In the powder room of an Olney, Maryland, home, Beitler covered one wall with a a popular backsplash material: a stunning blue-green Moroccan zellige tile by Zia Tile. “The clients expressed an interest in including handmade materials to enhance authenticity, color, and texture to the space,” she says.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to design your own accent wall? Consider these common questions.

Can you DIY an accent wall?

As these accent wall ideas prove, it is entirely possible to design a DIY accent wall, whether you chose to do so with paint, by hanging a gallery wall of art pieces, by installing a peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper mural, applying paneling, or taking another route.

Can you incorporate an accent wall into a small space?

As you can tell by the array of accent wall ideas above, you can certainly include an accent wall in a small space or room for an eye-catching surprise. Accent walls will add instant personality to a powder room, petite apartment living room, and many other spaces short on square footage. A small space is an excellent opportunity to try a bedroom accent wall that mimics the effects of a headboard, for example.

Do accent walls complement all aesthetics?

Accent walls will shine in any type of home, regardless of one’s home decor style. That said, they are more often seen in vibrant, eclectic spaces and appear less often in minimalist homes. Accent walls generally serve to provide a pop of color within a room, according to interior design experts, so don’t shy away from paint colors that make a bold statement.

What is the rule for accent walls?

Home design pros say that when incorporating an accent wall, “Do it with intention or don’t do it at all,” Lisa Gilmore says. This means really focusing on amping up a room’s visual interest. “When it comes to creating an accent wall, my rule is to make a statement,” Danielle Chiprut adds. “I recommend going big and bold. It’s your opportunity to express your personality in your home and create a stunning focal point.”

Are accent walls in style in 2023?

Accent walls are still having a moment this year, designers say. The key is to keep your personal interior design preferences top of mind. “Accent walls will always be in style as long as it feels authentic to you and your design style,” Chiprut says. “It’s about how you incorporate them into your home.”

How do you make an accent wall cheap?

Paint is an affordable option when it comes to accent wall design. “The cheapest way to add depth to a room or emphasize the focal point in the space is to choose a complementary paint color and buy a sample pot of paint,” Kevin O’Gara explains. “Usually this is enough to cover one wall!”

Are two accent walls too much?

The number of accent walls in your home is less important than whether or not the walls you design suit your space. “As long as your accent walls are complementary to your existing decor, I don’t see any reason why there should be a limit on the number of accent walls in a house,” O’Gara says. That said, he advises sticking to just one per room. “Think of it like styling an outfit,” adds Gilmore. “You’re not going to wear all your jewelry in your jewelry box, but you will have a focal piece with some supporting pieces to finish the look.”


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