Christmas is knocking at our doorstep and while our decorations may be up, there’s always some room for more. It is the festive season after all! But before you hit the nearest shopping malls for Christmas decor items, what if you stumbled upon cheaper alternatives? Christmas decorations can be done in some easy ways too, without burning a hole in your pockets. If you have any leftover decorative items from the past years, recycle and upcycle them to give them new life. If not Christmas decor, utility goods like glass jars and indoor plants do just the trick as well. Spruce up your homes with a little Christmas touch for the festive season with these ideas to try. 

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Easy Christmas decorations to try out!

7 Christmas Decor Ideas For Christmas 2022

1. Use Glass Jars For Candles

Empty and clean glass jars or jam containers to keep your candles for the dining table or as part of a centre piece in your drawing room. You can even add fairy lights and instantly light up small corners in the house.

2. Make Wall Hangings

If you have leftover ribbons and streamers from gifts or parties, you can simply use them to hang your Christmas cards or family pictures. Don’t be shy to use different colours to add some more festive vibe to it. 

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Glittery balls for the festivities

3. Decorate The Mirrors

In case you have a window mirror in your living room, stick polaroid images with decorative baubles and fairy lights to quickly spruce things up in time for your Christmas party.

4. Festive Upholstery

Maybe underrated, but your upholstery can make a huge difference no matter how fancy your furniture may be. Festive upholstery however can instantly bring festive vibes to your living room space. From cushion covers on your couch to table runners on the dining table, leave no stone unturned.  Choose from reindeer designs, Christmas trees, snowflakes and so on to spark conversations when you invite people over. 


Decorated hallways for Christmas

5. Stylised Menu Chart

Your Christmas party should resonate with your personal taste in things. Let your guests in on that journey with stylised menus for the day. It could be a simple slate with the dishes of the day or you can use handwritten notes decorated with flowers to be presented on the table for a personalised touch. 

6. Make A Chandelier

This one may seem most ambitious but the end results are super rewarding. Make your own hanging decorations to go over the dining table or doorway entrance. You can make a DIY piece with plastic hula hoops, painting them in gold, silver or red. You can add your choice of Christmas decorations to go as well like baubles, stockings, wreaths or stars to suspend them from the air.

7. Bake Edible Table Treats

There’s nothing more satiating to the eyes than a plate of tasty Christmas treats. Dress your dining table with freshly baked gingerbread cookies or shortbread in shapes of stars, dolls, snowflakes or Christmas trees and stack them on the dining table with a sprinkle of icing sugar on top. We can assure you that there is nothing more inviting than a tabletop of these Christmas goodies. 

We hope you find this list of easy Christmas decor useful. Have a happy holiday!

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