The dining room is a prime space for showing off your most beloved and impressive art. It’s where you’ll entertain guests, where host holidays, and make meaningful memories over many meals. For obvious reasons, the dining room table tends to be the star of the space. If it’s an heirloom piece, the table can feel like art in itself, and how you set it is a whole other kind of art form. Still, the room needs some additional decor to feel complete.

The right piece of dining room art can round out the space and set the tone for any gathering. To be worthy of that grand table and your loved ones sitting around it, the art you choose to hang in the dining room has to be not only attractive, but special too, and it has to match the style of the rest of the room.

Dining rooms are seeing a resurgence in recent years, and whether you’re newly hopping on the trend or refreshing your long-loved dining space, take care to choose art that will make an impression. Hang personal photos and sentimental mementos to create a welcoming retreat, opt for elegant art to set your formal dining room apart, or take the opportunity to display the work of a talented local artist for a curated front. Here are our favorite ideas for dining room wall art to inspire your decorating.

Natural Beauty

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Barbara Schmidt

You can’t go wrong with art that features a natural subject. Flowers aren’t the only flora that look magnificent as the subject of a framed piece, either. This close up of a leaf looks lovely in this dining room with subtle green accents that make the whole space feel earthy and bright.

Beautiful Birds

Carmel Brantley

Birds are a stellar choice in subject for art too. Whether your a bird watcher or just paying homage to the local fauna, a bird or two displayed in the living room is sure to make a good impression. Depending on the mood, style, and species of the particular bird-themed piece, this display can range from playful to elegantly moody.

Poised Portraits

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling by Lindsey Ellis Beatty

A painting of a loved one will feel right at home in the dining room. This particular one hangs right above the very chair the subject was sitting in while she posed for her picture.

On Top Of The Mantel

Andreas von Einsiedel

If your dining room includes a fireplace, over the mantel is the perfect spot to center your wall decor. Hang a statement piece above there or a series of smaller ones.

Set The Tone

Photo by: Helen Norman, Styling by: Rebecca Omweg

Use a large and in charge piece of art as a powerful medium to dictate the mood of the whole room. If you desire a formal, elevated dining space, be sure that your art communicates such. If a laid-back dining room is more your speed, art can say that too.

Artful Grid

Laurey W.Glenn

Put several similar pieces of art in formation for a stunning completed look. Though the individual frames are small, together they create one grand effect.

Southwestern Flair

Brie Williams; Styling by Kate Malpeli

This cowboy and cactus motif is just the thing to ground a light and airy dining space. It’s a striking balance between fun and chic.

Mirror Magic

Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

The beauty of a wall mirror is that it makes you the art. Hang a stunning and ornate mirror in the dining room for a timelessly elegant touch.

High Contrast


Enlist an expert on color theory to help you with the art of clashing. Be careful in selecting art that doesn’t match the color palette of the rest of the room, but still works seamlessly in its gorgeous contrast.

Layer In Color

Paul Costello; Styling: Howard Christian

A textured wall is no excuse for a lack of art. Use the shelving spines to hang frames and you’ll be left with a wonderfully layered look.


Photos by Jean Allsopp

Alternatively, if you’re working with a wall of built-in shelves, go for a different kind of art. Sculptures and busts lines en masse up the wall are sure to be stunning.

Pepper In Personal Touches

Laurey W. Glenn

Decorate your dining room with something meaningful to you and your loved ones like a family portrait or vacation photo. Here, designer Anna Braund decided to surround herself with art that was sentimental to her, including a framed work made by a close friend.

Matching Set

Photo: Jonny Valiant

If you desire multiple pieces of art in close quarters, be sure that they don’t clash. Matching frames and/or subjects will provide a common thread to bring together slightly different pieces of art displayed in one space.

Create A Column

Photo: Tria Giovan, Styling: Olga Naiman

Elevate a narrow expanse of wall by hanging a vertical line of three or four pieces of art. As shown here, the art doesn’t need to be identical or even the same size to create a beautiful array.

Make Way For Molding

When choosing art for your dining room, be mindful of any architecture or molding present in the room. No matter how beautiful the art is, if it doesn’t fit well in the space, then it just won’t do.


Rather than multiple frames featuring one piece of art, a single frame with multiple pieces of art in it is sure to make an impression too. It’s clean, elegant, and can be customized to fit your space’s needs.

Mixed Mediums

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Matthew Gleason

If you’re in the market for multiple pieces of art to adorn your dining room walls, don’t feel limited to one style. Mixing and matching paintings with photographs, digital art, or otherwise can be dynamic and agreeable.

Flower Power

Photography: Laura Moss, Styling: Natasha Louise King

When in doubt, flowers are always a lovely art subject. We particularly love this motif because you can bring in live flowers that match to put in a pretty vase nearby.

Add A Picture Light

Photo: Erica George Dines

Something about a picture light instantly elevates any work of art. It signals that it’s an important piece and will encourage guests to take an extra look.

Time Piece

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Don’t count clocks out from the world of art. A wall clock that matches the frames of any other pieces hung nearby is sure to be especially lovely.

Fisher’s Fancy

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Like birds, plants, or flowers, fish are also a stellar subject for wall hangings. An underwater scene can be especially serence.

Build A Border

Don’t stop at one piece of art. In fact, why not go for so many as to surround the whole room? Creating a boarder is an artistic way to bring together the entire room.

Subtle Style

A completely blank wall can be drab, but a bit of art that almost blends in, is endlessly interesting. Find art that embraces the same color as your paint for a captivatingly clean aesthetic.

Propped And Hung

Haylei Smith, Design by Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors

To make your art scheme dynamic, hang some pieces and prop up others. Use display cases, shelves, or sideboards as a spot for art to rest against the wall.

Artfully Abstract

A piece of art that’s pretty but random is just the thing for homeowners who are looking for something to love long-time but don’t have a starring subject in mind. This way, you can be particular about choosing just the right aesthetic and color scheme for your space without worrying that they’re distorting any focused figure.

Shelf Life

A series of framed art leaning on a shelf is elegant and classic, should the room allow it. When positioning your art, you don’t have to worry about leveling it either, because the shelf will do the job for you.

Coastal Charm

Whether you live by the sea or not is irrelevant. A gleaming ocean or beach scene with boats, sea creatures, or a blazing horizon over the waves will always work as art.


Photo: Tria Giovan

Build a dynamic dining room by incorporating art that leaps off the walls. Be sure to hang sculptures or taxidermies that protrude high up so that even your tallest of guests won’t be knocking their head on them.

Let Wallpaper Shine

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

When wallpaper is as vivid and handsome as this one, it can stand on its own as art. Choose a bold and large-scale pattern if this is the look you’re going for. Another wall decor insider trick is to frame a panel of wall paper as a beautiful but less expensive piece of oversized art.

Small Accents

Alison Gootee; Styling: Matthew Gleason

Some spaces very nearly speak for themselves. Still, a few small pieces of art hear and there are the finishing touches your room might need to feel complete.

No Wall Left Behind

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Make the most of your space by hanging art on every wall in the dining room. This way, no matter which seat at the table your guests occupy, they’ll have something lovely to look at.

Plate Gallery Wall


Some china is better suited as art than for eating off of. Hang your favorite spare plates together up on the wall while using their cousins to dine.

History Buff

Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn

A historical depiction is among the most sophisticated ways to decorate. Scenes from history are the subjects of so many classic works of art, so its no wonder why such would shine in the dining room. Be thoughtful however, in which historical events you choose to display and what it will communicate to your guests.


Carmel Brantley; Styling: Matthew Gleason; Painting: Courtesy Corey Mason/Brintz Gallery

Color coordination from the art to the furniture and decor will make a room feel put-together and refined. Here, this dining room effortlessly emits Old Florida charm by tying in light pink throughout.


Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Jenny O’Connor

The ceiling is your limit when it comes to the scaling potential of art on a wall unhindered by molding or shelves. A big piece of art is sure to have a big impact. Sometimes, bigger really is better.

Rustic Pieces

Sophie Munro

The right art for your room is art that matches the design style and aesthetic of the rest of your room. Here, the homeowner and designer have expertly adorned their rustic dining room with equally rustic art.

Frame Frenzy

William Abranowicz, Writer: Steele Thomas Marcoux

While the art you choose is an important decision, so too is the frames you choose to showcase it. Prioritize cohesion with a matching set of frames or make an impact with different, ornate ones.


While a matching set of photos or paintings can be lovely, so too can a display that embraces asymmetry. Rather than identical portraits hung in the exact same coordination on either side of the window, this gorgeous dining room has unique pieces of art hung at differentiating levels.

Layer Up

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

Here, designer Ashley Gilbreath hung art right on over curtains in her Montgomery, AL dining room. The layering over the draped walls contributes wonderfully to the room’s dynamism, texture, and interest.

Take Spatial Cues

Laurey W. Glenn

Allow your space to direct you on the right decorating path. Here, photos are arranged in a diagonal formation to match the slanting stairs that break up the wall.

Glorious Gallery Wall

Joy the Baker

A gallery wall is a trendy and fun way to show off a whole array of art. Use this strategy to display a range of mixed mediums, subjects, and materials that in unison, bring joy and style to the space.

Let The Scenery Speak For Itself

Photo: Alexandra Rowley

If you’ve got windows in your dining room, that may be enough with the curation of the right window treatments. Rejoice in the scenery as your backdrop and source of light.

Hang Up Your Happy Place

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Lydia Pursell

Feature art that depicts your favorite scenery. Whether your happy place is a garden, mountain, or beach, it’s sure to make for scenic wall art. You can even frame and display a photo from a picturesque family vacation that’s both beautiful land memorable.

Play With Texture

Mary Britton Senseney; Styling by Dakota Willimon

In this dining room, the art is just a single color—no pattern, design, or portrayal. What makes it so wonderful in this space, is how to involves texture and works to make the room more dynamic and interesting to the senses.

Landscape Escape


Timeless and classy, a landscape painting will always be a stellar choice for the dining room. This motif may pair especially well with a room that’s decorated in the traditional style.

Piece Together The Puzzle


This dining room actually belongs to an artist: Dorothy Shain Henderson. True to her fun and quirky style, the dining room sings with exuberant hues and textures, including her own art on display. “I think of a painting a lot like a puzzle; you place color where it needs to go,” Henderson explains. “I believe my house is like that too.” 


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