Getting the house (or apartment) is one thing — especially in this market — but decorating your space is a whole separate ball game. The effort that goes into making your home look good is no joke – and it isn’t something that can be done overnight. Lucky for you, our editors did the legwork for you and put together this list of 50 clever things that make your home so much better with almost no effort. Because, sure, a big renovation is great, but it’s little details like these that actually make a huge difference.

Whether you have frequent company or not, your home should be a space that you want to spend time in. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen, but you don’t have the time or resources to actually get it done. Or you spend all your days (between meetings, of course) scrolling through #PlantTok for home inspo, but can’t keep a houseplant alive to safe your own life. But as it turns out, you can make your house look a lot more expensive without spending much at all. From genius organization systems to faux greenery to peel-and-stick wallpaper, these items will make your home look way better (and lots of them will help your home run better, too).

Ready for the best part? The bulk of these home goods are under $50 on Amazon. Add these items to your cart and get ready to save both time and money without sacrificing aesthetics.


Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper That’ll Add Depth To Any Room

Gone are the days when wallpaper had to be messy. With options like this jungle-themed, removable peel and stick wallpaper, adding some depth to your space just got a whole lot easier. The paper comes in three colors and is perfect for any room in your home. Line a full room or apply it on just one wall to give your space a pop of color. It’s water and steam resistant, too, so it’s totally safe for your bathroom. You can also use it to revamp your furniture by applying it to an old desk, dresser, or table.


Markers That Can Repair Stains & Scratches On All Wooden Surfaces

Even perfectionists are raving about these furniture repair markers on Amazon. The whole 13-piece set is less than $10 and comes with markers and wax sticks in six unique colors (maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black). With these markers, having a nice-looking house is so much less expensive than you think it is – and way easier, too. Simply match the color to the surface you’re repairing and draw over the scratch or stain. Wait for it to dry and it will be good as new. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Pampas Grass To Elevate Your Space In The Trendiest (& Most Versatile) Way

Think you can’t decorate your home like celebrities do? Think again. Celebrities have been obsessing over this dried plant for years now, and for good reason. Not only is dried pampas grass incredibly low maintenance, but it’s also versatile due to its neutral tone. Celebs like Hillary Duff, Chrissy Teigan, and Jessica Alba add depth to their space with dried pampas grass by placing it in a simple vase or using it in a wreath, statement wall installation, or centerpiece. Hop on this trend for less than $25.


These Wireless Cabinet Lights That Are Way Easier To Install Than You Think

Brighten up your cabinets, shelves, and closets with these wireless under-cabinet lights that are beyond easy to use. They’re battery powered and remote control operated, with adhesive on the backs for easy installation and removal. Reviewers say they offer a “warm, natural light” and are just as simple to click on and off as they are to install. Add them along the sides of your linen or bedroom closet, above your shelves, or (as the name suggests), under your cabinets. Upgrading your lighting is a trick that interior designers always turn to when updating a kitchen on a budget, and this is an item you will wish you knew about sooner.


This Gorgeous Toilet Paper Holder — With A Shelf

Who knew a toilet paper holder could be so chic? With options for a chrome, gold, or matte black hook (or even a double hook), this wall-mounted toilet paper holder is sure to elevate your bathroom’s vibe. It has a marble base on top, perfect for placing your phone or some baby wipes, or dressing up with a small succulent – so it looks great and saves space. Amazon reviewers love its uniqueness, how easy it is to install, and how the gold acts as an accent for their décor. The modern, sleek design makes it perfect for any bathroom color scheme, too.


Floating Shelves To Save Space and Eliminate Clutter

This set of two floating shelves is just as decorative as it is practical, and it’s just one of the many Amazon home items you can get for less than $30. With a built-in towel rack, these shelves are perfect for above the kitchen or on a bathroom wall. Whether you go with the white shelves with gold accents, the wood shelves with black accents, or any of the other six color combinations, these floating shelves will save you space, cut down on clutter, and make your home way better.


A Spa-Worthy Bathtub Tray That Will Set The Tone For Your Next Self-Care Night

Are you ready to turn your bathtub into a wellness paradise? Made from eco-friendly, waterproof bamboo, this bathtub tray is expandable and fits almost all standard bathtubs. It includes a wine glass holder, tablet holder, and a reading rack; there’s also space to put a candle and some flowers if you want to set the mood. Grab one for yourself to upgrade your next self-care night, or add it to your cart for a friend — it makes the perfect gift for anyone. Who couldn’t use a relaxing night in?


This Velvet Ottoman That Also Functions As A Table & Hidden Storage

Calling all city folks. You know storage is essential, but have you ever seen a storage vessel as chic as this velvet ottoman? You can use this as a stool for your vanity, a sofa-side ottoman, or even as a small coffee table. No matter what use case you land on, this storage ottoman is just as elegant as is it is practical, and it will make your home look so much better. Amazon reviewers are adamant about its comfort level, too. It comes in 16 different colors, all with beautiful gold accents. Almost all the color options are less than $50, just in case you haven’t added it to your cart yet.


The Cutest Organizer For All Your Bathroom Essentials

Speaking of organization, it’s probably time to step up your bathroom storage game. A simple organizer like this one makes a huge difference in the overall look (and efficiency) of any area in your home. You can use this in your bathroom to store skin care products, cotton balls, and makeup brushes, or to organize everything in your vanity. If you’re all set on bathroom storage, cut back on desk clutter by using this to organize Post-Its, pens, and whatever else might be taking up more space than it should. The smooth, white, plastic surface makes it fitting for any style of décor – not to mention it’s super easy to clean. It looks *way* more expensive than the $16 you can get it for.


Solar Lanterns To Decorate Your Backyard, Garden, Or Balcony

Affordable lighting is a game changer when it comes to creating the outdoor space of your dreams, and these solar-powered outdoor lanterns make the perfect backyard decoration. They’re completely flameless, so no need to worry about the light blowing out (or forgetting to put them out at the end of the night), and they charge from the sun, so no chords or plugs are required. When the switch is on, they will be set up to charge during the day, and then they’ll automatically turn on at night. Fully charged, the light will last throughout your whole party (up to 10 hours). If you don’t have a backyard, these lanterns make a great addition to a balcony or any outdoor space.


These Hotel-Quality Gel Pillows With Over 130,000 5-Star Amazon Ratings

Do you want to create the perfect hotel bed at home? These cooling gel pillows from Beckham Hotel Collection give a new meaning to the word luxury – and at a way lower price point than you’re expecting. You need these in your life if you want to upgrade your sleep experience. The 130,000-plus five-star ratings on Amazon speak for themselves, with customers reporting their longest night’s sleep in years after investing in these “hotel-quality” pillows. The material is extremely breathable, and whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, these pillows will make your bed way more comfortable. Plus, the cooling quality is great for those who tend to run hot at night.


A Clever Bedside Caddy To Cut Down On Nightstand Clutter

There’s only one word to describe this bedside caddy: genius. This is the home item you didn’t know you needed. Simply slide the steel frame between your mattress and bedframe (or box spring), and you’ll be all set with storage space for your phone, water bottle, Kindle, and any other nighttime essentials. Say hello to more space on your bedside table and goodbye to getting out of bed in the middle of the night. You can also use this on your couch to store your remote control, magazines, reading glasses, or headphones. It comes in light pink or light grey, so take your pick depending on the vibe of your space.


These Stick-On Cabinet Light Strips For Dark Kitchens, Closets, Stairways, & More

Another affordable lighting trick that will make your kitchen look way nicer. For less than $20 on Amazon, these wireless stick-on light strips are the easiest way to step up the aesthetic in your kitchen. The adhesive pads make them super easy to install, and there’s no rewiring necessary. The lights are touch-sensitive, so all you need to do is tap the surface and they will turn on. All set on kitchen lighting? They can also be used alone on the base of the steps in your staircase, above your workspace, or in pretty much any other area in your home that you want to illuminate.


Flameless Candles That Look So Real, You’ll Forget *Not* To Blow Them Out

Candles are the real MVP when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your home, but I find myself spending far too much money replenishing my supply. These luxury, flickering flameless candles are sleek, beautiful, and fit in well with any décor. And guess what else? They’re completely flameless. The real wax and flickering quality make the flame look so real you’ll have all your houseguests fooled. They give the illusion of a real candle, but they’re safer, leave you with zero mess, and can be turned on and off with the click of a remote control. You can choose from five different colors (red, green, gray, gold, and clear), and each set comes with three candles of varying heights.


A Bamboo Bench & Bath Mat Set To Make Your Shower Feel Like A Spa

This bamboo bath mat is giving *major* sauna vibes, and the bench is the solution to all your shower storage woes. You can stash your towel, soap, and other essentials on the bottom shelf, and the bench is also a game changer if you shave. Not only does the bath mat look elegant and beautiful, but it’s way more practical than its cloth predecessor. No more worrying about how often to wash your bathroom rug – this one dries on its own without needing to be wiped down. The bamboo bench and bath mat set is great for outdoor showers, too.


This Glossy Marble Paper To Transform Any Surface

Do you ever wish you had that beautiful marble backdrop all your favorite food bloggers have? With this glossy marble paper, you can get that look for way less money than you’d spend installing new countertops – and a lot less time, too. Apply this paper to your kitchen counter, the surface of your desk, or the insides of your drawers and it will look like you splurged on a home renovation. The paper is high-quality and thick, and feels just as expensive as it looks. No need to worry if you’re a renter, either; Amazon reviewers say it is incredibly easy to remove.


These Solar-Powered Lights To Add Some Flare Your Garden Or Walkway

Illuminate your garden, walkway, or driveway with these solar garden lights. Outdoor lighting is often overlooked, but it’s one of 2022’s top backyard trends, according to Yelp. Basically, if you aren’t paying attention to your outdoor lighting yet, you should be — it will make a huge difference. The great thing is installation literally could not be any easier for these garden lights. All you need to do is stick them in the ground and wait for the sun to work its magic. No electricity required.


3 Decorative Coffee Table Books For Fashion & Travel Lovers

Coffee table books are great, but how often is anyone actually reading them? Enter: these decorative book stacks that are sure to elevate your living room vibes. Having books set on your coffee or side table makes a room feel warmer and more inviting, and it really pulls together the room’s aesthetic. Perfect for any fashion or travel lover, these stacks come in sets of three, with options for New York, Milan, London, and Paris. They’re all neutral hues, so they fit with any color scheme, and will look great on any table or bookshelf. The pages are blank and can be left that way or, if you want to get crafty, you can fill them with pictures from your own travels.


A Stylish Plant Hanger To Add Some Greenery To Your Space

Feeling like your space could use some livening up? Plants are one of the best ways to do just that. Go beyond the basic planter and use this macrame plant hanger for a unique and stylish way to update your home. The wood beads add an artsy feel that will give your space the personality it might be missing. You can choose from black, brown, gray, or ivory, depending on the vibe you are going for. The best part? They’re all less than $10 on Amazon. Add these to your cart and get shopping for plants to fill them with.


An Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head With A Modern, Luxurious Look

If you *really* want to make your bathroom feel like a spa, upgrade your shower head. This is another overlooked area of your bathroom that can have a huge impact. This SparkPod luxury shower head comes in seven different colors, from matte black to shiny chrome and gold. (There’s even a rainbow option if you want it to really stand out.) The shower head connects with any standard shower arm with no tools necessary. It will look like you got a brand new shower, and no one will know you only spent $30 on Amazon. Looks aside, reviewers say the pressure is “incredible” and “far better” than the ones they replaced.


A Sturdy Set Of Organizer Bins To Bring Order To Your Fridge

It isn’t an area of the house most people spend much time on, but everyone could stand to pay a little more attention to the inside of their refrigerator. Organization is key when it comes to maximizing your space and cutting down on stress. This set of eight pantry organizers will change your life when it comes to kitchen organization. The set includes four larger drawers and four smaller drawers, and they can be used in your refrigerator, as bins on your countertop, or in your pantry. No matter where you choose to use them, you will be wondering why you waited so long to get organized.


This Waterproof Grout Pen For Brighter, Cleaner Tiles


These Aesthetically Pleasing Nightlights That Look Good With Any Décor

Rustic meets luxury with these GE vintage nightlights, perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. The light-sensitive technology controls these lights to turn on at night and off during the day. They plug right into the wall so you can use them anywhere you have an outlet. The unique design adds a bit of flare, without interfering with the overall vibe of the room. These are undoubtedly a step up from your standard white plastic nightlight.


An Organizer For The Loose Tea Bags Floating Around Your Drawers

You know that kitchen drawer you use for all your random stuff? I’m going to guess there’s at least a tea bag or two floating around in there. This tea bag organizer looks great on your counter, and will free up some space in your “everything drawer” or cabinet, too. The wood material is beautiful and the clear top makes it easy to find what you are looking for. So in case you needed a sign to finally get your cabinets organized, this is it.


This Genius Power Scrubber For Cleaning All The Hard To Reach Areas

It may not be as glamorous as the last few items, but this Rubbermaid power scrubber is essential when it comes to keeping your home sparkling. It comes with multiple brush selections that are easily interchangeable depending on your needs, and its ergonomic grip is incredibly comfortable to use. If you’re still using a toothbrush to clean those tricky areas, this tool is about to change your life. The high-speed oscillating heads remove grease, dirt, and grime from any surface and can be adjusted to a pulse or continuous setting. Cleaning just got a whole lot easier.


This Gorgeous Countertop Wine Rack To Display Your Bottles In Style

You bought that wine for the label, so it deserves an equally beautiful display. This countertop wine rack comes in gold or black, and both options are less than $30 on Amazon. The metal frame is durable, easy to clean, and looks just as beautiful empty as it does full. Reviewers say it’s elegant and perfect for small spaces, too.


An Attractive Lazy Susan For Storing, Serving, Organizing, & More

Goodbye clutter, hello convenience. Lazy Susans are one of kitchen tools organization pros swear by – and for good reason. Whether you’re placing this on your countertop or kitchen table, or in your cabinet or pantry, this bamboo lazy Susan has the surface area to hold a lot, while not taking up too much space. If you find yourself digging through your cabinet trying to find the right spices or herbs, a lazy Susan will make your life a whole lot easier. Everything is easily accessible with just a quick spin.


These Elegant Brass Handles To Give Your Kitchen A Full-On Makeover

If you’re tired of looking at the same cabinets or drawers, try replacing the handles. Designers swear by this trick when upgrading your home on a budget. Seriously, you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware to make it look like you did. These stylish cabinet pulls come in black, brushed brass, or satin nickel, and any of these three options will make your kitchen feel brand new. There are over 20,000 people talking about this set on Amazon, and the set of 30 is Prime-eligible.


A Sleek, Stainless-Steel Caddy To Hold Everything But The Kitchen Sink

File this silver kitchen caddy under genius home hacks that’ll have you wondering what you did before them. Sure, it holds your essentials like any caddy should, but it also has a built-in drainage system, a separate compartment for brushes, and a rack for your towel. Also, it’s really pretty and less than $20 with free shipping and free returns. Amazon customers rave about the difference it makes in their kitchen, how easy it is to clean, and the modern flare it adds.


The Cutest Way To Store Your Most-Used Kitchen Essentials

This farmhouse canister set is just what you need to create the kitchen of your dreams. It’s truly perfect for any style of décor, and the four-pack is just about $50 on Amazon. The set comes with a labeled canister for your flour, coffee, tea, and sugar – or blank canisters if that’s what you’d prefer. Offering just the right amount of vintage charm, these are a welcome addition to any counter and will make your kitchen look a lot better.


These Sheer Linen Curtains For Both Luxury & Privacy

From linen trousers to linen bedding, linen is having a real moment right now, and these linen-textured curtains are no exception. Coming from someone who waited way too long to install them, curtains make a world of difference in any room of your house. This sheer curtain set is light and airy, and will add a touch of luxury to your space. It comes in nine colors, all available in various sizes. Side note, you *should* be washing your curtains, and these are machine washable.


A Space-Saving Wall Rail For All Your Kitchen Tools

Are you still piling your pots and pans into a cabinet and cursing under your breath when you try to dig through for the right one? This pot and pan rack is about to change your life — and give your kitchen way more storage space. Whether you have stylish kitchenware you want to put on display, or you’re simply trying to save space, you can’t beat this $14 rack. Tools like this are the easiest way to make your home look and function way better.


This Modern Black Candle Tray To Make Every Day Feel Like A Holiday

Crafted from iron, this matte black candle tray will be a welcome addition to any mantle, table, or countertop. The matte finish is meant to protect the tray from rust or peeling, and Amazon customers say it’s an excellent quality piece for the price. There are stands for three separate candles, and a tray underneath that can be left empty or filled in with rocks, shells, flowers, or another decoration of choice. You can use this as a centerpiece for holidays or special occasions, or simply leave it out daily to give your home a quick and easy upgrade.


A Luxe Infinity Vase For Dried Flowers Or Pampas Grass

Grab this luxe, wavy vase for your dried flowers or pampas grass and you’ll be trending alongside your favorite celebrities and influencers. The beautiful, geometric shape sets it apart from a standard ceramic vase, and the white, pink, and blue color options are all equally beautiful. Each one is less than $25, too. Skip the total renovation and add one of these to your home instead; it will immediately look a lot more expensive.


This Attractive Mailbox For A Surprisingly Effective Way To Update Your Home

With its retro design and glossy finish, this attractive mailbox will make *such* a cute addition the front of your home. You can mount it right alongside your door, and it’s totally waterproof and leakproof, so your mail will be kept safe during any kind of weather. It comes in fun colors like turquoise, green, orange, light pink, and red, but it’s also available in solid gray or black, so you can go as retro or modern as you want.


An Under-Cabinet Rack To Display Your Most Visually-Pleasing Mugs

These under-cabinet hooks are the perfect way to put your favorite mugs on display, and they’re also great for those of us with limited cabinet space. The set of three racks comes in black, gold, or bronze, and each rack has four hooks. Install them under your kitchen shelves and choose your most aesthetically-pleasing mugs for display.


The Best-Selling Fur Remover With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

Calling all pet owners: this one’s for you. Pets are always wanted, but their fur is not. With thousands of five-star ratings and reviews on Amazon, this adorable and functional pet hair remover feels like a must-have. What sets this one apart is that you don’t need to keep refilling it with sticky paper. The roller is reusable, so just clean it out after each use and you’ll be good to go. Simply roll it across any surface and watch the pet hair disappear. Don’t have a pet? Buy this as a gift for your friends who do — they’ll appreciate it way more than the generic gift card you were considering.


A Beautiful Liquor Decanter That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Is

Okay, so the purpose of a decanter is not exactly to receive compliments, but let’s call them an added bonus. This beautiful glass decanter is made in Italy and is the perfect way to dress up your bar cart, counter, or shelf. It’s a clever upgrade your home (and your wallet) will thank you for. Amazon doesn’t just hand out stars, but this decanter has a 4.8-star overall rating courtesy of over 3,000 reviews. You can add it to your cart as a last-minute gift any whiskey drinker would love, or keep it to yourself and make your home look way fancier.


Floating House Numbers To Make Your House The Coolest One On The Block

First impressions are everything, right? Impress guests from the instant they arrive at your home with these floating house numbers. Not only are they unique and incredibly cool to look at, but they’re also very simple to install, and even easier to clean. The coated aluminum material is sturdy and long-lasting, and the modern design creates a beautiful shadow effect. They come in a 4, 6, or 8-inch option, and you can order any number combination, along with the letters A, B, or C. Warning: guests will be asking where you got these.


These Cord Covers To Answer All Your Clutter-Free Prayers

Clean all you want, but loose cables automatically make your home look messy. These handy cable concealers are so clever, you’ll wonder why you weren’t the one to come up with the idea. No more messy cables and wires, because these little guys will keep them completely hidden. Installation is incredibly easy, and the set of eight cable channels also comes with a strong, double-sided adhesive tape to easily keep each one in place.


A Clear Cosmetics Holder That Doubles As A Jewelry Box

You spent money on your favorite makeup, so why not display it in a classier way? Having a dedicated space for your brushes, creams, and makeup products is so game changing, you won’t know what you did before. Even better, this clear cosmetics holder doubles as a jewelry box, and you can store your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and rings underneath. Its design is elegant and durable, and it will look great no matter where you put it.


A Stylish Wood Entryway Organizer, Because First Impressions Matter

Entryway storage is essential. Who doesn’t have a handful of things to set down as soon as they walk in the door, right? If your mail is in piles on your desk or countertop, your home could be so much nicer with an organizer like this one. No more searching for your keys, because they’ll always be right on the hook where you left them, too. The natural wood is giving modern farmhouse vibes, and you can’t go wrong with that, even in a more modern space. Amazon reviewers say it’s sturdy, easy to install, and perfect for hanging masks, too.


These Simple Apothecary Jars For Better Bathroom Organization

Run, don’t walk. It will only cost you $10 for a four-pack of these simple yet totally life-changing apothecary jars. You’ll be shouting this cheap but tasteful Amazon home upgrade from the rooftops, because they really do make *that* much of a difference. They’re the perfect size for cotton balls, floss sticks, hair ties, or Q-tips, but really, they have tons of potential uses, even outside the bathroom. Feel free to get creative.


These LED Backlight Strips To Make Your TV Room Feel Like A Cinema

Upgrade your home and your viewing experience with these LED strip lights that will make your living room feel like a movie theater. They have 15 color options, 10 levels of brightness, and a much-loved “fade” mode, allowing you to personalize your lighting as you see fit. Not a TV person? Use these to backlight your mirrors or to illuminate your cabinets, closets, or counters.


A Vibe-Boosting, Money-Saving Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Stop spending your money on daily cold brew and make your own at home with this cold brew coffee maker — it’ll impress your guests, too, and make them feel like they’re staying in a nice hotel. You can choose between a 2-liter or 1-gallon size, depending on how coffee-obsessed you are. The coffee making set is as functional as it is cute, and it comes with a fine mesh filter to help you brew the highest-quality, residue-free coffee. Stick it in your fridge and make sure the lid is on tight, and you’ll never run out of fresh cold brew again.


Artificial Eucalyptus To Make Your Plant-Mom Dreams Come True

Being a plant mom is way easier than you’d think once you discover artificial greenery, like these beautiful eucalyptus stems. Amazon reviewers are obsessed with these silk plastic plants that look way more expensive and high-maintenance than they are. The bundle of six stems is less than $25 and can be used to dress up your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any other area that could simply use a little touch of greenery. Even the biggest flower snobs think these look real.


A Set Of Comfy Outdoor Seat Cushions In A Chic Striped Pattern

Patio season is here and that means it’s time to take a second look at your outdoor furniture. These cushions are a simple way to make your home look way more expensive. Choose from four different patterns, or go with solid red, blue, or khaki. Better yet, stock up on a few different options and change them out depending on your mood or the occasion. With over 1,000 five-star ratings, Amazon reviewers say these are comfortable, high quality, and “extremely durable.” Give your patio the upgrade it deserves.


This Genius & Life-Saving Red Wine Stain Remover

No one plans to spill red wine, but having a plan is always a good idea. This red wine stain remover is less than $10 and has Amazon reviewers raving about how effective it is. The easy-to-use spray is a simple and effective way to keep your home in the best shape ever. You can use it to remove stains from clothes, sheets, furniture, carpet, and more.


A Beautiful Bread Box To Keep Your Sourdough Fresh

This beautiful bread box is a kitchen-necessity. If you have limited cabinet space, bread boxes are one of the best kitchen storage solutions pros swear by, but they also add a rustic-chic touch to any kitchen. It will keep your bread fresh — and your counter space fresher — and you’ll be wishing you purchased one sooner.


A Fast-Charging Station For All Your Electronic Essentials

Do you ever have that moment when your phone, tablet, Kindle, and headphones are all on low battery? There are only so many outlets in your house, but this fast, multi-port charging station has space and plugs for four devices at once — and thanks to its functional setup, your chords won’t get tangled. The charger is compatible with all USB cables and its anti-slip surface will keep all your devices in place. With one simple dock, your clutter will be eliminated, and your devices will be charged. What more could you ask for, right?


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