Design touches everything in our lives: the clothes we put on our body, the technology that powers our day, how we prepare our food. It is the amalgamation of these elements that comprise the personal style we create to express ourselves. In my work, no detail is ever left unexamined and I’m constantly on the search for exceptional and surprising finds that blend high and low, raw and refined and the ordinary and extraordinary. I’m pretty organized at cataloging my finds and by the time the holidays come around I feel pretty well prepared to pull the trigger on some amazing presents for my loved ones.

I have always loved the holiday season because I get to spend quality time with those closest to me. Not only is this time of year an opportunity to come together with family, friends and loved ones, but it’s also a moment to show how much you appreciate them. It’s why gift giving is my ultimate love language.

I always think to myself: What are things that someone might covet but might not buy for themselves?

One of my favorite ways to treat someone is by giving them an elevated version of an everyday item. It’s the perfect way to infuse luxury into function and give people a little extra something. Think: a stunning tea kettle, lush towels, or the softest throw.

It is also incredibly rewarding to give a gift that deeply resonates with someone you love. Making it exceptionally personal—like finding an ideal art piece for someone’s budding gallery wall, or helping a music lover to level up their electronics, or treating a kitchen savant to a new appliance— is a great way to deepen your connection and really show how much you care.

As we approach the end of the year and in the essence of gratitude and giving, here are some of my favorite home decor gift ideas to spoil your loved ones. 

For the friend with Shibui Spa decor aspirations

I love the timeless design and soft tactility of these towels, transforming the everyday into a sensorial experience.

For your partner who binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit 

This sculptural chess set is an incredible gift for any design lover. I love how versatile it is, functioning as a bold design statement while fostering family bonding.

For the chef whose dinners you want to be re-invited to

Our Place believes deep connections are made over the kitchen table and I couldn’t agree more. This cookware set combines culinary innovation with beautiful colors for a design-forward ethos, emerging as a thoughtful and stylish gift for anyone passionate about cooking.

For your sister who collects candles like it’s a job

All of the Loewe fragrances are amazing, and this unique candle is an incredible gift for the design lover who has everything. It’s ethereal and like a work of art.

For your brother with the vibe-y Spotify playlists 

I love the classic ’90s inspired spherical silhouette of these speakers. It has such a pure design and can translate to so many different spaces.

For your aunt who prefers leaves over beans

This is the gift for the host who appreciates the art of entertaining and leans into the unexpected. Designed in the 90s, this kettle will make any tea experience memorable and great for the person who really loves design. The craftsmanship of Alessi products is the best.

For your friend with best podcast recommendations

I’m often enlightening myself with podcasts or listening to music, so I rely on these noise-cancelling Beats Studio Pro headphones whenever I travel. They make a great gift for any audio lover and Beats offers a great range of colors so you can really personalize the selection.


Studio Pro wireless headphones

For your Italian lover 

This mini espresso machine not only elevates the coffee ritual but also stands as a striking objet d’art in any design-conscious kitchen. I have one in my studio and in my office—it makes me want to get out of bed early so I can make my espresso.

La Marzocco

Linea mini espresso machine

For the host who insists you bring nothing

For my friends who are avid entertainers, I love gifting caviar. It’s the ultimate appetizer for the discerning host, with its rich flavor profile and exquisite texture that elevates any gathering. I make sure to have it on hand for every party.

For your favorite couple who just bought a house

I love how the Pari Table Lamp’s minimal and compact design effortlessly harmonizes with any décor. Such a perfect gift for someone getting settled into a new space.

Kelly Wearstler

Pari petite square table lamp

For your grandma who always runs cold 

With its meticulously crafted reversible design, the Luxe Kisses Throw transcends functionality, offering a dual aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with diverse interior styles, bringing both comfort and visual interest to any space. These are made in Italy from the finest cashmere.

For the coworker you were thinking of getting a gift card 

Giving the gift of style, Synchronicity is an inspiring coffee table book serves as a curated narrative that transforms any living space into an intimate gallery of inspiration, enriching both the aesthetic and intellectual dimensions of a home.

For the sustainable shopper 

An extraordinary gift for the environmentally conscious, the Off The Wall Mirror by Amelia Briggs commissioned for my gallery commands attention with its sculptural frame meticulously handcrafted from reclaimed fabrics and shaped panels, a testament to both artistry and ecological mindfulness.

For the brother-in-law with a dedicated bar cart 

These glasses are a strong elevated staple and I always recommend gifting glassware in sets of six or more, so they really work for entertaining.

For the artsy mom who recently picked up pottery

Highlighting the inherent variations in marble stone, the Dune Vase imbues any tablescape with an organic and grounded essence—or works beautifully on an entry way console.

For the fashionista who knows every CFDA nominee

The classic white T-shirt, but with a surrealist twist. The trompe l’oeil brings in playful design to elevate a wardrobe staple—it’s a bit unexpected and I’m all for a little risk when putting together an outfit.

The timeless investment that doesn’t require a wait list

There’s an enduring appeal to tote bags and the level of craftsmanship in this lambskin leather work is unparalleled. I’m always on the go so it’s the perfect, spacious bag to throw my computer, headphones and all my accessories in.

For the one who knows your best angles

I’m constantly taking photos for work and of my family, my travels and everything that inspires me. The SOFORT 2 makes it so easy to take photographs and transfer images quickly to digital. It’s a seamless blend of the analogue world and technology, and a great way to capture memories that’ll be cherished forever—plus the design is so stylish!

For the oenophile who keeps an impressively-stocked wine collection

Calon-Ségur is one of the oldest residences in the Médoc region of France and the wine that is produced here is outstanding. It’s sweet, rich and a bit fruity–the perfect pairing to a holiday dinner, and I adore the heart at the center of the label, which has been the symbol of Calon since the 18th century.


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