy it! Battilo Home Sage Green Throw Blanket , $24;

Jovivi Two-Piece Natural Carved Healing Gemstones

Personal objects add immediate character to a shelf, and this pair of tiny elephant figurines will bring good luck, as legend has it. Leave them out whenever you want to fill your space with positive vibes or give the space a little color. Shoppers like the hand-crafted look of these elephants and several even gifted these to loved ones too.

Buy it! Jovivi Two-Piece Natural Carved Healing Gemstones, $16;

Cir Oases Six-Piece Woven Wicker Rattan Balls 

 Fill a wicker or wooden bowl with these 3.5-inch decorative balls and they’ll quickly unite any other muted tones you have in a room. One reviewer appreciates the range in shades. “Love that it’s a complete set with different textures and colors like a starter kit.”

Buy it! Cir Oases Six-Piece Woven Wicker Rattan Balls, $17;

HollyHome Tray Metal End Table

This straightforward metal indoor/outdoor end table can’t help but liven up a space. At just over 20 inches tall, it nestles nicely against couches and chairs, but one reviewer found it’s the perfect height for al fresco happy hour. “Who wants to reach all the way to the ground to pick up your cocktail? The height of these tables is perfect for minimal arm effort.”

Buy it! HollyHome Tray Metal End Table, $40;


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