Looking for Scandi Christmas decor ideas? Bringing the outside in is a key aspect of the Scandinavian aesthetic. Natural materials and rustic textures reign throughout the interiors of Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and it’s the same when it comes to Christmas decorating.

Complementing wood and foliage with a range of textiles such as wool, linen and other natural fibres, introduces layers of organic materials and creates subtle lighting effects. With these, you’re well on your way to giving your home an authentic Scandi Christmas look.

Remember that simplicity rules: Nordic style has its roots in minimalism. The look comprises the essential ingredients of unfussy ideas, a limited colour palette and good design.

Everyday style and function is also a key Scandi decor theme: even the most modest of items and displays, if well-made or put together, will make a strong statement.

Ensure your home is merry, stylish and bright with our Scandi Christmas decor ideas.

1. Table

For a pale and interesting table centrepiece, plant up a Scandinavian favourite: Christmas rose (Helleborus niger). It will bloom sooner indoors than out, so take it inside for a table display, water it well and keep it away from too much heat. After the festivities, you can replant it outdoors.

scandi christmas decor ideas hellebore

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2. Bedroom

Honour the Nordic tradition of placing greenery throughout the house and arrange ivy and mistletoe, or simply Christmas tree trimmings, on top of wardrobes or chests of drawers or above pictures and mirrors, in bedrooms. (Keep ivy and other poisonous plants out of children’s reach.)

scandi christmas decor ideas bedroom

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3. Living room

Candles are an essential ingredient of Scandinavian life. Gather all your different kinds – from tall, tapered types to tealights to church pillars – and arrange together on a table for a simple but atmospheric focal point.

scandi christmas decor ideas candles

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4. Dining room

Combining rough with smooth and all the variations in between is typical of Nordic decorating schemes. Arrange a stack of logs so you view them on their ends and, if there’s space, a basket of foraged kindling sticks, too – these features will add layers of texture to your interior. They will also give your room a sense of warmth, regardless of whether or not you’ve got a fireplace.

scandi christmas decor ideas logs

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5. Hallway

Gingerbread houses with delicate white icing are made as decorations in Scandinavia, then broken up to be eaten once the festivities are over. Create interest for visitors and guests with this welcoming sight in your entrance hall (kits for making the houses are available from shops including Lakeland and Etsy).

Alternatively, hang individually-iced biscuits on the tree (make a hole for ribbon or string before placing in the oven (if it closes up while baking, make again once on the cooling rack).

scandi christmas decor ideas gingerbread

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6. Window or mirror

String a length of gingham ribbon from one edge of your window to the other and create simple seasonal bunting by suspending sprigs of mistletoe or berried holly from it. Tie on each one by its stalk with florist’s wire (with a piece of contrasting ribbon over the top for extra flourish, if you wish).

Simple, white paper bunting in a another Scandi favourite.

scandi christmas decor ideas mirror

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7. Banisters

Decorate your banister Nordic-style. To go really authentic, wind a length of beautiful strong green or red ribbon onto your banister rail (or suspend between newel posts), peg on small gifts, wrapped in paper and ribbon – or striped candy bags – each one bearing a number from one to 24 to make it into a pakkekalender (Danish for ‘gift calendar’) with which to count down the days to Christmas.

scandi christmas decor ideas banister

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8. Table

Create evergreen candle holders to add a sense of Nordic style to your Christmas lunch. Place cuttings of ivy, pine, birch heads and mistletoe in a small galvanised pot, leaving room for a tall candle in the middle.

scandi christmas decor ideas table

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