As editors at BHG, we spend our days learning about the latest sofa designs and paint color trends—but it’s the finishing touches that really make a room. From framed photos to abstract canvas paintings, wall decor is what adds the final dose of style and personality to any space.

To inspire your next room refresh, we’re sharing the pieces we have on our own walls. Get our favorite gallery wall frames and see the art prints we’ve been loving lately. From framed canvas art to strands of twinkle lights, these are the wall decor pieces our editors have in their homes.

Vintage New Yorker Prints

Courtesy of Etsy / HastingsPrintStudio

“I’ve always loved the distinct cover art of the New Yorker magazine, and working in the publication industry only made that love stronger. I have a WFH office so adding some fun prints to the room was a must. These Etsy ones are digital downloads that you can print on your own and then pick a frame of choice, which is nice if you have a specific size in mind.”

— Halee Miller, Editorial Assistant

Royal Design Studio Damask Wall Stencil

Courtesy of Royal Design Studio Stencils

“I am obsessed with wall stencils because they provide all the pizzazz of wallpaper but with so much more flexibility. You can go bold with bright colors, or you can go barely-there with a flat and high-gloss finish of the same color—and everything in between. You can also do a whole room, an accent wall, the inside of a closet, cupboard backs—the possibilities are endless.”

— Melissa Breyer, Interim Editorial Director

Abstract Floral Print

Courtesy of Minted

“I’ve always loved ordering photo art from Minted (their personalized cards and stationery are some of my favorites) but I recently discovered their framed art collection, and I’m obsessed. I recently hung this Azalea en Noir print in my office and already have my eye on a few others. I chose a canvas finish and added a frame, but I love the option to buy unframed art prints at a lower price point.”

— Emily VanSchmus, Home Editor

Swell Coat Rack & Wall Organizer

Courtesy of MoMA Design Store

“I’ve been on the lookout for a minimalistic catchall and coat rack for our small entryway. This wall organizer from MoMA totally checks all the boxes. I love the simple, modern design. It’s like a little piece of museum art you’re allowed to touch!”

— Casey Oto, Visuals Editor

Ronni Nicole Floral Art

“These made-with-care plaster pieces and paper reliefs feature stunning flower silhouettes. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with the latest offerings.”

— Caitlin Sole, Senior Home Editor

Artifact Uprising Modern Wall Tile

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

“These easy-hang wall tiles are the best for creating a dynamic gallery wall. There’s a simple (and subtle!) drop in slot so you can replace your photos with new ones over time without having to take the frames off the walls, and the simple frames fit into any style decor!”

— Lauren Phillips, Associate Director, Special Projects

Curtain String Lights

Courtesy of Target

“I don’t think you can ever have too many string lights, and these are my favorites. They have different settings and allow you to display up to 25 photos for a personal touch (I hung up a mix of postcards and polaroids), and setting them up couldn’t have been easier. If you’re looking for a photo backdrop, they’re perfect for that too.”

— Bryce Jones, Associate Editor


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