Who says you can’t go shopping in the kids’ section? Well, maybe not for clothes or accessories, but when it comes to home décor, the options are endless. Many popular furnishing retailers, such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and West Elm, have furniture and other decorative products available in collections dedicated to children. Although they’re meant for children’s spaces, many of their products are sophisticated enough to be used by adults in their bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered 30 products we think will accommodate your aesthetic and elevate the design of your home. We also noticed that certain products, such as mirrors and light fixtures, were more affordable in the kids’ section, so using this shopping tactic could also save you a few bucks on your decorating budget. With all the economic chaos going on, a furniture store’s children’s section may be what saves the day.

1. Beachy vibes

We’re starting with the Naturalist Mirror from Pottery Barn Kids, priced at $249. It’s a mirror that’s about 30 inches in diameter, and we believe it will look great in a beach house or a residence with a coastal aesthetic. It could be placed in an entryway, hallway, or bedroom.

2. Textured area rug

The Faye Rug from West Elm Kids starts at $449 and comes in several different sizes to accommodate different spaces, such as the bedroom and living room. The blush hue is beautifully neutral, and the texture makes a room more interesting. 

3. Bamboo light fixture

The Birdcage Bamboo and Rattan Ceiling Light by Leanne Ford from Crate and Kids is $279, and we believe introducing a product that’s a mixture of natural materials can create a sense of coziness in any space.

4. Toy storage

Although the Homfa Kids Toy Storage from Walmart would be perfect for a toy room, it could also be used in a mudroom or a closet where you may need extra storage for shoes and other items. It’s priced at about $130.

5. Elegant twin bed

The white Twin Kids’ Bombay Metal Bed from Target is a convenient option for those living in a small space and wanting something elegant and impactful. The scrollwork curves add interest to the piece, and we adore the added touch of round finial posts. It’s currently priced at about $150.

6. Pink bath mat

The Pink Scalloped Bath Mat from Pottery Barn Kids is $40 and would pair well in a bathroom with floral patterns and accents. It’s a unique and fun shape that can create interest and complement other curvy décor in the space.

7. Block drapery

Although located in the kids’ section, the European Flax Linen & Luster Velvet Curtain from West Elm Kids is sophisticated and would look stunning in a living room or home office. The contrast between the off-white and burnt gold would be a great addition to a home filled with natural décor. The price starts at $110.

8. Pill-shaped shelf

The Mallory Kids Large White Wall Shelf from Crate and Kids is $229 and can showcase different décor pieces, such as flowers, vases, small picture frames, and more. Pill-shaped furnishings are on the rise this year, and their curved edges can be used to create a soothing ambiance.

9. Minimalist table lamp

This small, white table lamp from Walmart is only about $20 and would correspond nicely in a minimalist-designed home due to its simple and smooth features.

10. Contemporary dresser

The white oak South Shore dresser with black, contrasting pull handles can easily be incorporated into a contemporary bedroom. It’s currently sold at Target for about $305.

11. Ruffle duvet cover

You can easily add subtle texture to your bedding by incorporating the Washed Cotton Ruffle Organic Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn Kids. The price is currently $139 for a full/queen-sized bed.

12. A touch of color

The Pomegranates Shower Curtain from West Elm Kids is $40 and can be used to add a touch of color to a bathroom. The design is simple, and the red pattern is eye-catching yet not overwhelming. 

13. Terrazzo table lamp

The White Terrazzo Table Lamp from Crate and Kids has a beautiful mixture of earthy specks along its surface. It’s a great option for those who want to introduce a product that ties in many complementary colors. It’s currently priced at $119.

14. Open shelving

Open shelving has always been a fun and decorative way to display our personal items. Although the Wallniture Denver Wall Shelves from Walmart are meant for nursery books, they could also be used to showcase aesthetically pleasing magazines or stylish picture frames. A set of two is about $25.

15. Circular rattan shelving

If you’d like something with more details and texture, we suggest taking a look at the Rattan Round Shelf from Target, currently priced at $45.

16. Floral wallpaper

Believe it or not, floral mural wallpaper is making a comeback this year. This large print Anewall Blush Floral wallpaper from Pottery Barn Kids is not only a beautiful choice for a nursery but also an extraordinarily elegant option for a kitchen or dining room. It’s currently $439.

17. Honey comb art

The Pauline Stanley Studio Honeycomb Pattern framed art from West Elm Kids can be used to complement a kitchen or bathroom with similar or complementary tile shapes. It’s priced at $94.

18. Hygge ottoman

We can picture the Macaron Cream Boucle Round Storage Nursery Ottoman by Leanne Ford sitting by a window in a master bedroom or by a sofa in the family room. It can be purchased from Crate and Kids for about $400.

19. Canopy bed

The Elm & Oak Metal Canopy bed from Walmart is about $300 for the white, full-sized option. This product can be used to complement a bedroom with a French Nouveau style.  

20. Book storage turned bathroom necessity

The Kids’ Book Nook Collection Cubby Storage Tower and Bookshelves from Target may be meant to hold and display children’s literature, but we could also picture it becoming a stylish way to store serums, lotions, and other bathroom necessities. It’s currently priced at about $100.

21. Floral table lamp

You can use the Grace Flower Lamp from Pottery Barn Kids to elevate your bedroom or decorate the desk of a home office. It features an elegant mixture of materials, such as glass and iron, and is priced at $169.

22. Floral area rug

The Wildlife Rug from West Elm Kids starts at $399 and can be used to complement an eclectically designed home or powder room with other floral patterns and accents.

23. Chic dresser

This dark green dresser from Crate and Kids features gold accents and dimensional drawers, creating a chic and eye-catching design that would look great in a modern home. It’s priced at about $1,299. 

24. Step stool

The Zimtown Portable Kids Bamboo Stool Step Stool With Storage Shelf from Walmart can hold up to 330 pounds, making it useful for both children and adults. It’s priced at about $23 and would be a great bathroom addition if you have high shelves. 

25. Desk

This small navy blue desk from Target is about $150 and can be utilized by adults working with minimal space. This product could also be used as a console table in a small entryway.

26. Shaggy storage bins

Textured storage bins have been trending for a while now, and we especially adore the fluffy material featured on the Dipped Shag Basket from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s currently priced at $89.

27. Contemporary lighting

The Cirrus Flushmount from West Elm Kids is $249 and could be used as a complementary addition to a contemporary bedroom or living space. The wavy shape is likely to create a dimensional and interesting design.

28. Floral mirror

If you’d like to create a stunning and impactful entryway or vanity, take a look at the Pink Flower Crown Kids Wall Mirror from Crate and Kids. It’s a beautiful combination of an interesting texture painted with a neutral color. It’s currently priced at $199.

29. Cozy blanket

This teal faux fur blanket from Walmart can be used to cozy up your bedroom or living area. The soothing blue hue can help create a relaxing atmosphere and is capable of complementing wood tones. It’s currently priced at $14.88.

30. Ladder shelf

The gold and white Theo Floating Shelf from Target can be placed anywhere in the home where you’d like to openly display items. It’s currently priced at about $111 and would look stunning near dark blue or green accents.


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