It can be an overwhelming process trying to decorate a new or old living space. There are so many styles, colors, and brands of different home decor that the nearly limitless combinations and options can be paralyzing when trying to find a decoration that matches your interests, style, and space.

Lego has started to create different home decor sets that are not only fun to build and put together, but look great when displayed as a decoration in your apartment or home. From wall-hanging art to brick-styled plants, Lego has the home decor section covered. Let us show off some of the best home decor Lego sets.

Best Home Decor Lego Sets In 2024

The Globe LEGO Set

The Globe LEGO Set

Rebuilding the world

This beautiful and intricate LEGO set depicts a globe of the planet Earth, and comes with glow-in-the-dark tiles to label oceans and continents, a front nameplate, ship and compass icons, and is constructed from a mixture of Technic and regular Lego bricks.


  • Over 2500 piece count
  • The globe spins on a Technic axis
  • Glow-in-the-dark tiles for oceans and continents

A large, spinning globe is a timeless staple of any home or office decor. Lego captures the elegance and attention-drawing nature of a real world globe, except this time one gets to actually build it! Combining both Technic and classic Lego System bricks, the Globe set is a little over 2,500 pieces and comes out at 16-inches tall when completed. The Technic pieces form the center axis that the globe can actually rotate on, while the System bricks form the sphere Earth on the outside.

It is the details that matter when it comes to Lego sets, and this one is not lacking. Glow-in-the-dark tiles that label the oceans and continents are included, as well as a wonderful little nameplate that goes on the front that says ‘The Earth’. Old, vintage-style navigation icons can be built and placed on the sphere, like navigation symbols and ships. Not only is this a gorgeously complex and fun build, but it looks amazing sitting on a bookshelf or desk.

Mosaic Maker LEGO Set

Mosaic Maker LEGO Set

A personal touch

The Mosaic Maker set from LEGO allows real images and photos to be turned into LEGO works of art! The set includes instructions on how to upload an image, receive the LEGO blueprint of it, and then build it. Offers limitless rebuildability.


  • Turn any image into a Lego mosaic
  • Unlimited rebuild options
  • Over 4700 pieces

If something more personal is on the wishlist for home decor, then look into the Lego Mosaic Maker set. This incredible set lets one upload any image or photo they want to the Lego website, which is then pixelated to be a blueprint for building. You can then use their digital device, or print out the blueprint, and begin building!

This makes it incredibly easy to turn any family photo or favorite image into a unique mosaic display piece for a home or apartment. The set comes with a 48×48 Lego stud baseplate and then five different colors of bricks to flesh out the images. The best part is that images can be uploaded as many times as one wishes, leading to an infinite number of options and endless rebuild potential with this set.

LEGO Botanical Collection - Orchid

LEGO Botanical Collection – Orchid

Bricks in full bloom!

This beautiful orchid from LEGO is the perfect display piece that looks like it belongs even among real plants. With wonderful colors and a nice looking plant holder, this set is a great flower display.


  • Great for multiple occasions, or to display
  • Customizable display options
  • Low price

Want the beauty and inviting colors of a plant or flower without watering and the eventual death of the plant? This orchid from the Botanical Collection by Lego is the answer to those prayers. The model measures over 15″ tall and 11.5″ wide when constructed, making it noticeable and attractive in any space. The orchid has incredible attention to detail and is inspired by a real orchid, and designed to look as close as possible to a real one.

The stems, blooms, leaves, and roots can be rotated and customized to your own preference. Repurposed pieces from other past Lego sets are used throughout the build, and integrate seamlessly with the look. Not only does this orchid set make a lovely Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift, but it looks terrific displayed as home decor.

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age

Bring your home to the Space Age!

Shoot for the stars with the Lego Tales of the Space Age Ideas set. Gorgeous depictions of different planets and space phenomenons are set on four postcard-sized displays. They can be displayed together or apart from each other, and either freestanding or hung on a wall. It features beautiful colors and creative art.


  • It features four different space-themed postcards
  • Freestanding or hung on wall
  • Separate building manuals for each one

Looking for something a little more out-of-this-world to spice up your living space? Split between four postcard-style stands, the Tales of the Space Age set is a gorgeous and unique set that can be displayed on a flat surface or hung on a wall with a hanging hole on the back of each one. They can be displayed together, or mixed up in different combinations.

The set is inspired by early eighties and seventies science-fiction. Each postcard features a different color scheme that pops, and brings forth feelings of cosmic swirls and the infinite galaxies of wonder above us. The postcard designs can be displayed all together, or spread out throughout the house for maximum coverage of the stars.

LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree

LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai of bricks

The LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree looks almost as good on display as a real bonsai tree, but without the trimming and hassle. The set comes with interchangeable leaves, so you can turn the bonsai into a cherry blossom tree any time you wish.


  • Bonsai tree or a cherry blossom tree
  • Slatted wood stand for display
  • Plant-based plastics used in the set

Careful attention and pruning of a bonsai tree can be tough work, so let the Lego Icons Bonsai Tree take the stress out of raising a beautiful tree by letting you easily build one. The tree is built with a rectangular pot and slatted wood-effect stand that lets the tree be displayed with ease. The leaves of the bonsai allow for custom placement, which lets builders make the bonsai their own and change the look, however and whenever they like to create a personal decoration.

The set also includes interchangeable leaves in the form of cherry blossoms to transform the look completely. As a huge plus, the blocks are made from plant-based plastics created from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Aside from being a terrific display piece for a living space, it also makes the perfect gift for all sorts of occasions.

LEGO Wooden Wall Hanger Set Dark Oak

LEGO Wooden Wall Hanger Set Dark Oak

A place to hang your hat

These wooden wall hangers from LEGO are carved to look like the classic round LEGO System studs. The set includes three different-sized dark oak wall hangers that are perfectly shaped to hold up bags, coats, jackets, hats, etc.


  • Easy to hang
  • Three different sized hangers
  • Dark oak finish

Although not technically a Lego set you put together, this is still a set of Lego that you will be proud to display in your home. Plus, it is functional and handy! The dark oak set of wooden wall hangers are designed to look like the famous standard round Lego studs that are in nearly every Lego set since their inception.

The set includes three different ‘studs’ made of FSC-certified oak wood that vary in size from 1 inch in diameter to 3 inches in diameter. With the three different sizes, one will have no problem finding the perfect spot to hang one’s hat, coat, jackets, bags, backpacks, and many more accessories that you need to hang. Even if nothing is hanging on them, the dark oak color makes them the perfect wall decoration for any home!


How do you display LEGO sets in a living room?

There are many tasteful looking ways to display LEGO sets in a living room or home. One easy way that looks great is to use floating shelves with a desired material and color that accents the LEGO sets or decor, mount them on a wall, and then display the sets on top. Other ways include bookshelves, glass cases, angled stands, or corner shelves to properly display the builds.

What is the best way to clean dust off LEGOs?

Dust build-up can be a big problem for LEGOs that are on display in the open air within a home or living space. The best way to get clean dust off LEGO sets is to use warm water (no hotter than 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and a soft sponge or cloth to gently clean the dust off the bricks. Higher temperature water can warp or damage the plastic bricks.


Best Lego Sets For Your Desk In 2024

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