Soothing palettes or stylish art decor ideas, choose your favorite bedroom design to decorate. A quirky guide to transforming your personal space into the best bedroom!

A cozy bedroom that is also swanky is something we all like to wake up to, don’t we? And remodeling is always an open option for designing the room of your dreams. Whether making small changes or a complete makeover from scratch, you deserve the trendiest bedroom design out there. 

With greens providing a refreshing aura, yellows bringing happiness, and blues that are not so blue, creating a calming effect on your brain, there’s a vast array of colors to choose from. Whether a serene spa-esque design for a peaceful time or antique furniture jazzing up your space, you can design your room into your paradise.

Experts say that natural elements, vintage furniture, and pendant lights are some of the few hot and trending things. With an insightful interview with Aishwarya Dandekar, co-founder and interior designer, Solace Studio, we will also look at unique designs for your small or primary bedroom idea.

We have exclusively put together a bunch of the most stunning bedroom design ideas just for you! As you scroll down, you might find a design that will steal your heart and inspire you to redecorate. So, let’s go design hunting!

Best Bedroom Design Ideas to Transform Your Dream Space Today

1. Built-ins for Small Bedroom Ideas

You can utilize the built-ins by displaying some art or books on it. It is a valuable bedroom feature when saving storage space. Coloring the back of the built-in with bright colors like electric blue or hot pink will rejuvenate your bedroom.

You can also consider a customized built-in if you are newly constructing the bedroom. A classy arched or a simple rectangular built-in, whichever you fancy, will be an excellent decorating idea.

Image credits: shoebox.designs

2. Checks & Stripes 

Give life to your somber backdrop by adding checked or stripped linen, pillows, or blankets. With bold colors like sunset orange or warm yellow, let the lines speak for themselves. So check those checks and stripe up for a beautiful bedroom idea. A woolen mattress with giant checks will blend perfectly with your geometrical bedroom design.

3. Antique Furnishing for your Master Bedroom Ideas

For bedroom furniture ideas, antique furnishings are timeless treasures that can transport you to its golden age and add a touch of nostalgia. Traditional chairs with pale pink slipcovers can be teamed with an antique French gilded mirror. Complete the picture by pushing a light blue rolled-arm sofa lounge at the foot of the bed.

4. Scalloped Pillows

For a soft and curvy finish, throw in some scalloped pillows. Customize the edges of the scalloped pillows with dark colors instead of crisp whiteness. Soft-colored scalloped pillows like blush pink or soft blue will add charm when paired with light or dark colors.

5. Natural/Sustainable Alternatives 

With the world taking a massive step towards sustainability, can bedroom designs be far behind? Wooden furniture, breathable fabric, energy-efficient lighting options, and mindful linen are the starting steps. You can decorate the interior with used arched windows to retain the natural touch. 

Use stone design inspiration to create fascinating bedroom designs and go with the sustainability theme. For high ceilings, add some beams for a rustic bedroom and create a serene haven. 

6. Layers for Bedroom Interior Design

Give an extra comfy touch to your bedroom design by layering it up. Gone are the days of dull wooden floors; lay a mattress around the bedroom to add depth.

Aesthetic layering will turn your bedroom design into a charming one. A painted ceiling and soft-colored wallpapers will also accentuate the charm of layering. Top it all off with an Arabesque room divider for a magical finish. 

7. Elegant Glass Lights

Adorn your bedside tables with elegant glass lights. Soft and warm glass lights can create an ambiance of peace. You can even try to hang the glass lights over some architectural element to highlight it. The glass lights will add a modern stroke to your bedroom design when paired with a glass door.

8. Bedroom Ceiling Design

Uniquely designing the ceiling creates a different focal point in your bedroom apart from the bed. Dark-colored ceilings or wallpaper ceilings are taking over the interior. A different-colored roof gives a spacious atmosphere. 

You can even drop the ceiling above your bed. Hang abstract pendant lights on the dropped ceiling to add dramatic effect. Believe it or not, your ‘fifth wall’ has as much power to change the bedroom atmosphere as the other four walls. 

9. Spring-Inspired Colors

Spring is symbolic of a fresh start. You can indulge in a spring-themed bedroom design by adding those heart-warming spring hues to the decor. Try sage-colored walls, add lilac cushions, or hang coral-colored artwork to capture that glorious spring bloom. 

You can even drown yourself in a lavender haze and go monochromatic lavender. Bring Spring to your bedroom by covering the floor with a quaint floral mattress. Adding fresh flowers in a vintage vase on a wooden bedside table will also echo the spring lure. 

10. Ceiling to Floor Drapes

Cover up with ceiling-to-floor drapes and give a luxurious nudge to your overall calming bedroom design. Classy white gauze curtains will help with the natural light play. You can create a unique design by draping silver textured curtains to a blush-gray bedroom.

11. Additional Seating for Master Bedroom

For some peaceful me time, create a cozy corner in your bedroom. Snuggle up on a vintage armchair or an upholstered sofa with a soft pouf to relax those leg muscles. With an addition of a rattan pendant light, you have the perfect corner for reading or just scrolling through memes.

Adding a soft-colored loveseat or a minimalist wooden table at the foot of the bed are other options to design your spacious master bedroom. A day bed in front of your bed is perfect for an afternoon siesta. For a modern design, you can install a large mirror with a small table in front and a bowl pendant light.  

12. Restful Linens

Cozy, soft-colored linens make a great bedroom design. Wrap the room in comfort by adding soft-colored linens. Or go wild with multi-colored or brightly textured linen.

“Linens are a great way to add depth and dimensions to the bedroom by adding it in duvets, throws, curtains, and cushions. Swapping out linens and bedding allows for seasonal changes in the bedroom decor, keeping the space fresh and updated,” says Aishwarya Dandekar. 

13. Home Office

You can turn one corner of the bedroom into your home office. Built-ins can be perfect for implementing a home office. A shelf for storage with a small table for a desktop will suffice. You can paint this corner with a different color or cover it up with textured wallpaper to add a different vibe.

14. Soft Color Palettes

A soft-colored bedroom design makes all the difference. Try soft color palettes to create a hotel-style bedroom. Cream, light brown, light pink, and pale yellow are some hues you can mix and match or use monochromatically. Give a warm gush by adorning the headboards with mellow fairy lights. 

15. Bold Color-Play

If your heart refuses to settle for soft colors, this design is just for you. Go bold with a glossy turquoise backdrop and ceiling-to-floor curtains. Throw in shades of fuchsia pillows and wrap it up with an electric blue upholstered headboard. Bring forth a neutral floor lamp to add a little balance. 

16. Dreamy Coastal Bedroom Design

Turn your bedroom into a coastal lullaby by painting it with pale blues and pristine white. Add a seaside mural adorned with delicate seashells or starfish. Add a wooden loveseat. Place white bedside lamps with the white bedroom scheme. You can complete the look with a beaded pendant light and lose yourself in the coastal charm.

17. Oversized Paintings that Cover the Walls

What better way to start a day than with art that consumes the walls? You can hang paintings that take up most of the wall space. 

Cover the light gray walls with dark black or midnight blue art for a soothing essence. Throw in some dark black pillows to match the bedroom design. Adorn a pristine white bedroom with vibrant yellow or lime green art for a sensational color pop. 

18. Nature-Themed Bedroom Interior Design

Lose yourself in nature by cocooning the bedroom with floral wallpapers. Change the ceiling into a pale green for a restful bedroom idea. Use light brown linen for a rusty effect. Add a wooden bench at the foot of the bed. Enhance the design by hanging murals of birds and animals. Set the scene with wooden bedside lamps.

19. Vintage and Modern Mingle Together

Are the bowl pendant lights and glass doors looking lonely in your light gray modern bedroom? Give it a vintage twist to make it enjoyable. Place a gilded floor mirror in the corner. A pale yellow, open-back sofa will look lovely at the foot of the wooden bed in an otherwise contemporary bedroom. 

20. Coastal Grandma

Let leisure take over your bedroom design and ease into the coastal grandma idea. Add white or cream rugs below the bed. Accentuate the pale blue walls with sky-blue throw-ins. Place wooden chairs with hand-knitted slipcovers. Go with wooden bedside lamps and seaside murals for a grand finish to your favorite bedroom.

21. Classic Four Poster Bed

An inviting four-poster bed displays a classy touch to your bedroom design. You can pick a simple wooden four-poster bed or create a separate space by wrapping the bed with drapes. You can stay monochromatic with white drapes or hang magenta drapes to match the bed. 

22. Neutral Palettes

Choose neutrals for a soothing getaway with subtle ochre hues. A towering ochre headboard will add depth, along with a herringbone floor. Place a velvet ochre armchair near the bed with a wooden pouf. Let the natural light flood through the bright bedroom and give warmth to the neutral tones.

23. Floor Mirrors for Bedroom Interior Design

Mirror, mirror, NOT on the wall; you are classy when on the floor you are installed! 

Mirrors are a classy decor inspiration. Place oversized mirrors in sad, dark corners to bounce more light in an otherwise minimalist design. Make it dramatic with an ornate gold frame. Let the mirrors steal the focal point of your bedroom design. You can make your bedroom a perfect haven for aesthetic mirror selfies.

24. Classy Chandeliers for Bedroom Ceiling Design

Turn to all-out maximalism and use vintage chandeliers for a midcentury modern bedroom. Color the ceiling a royal blue to highlight the gold and glass chandelier. Use light gray linen to coordinate with the walls. Let the chandelier play its game of shadows and turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat.

25. Tropical Wallpapers

Mask the crisp walls with tropical wallpaper, and you can slumber away into your tropical escape. Throw matching pillows and place wooden chairs with tropical slipcovers to complete the open bedroom space. Sip coconut water and let your tropical bedroom cast its charm.

26. Rattan Wood

“Wood is a versatile material used in various bedroom design elements, including furniture, flooring, wall paneling, or accessories. It is a timeless material that never goes out of style, ensuring that the bedroom design remains relevant and attractive for years to come,” says Aishwarya.

Rattan is a highly sustainable material that creates the most intricately beautiful furniture. The possibilities are endless, from a rattan bed with an ornate headboard, rattan chairs, rattan loveseat, rattan bedroom divider, and rattan side table to a rattan hanging swing. You can even go nuts with a whole rattan theme and include all things rattan!

27. Green Tints

The green color is symbolic of nature and instantly creates a refreshing aura. Infuse all the green tints, from a pale green ceiling, dark green backdrop, and emerald cushions, to sea green art decor. Top it all off with a velvet dark green, hand-rolled armchair, and you have a refreshing heavenly design.

28. Comfy Library Nook

For the readers, a bedroom is only complete with a personalized library. Create a cozy library nook with bookshelves and place an armchair where you can sit, unwind, read, and travel to all the fictional places. Add a small wooden table that can hold a reading lamp and a hot cup of coffee. You can even hang some murals near this nook for an artsy finish. 

29. Calming Blue

With its calming effects on the brain, blue is the color if you want a comfortable bedroom design. Let the pale blue hues add elegance. For extra drama, add a darker blue tint to the backdrop. Blue polka-dotted linens, blue floral pillows, and a sky-blue rug, this blue bedroom will create a cocooning effect to calm your soul.  

30. Color Contrast for Bedroom Decor Ideas

Dark-colored art decor can complement a soft-colored bedroom. Soft blue and chocolate brown are contrastive colors that celebrate each other and form a sophisticated bedroom. 

When displayed on soft blue walls, chocolate brown art will create a calm and soothing bedroom design. Adding chocolate brown cushions and curtains will also enhance the unique color combination. 


31. Cozy Window Seats

For a romantic southern retreat, place a cozy window seat. Place some oversized pillows on it for extra comfort. Add some flair by decorating the windowsill with a vintage vase holding fresh flowers. Untangle yourself from busy days and let this quaint window seat be your relaxing hub.

32. Serene Spa-Esque

Let the light in with large windows and paint the walls light gray for a serene look. High curtains that puddle up on the floor and a charming little fireplace will add to the beauty of the bedroom design. Add soft furniture while designing your bedroom and make it more inviting.

33. Pendant Lights for Bedroom Interior Design

Pendant lights are versatile for bedroom decorating ideas. You can customize them according to the desired atmosphere of your bedroom. They don’t just add finesse to the interior but also save up space. Different shapes of pendant lights can add a different vibe to your bedroom.

Try diamond-shaped for an airy room, globe-shaped to add elegance, or asymmetrical pendant lights to infuse a quirky touch into your geometrical bedroom. Add a beaded cover to the pendant light that will pleasantly pair with beaded curtains covering the windows and door.

34. World Map Design 

Decorate the walls with the world map. This bedroom design is your cup of tea for those with wanderlust souls. Highlight your favorite places with darker hues that collaborate with the cushions. Create this unique theme for your bedroom and escape into the globe daily!

35. Minimalist Retreat

“Good design is as little design as possible,” said German minimalist designer Dieter Rams in his book Ten Principles for Good Design. Minimalism is at the top of the design trends to give your bedroom.

Play with subdued hues like soft beige and warm taupe to create a space for tranquility. “The beauty of these colors lies in their versatility, allowing homeowners to infuse bold accents through decor pieces, accessories, and upholstery, effortlessly revitalizing the space without overwhelming the senses,” says Aishwarya Dandekar. 

Add wooden storage to de-clutter your bedroom. Install soft wooden furnishing to add a little texture. Finally, go for accessories with an organic shape to create a sophisticated yet soothing minimalist bedroom design.

36. Monochromatic Gray

Mask your bedroom with homely gray tints if your soul craves calming gray waves. Go gray and use as many shades as you like. Lay down a light gray mattress that harmonizes with the ceiling. The matching floor and ceiling will give a more spacious look to the elegant bedroom design.

37. Highlighted Art Design

Take the focus away from the bed and use lights to highlight art for wall design. Use glass lights for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Hang globe or bowl pendant lights to elaborate the modern touch.

38. Farmhouse Chic

“The ‘Farmhouse Chic’ style emphasizes the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and natural fabrics, to create a warm and inviting space,” says Aishwarya. 

Use soft colors for a chic farmhouse style bedroom. Symmetrically place wooden beams on a high ceiling for a rustic bedroom design. For charming bedroom layout ideas, add a cozy little fireplace and rustic murals to escape into the countryside.

39. Color Pop

Let the colors pop to add a little spice to your bedroom makeover. Adorn your room with warm orange cushions and sunshine-yellow art decor. Make a statement by hanging a royal blue curtain as a headboard. Display some vibrant colored antiques on windowsills or built-ins. Let the colors create a soothing and refreshing vibe all at once!

40. Bed Platform Idea

To create a separate space for your bed, give it a trendy platform. A low-slung platform bed with a dark gray upholstered base will perfectly contrast white sheets. Complete this modern bedroom design with elegant pendant lights.

A unique platform can be created by placing double rugs under your bed. Add charm by using Persian carpets or Indian carpets. Mats with tasseled edges will also give a lovely nudge to your big bedroom. 

41. Artsy Bunk Beds for Small Bedrooms

Albeit the compact space, small bedrooms can be creatively designed with bunk beds. Giving a unique design to the stairs or a unique shape to the bed will add character to the bedroom design. 

You can go monochromatic by painting the bunk bed in soft palettes that match the walls. You can also opt to be rustic by sticking with the wood’s original color to match the floor. You can get creative by turning the lower bunks into a seating space perfect for enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

42. Vintage Ceiling Fan for Elegance

Sometimes, you only need a vintage ceiling fan to help you design an elegant bedroom. A vintage ceiling fan with warm lights creates a calm, soothing atmosphere for long, lazy summers. So turn on your vintage fan while you enjoy a cold lemonade.

43. Whitewash

Whitewashing the bedroom is adequate for light and space. To match the white walls and bedding, hang white drapes and place white side tables. This bedroom, full of a white color scheme, creates a cloudy or dreamy space flooding with light and a positive vibe. And pristine whites always stay in style.

44. Unique Headboard Storage

To de-clutter, utilize as much of the storage space as possible. Create an excellent multi-functional headboard that adds elegance and also acts as storage. You can use it as a bookshelf where all your books are handy when you stretch on the bed and wish to discover a new story.

45. Walnut Wood Bench

Place a simple walnut wood bench at the foot of the bed for a simple design style. Pair it with striped brown pillows and a light brown blanket on white sheets. Highlight the bench on soft brown carpets and walls. Place a rattan wood chair near the window and create a cozy corner to balance the pared-back bedroom scheme.

Dark colored bedroom, with blue bedding and walnut wood bench at the foot of the bedImage credits: DecorHint

46. Combination of Pink and Black Shades

Surprisingly enough, pink and black make a stylized design. Go bold by painting the ceiling jet black and softening the impact with pale pink linen and dark pink cushions. Add pale pink bedroom walls. Place black furnishing on a blush pink carpeted floor and behold the exceptional blend that these contrastive colors weave.

47. Small Plants Design

Receive a warm embrace from nature by bringing it inside. Decorate your moody bedroom with small succulents on tables or windowsills. Or try going the length and placing a big potted plant on the carpet. Open the windows and let the light in. Give a finishing touch with forest-themed wallpaper, and rest in the woods. 

48. Accented Wall

Jazz up a neutral bedroom by accenting a wall with eccentric hues. Add a bold purple backdrop to your light gray bedroom, or paint a warm orange backdrop to your pale yellow bedroom. You can also experiment with textured wood panels to create an accented wall for a cohesive finish to your neutrally textured bedroom.

49. Boho Design Idea

If your soul craves adventure, experiment with the bohemian. Accompany the pink-striped sheets with yellow floral pillows. Hang a rattan swing to match the rattan divider screen. Add a plant here, add a plant there, and let the greens play with the rattan browns. Enjoy the textured carpet for a homely ambiance. Mix and match those geometrical shapes and go completely boho!

Boho style bedroom with soft beige colored walls, orange bench at the foot of the bed, white bedding and a lot of plants all over the roomImage credits: jcdesign1.1

Your Trendy Bedroom Design is Waiting For You! 

With an immense number of options to choose from, getting your perfect bedroom design can be confusing. But your bedroom reflects your personality. So, don’t hesitate to pick multiple elements for inspiration from various ideas and create your unique sanctuary. So, fold your sleeves and start working to get your ideal bedroom design at the earliest!


How do you design a bedroom layout?

Designing a bedroom layout is easy. Start by thinking about what you want to be the focal point so you can place the furniture and accessories accordingly. Choose a theme you want to incorporate, or you can get creative by mixing different elements and creating a unique design.

What decor to put in a bedroom?

You can use paintings, murals, or antiques to decorate a bedroom.

How can I arrange my bedroom beautifully?

Use color combinations to arrange your bedroom beautifully. You can also choose dark wooden furniture to contrast the soft walls and bedding or vice versa.

Which style is best for the bedroom?

You can pick any style that suits you, from a comfortable farmhouse style, light coastal style, or luxurious modern style.

You can also look at our article about the best bedrooms and pick one.

What are the latest trends in bedrooms?

Timeless florals, patterns and textures, color drenching, scalloping those hard edges, and calming soft colored palettes are some latest trends in bedrooms.


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