The bedroom can often be put on the back burner when it comes to design since it’s not a space used for entertaining or a place guests typically see, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten about. So it’s high time we turn our attention to this room where you spend countless hours. Whether you need to toss a few things from your bedroom or freshen it up with new paint, we have a few ideas from Southern designers to steer you in the right direction.

While a cozy and restful bedroom suite looks different for everyone, at the end of the day what matters is that it should be relaxing for the person who lives there. For some that means a calm and clean space with minimal accents, for others it looks like splashing the room in a favorite color and displaying prized treasures. Regardless of your personal style, here are eight trends according to Southern designers that will help you refresh your sanctuary in 2024.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

“As of late, we are specifying the extra plush wall-to-wall carpeting from the bedrooms of my youth,” says Richmond, Virginia, designer Elly Poston Cooper. “Not only is it luxurious underfoot (especially with an upgraded pad), but the clients with young families appreciate the noise absorption and the practicality of a well-cleaning fiber! Pro-tip: use extra wide goods to avoid pesky seams.” 

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

Bring in more character—from throws and pillows to wallpaper and artwork. “More layered bedrooms will be back in the new year! The desire to have a serene space shouldn’t be confused with a stark space, and the walls are a great place to add a layer of tranquility,” says Atlanta designer Katie Wolf. “I’ve seen an increase in my clients’ willingness to paper, or even apply fabric to, bedroom walls.” While some might consider color and pattern too busy for the bedroom, as long as the rooms’ occupant finds it restful, nothing is off limits. “Even the boldest of patterns gets quieter when it is used more than once. A curtain that matches the walls lends a cocoon effect to any bedroom while the bedroom floor provides another opportunity for layers,” she says. “A plaid or striped rug pairs beautifully with a floral wallpaper and fabric, while a bolder, more geometric rug grounds a bedroom with quieter walls and textiles.”

The primary bedroom features a striking collection of portraits.

HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ; Styling by Christina Wressell

Casual Comfort Over Picture-Perfect Design

Gone are the days of elaborate bed chambers without a thing out of place—that’s no longer a reality in our ever busy lives. At their core, bedrooms should be cozy, relaxing, and a safe space. “Bedrooms are becoming more casual,” says Javier Burkle of Burkle Creative in Dallas, Texas. “Dressy items are reserved for entertaining spaces and the bedroom is all about a place to unwind, retreat, and just be completely yourself.” So, while you may choose to dress up your bedroom with things that bring you personal joy, it doesn’t have to be a fancy space.

Bedding That Makes a Statement

As the biggest piece of furniture in the room, how you dress your bed can set the tone of the space. “I am still loving a minimal coverlet in luxe natural materials that covers the bed fully, coming down to the floor,” says Atlanta designer Laura Jenkins. “These look great with keeping your sleeping pillows under the coverlet and running a lumbar pillow across the face.” Whether in texture or color, let your bedding enhance the room. “I foresee the light and airy bedding trend seeing its way out and moody-colored or patterned bedspreads coming back into play,” says Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

A Standout Pattern

“Everyone loves a cozy place to end their day, and nothing makes a bedroom more relaxing and inviting than choosing a primary pattern for the whole space,” says designer Lisa Henderson. “I love the way a single pattern, used as the wallpaper, drapes, headboard, and bedskirt, creates an enveloping, calming, serene feel within the room.” If adding a singular motif throughout the room isn’t your style, consider adding in accents (pillows, throws, artwork) with a similar feel to tie the room together. Jenkins’ go-to pattern in the bedroom is stripes.

More Paint Colors 

Shelby Van Daley of Daley Home foresees more painted bedrooms in 2024 to differentiate it from other areas of the home. “Warm tones are something we are going to see a lot of and we are going to be pulling blush, tan, and terracotta colors to cover walls, ceilings, and trim,” says Daley. Paint is a great, inexpensive way to inspire the energy of a room. “I think soothing saturated colors are calming for a bedroom space,” adds Jenkins.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Decorative Lamp Shades

While you want plenty of lighting in busier parts of the home, in the bedroom, it should be softer. “Fabric shades on lamps or sconces, as opposed to simple paper or white linen shades, are equal parts beautiful and practical,” says Wolf, who notes more retailers are carrying decorative shades. “If a room lacks dimmers, decorative shades can dampen brighter bulbs and create a more restful atmosphere.”

Plenty of Privacy

“Bedrooms are definitely featuring more and more color and they’re also trending towards suite-like spaces designed to reflect a personal escape,” says Burkle. “Bedrooms that include private sitting areas and a desk space—these are really the most intimate spaces in the house, from your dressing room and bathroom to bedroom.” He also notes that since the pandemic, there has been an increasing demand for functional, work-from-home spaces which influence bedroom design.


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