When our modern homes work hard at multifunctioning, it’s no surprise that we are all for adding an extra dose of entertainment into our spaces. Typically, the TV lives in the sitting room. However, depending on your home’s configuration, and on your watching habits, it could be that yours actually resides in the kitchen or bedroom – you may even have a few dotted around your home. But let’s face it, televisions all too easily become the focal point in a room and they don’t tend to make the most beautiful centrepieces…

So when adding much-needed entertainment comes at the sacrifice of our interior design scheme, should we think twice about it? Thankfully, home decor enthusiasts won’t have to worry about the television interrupting polished home surroundings now that new models like Samsung’s The Frame offer up all the high-tech functionality and entertainment that you could want from a television, alongside a refined design aesthetic that can actually enhance your home’s decor scheme. This is one television that you won’t mind featuring on your grid, and this is why:

1. Curated space


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