There is no place like home. Away from the busy and noisy world out there, this haven is where we can feel relaxed and become comfortable as much as we can. But with a wrong interior design, misplaced items, and messy things, your so-called home can also trigger more stress than when you were staying outside.

So if you are having trouble designing your flat, we have gathered the best tips in interior designing proven by experts to relieve stress and bring calmness and comfort. These could help you deal with anxiety and stress and become more tranquil. From installing the best home air freshener to giving your home a complete revamp, we offer some hacks to transform your home into a stress-relieving haven.

1. Bring on Uplifting Images

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to make yourself happy is by surrounding yourself with images that can make you smile. It can be a portrait of your favorite place or a loved one. No matter what it is, having a painting that resembles love and happiness will surely lessen your stress level whenever you get home after long hours of a busy day. Also, pay extra attention to your bedroom — the first thing you see whenever you wake up can affect your mood for the day.

2. Relieve Stress through Smell

As we said earlier, the fresh scent brought to us by home air fresheners is proven to lessen our stress levels. A stinky or drafty smell will make you irritable and stress you out. Aromatherapists have proven that calming scents, such as the smell of lavender and jasmine flowers, can lessen stress and make the person comfortable and relaxed.

An alternative for air fresheners is a scented candle or an essential oil placed in a diffuser — these can make your home or room smell divine and relaxed.

3. Use Vibrant and Bright Colors in Your Place

Colors can produce different physical, emotional, and psychological effects on us. You might not even notice, but why do you think most luxury hotel suites use warm colors in their rooms? It is simply because these palettes usually relax your mind. 

So if you want to have a calming and stress-relieving color scheme in your home, we recommend using white, green, or blue color hues that are proven to resemble peace and freshness and can also encourage a powerful sense of calmness.

4. Natural Light Is the Best

The natural light coming from the sun is scientifically proven to help our bodies function correctly. Natural light can play a significant role in our daily mood and mental health in general. Numerous scientists have proven that enough exposure to the light of the sun can lower stress levels and anxiety. So opening your window curtain can greatly help. Allowing natural light to come into your house is like allowing happiness to greet you every morning.

5. Declutter Your Space

Living in a place with a lot of mess, unorganized things, and chaotic surroundings will surely make you stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable. That is why having a proper storage system can maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home. Cabinets, wall hooks, and shelves are essential storage systems that not only save space but also help you organize your things to create a much more calming and stress-relieving environment.

6. Create a Bedroom Conducive for a Quality Rest

If you suffer from high levels of stress every day, you know that having a goodnight’s sleep offers great help. If you find yourself unable to sleep, you can try to change your mattress and invest in a soft and comfortable foam pillow. These can help you recover from a long day of stressful work and help you to relieve anxiety or psychological tiredness.

7. Add Greens

Studies show that having plants can help you relieve stress and have a brighter mood throughout the day. Adding greenery to your place does not only give elegance to your space. It also serves as a natural air purifier giving us enough supply of oxygen. Place some indoor plants in your room to feel their immediate effect of relaxation and comfort.

Final Thoughts

We all know that with the work and place that we live in, stress cannot be avoided and controlled. But with the said tips and suggestions by interior design experts, we hope we’ve helped you create a place where you can relax and enjoy your “me-time” as an individual, lessening your stress levels. Home is the best place to relax and calm our minds. So together, let us make a place that is full of happiness and a stress-free house for every people in the world. If you need more furniture, decor, and storage solutions, visit


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