RM is not just BTS’ leader, he’s also the most recent member to release his solo album, Indigo. For years, RM has co-produced a lot of the BTS songs you know and love, but this new chapter is all him. Following its release, which was on Dec. 2, BTS’ RM has new merch for the Indigo album that really fit his vibe and aesthetic well.

ARMY who follow RM on the ‘Gram know that he often shares photos from different museums he’s visited around the world. He’s like an Insta art connoisseur, who has inspired many fans to check out these places for themselves. As an art lover, it makes sense that RM’s Indigo merch feels like art pieces themselves that you can add to your home or closet. On Dec. 11, BTS posted a “Mood Film” of RM’s merch to YouTube which teased items that would be in the collection. Then, on Dec. 14, Hybe Merch shared the actual eight pieces from Indigo on Twitter that include a vase, denim shirt, and even a wood plate that would be perfect for your next charcuterie board.

Fans of the rapper and singer who want to add a piece of Indigo to their home will want to know when they can purchase RM from BTS’ merch.

When Is RM’s Indigo Merch Going On Sale?

You won’t have to wait long to cop your own Indigo diary or denim tote bag. The same Twitter post announcing which items will be in the collection also shared when RM’s Indigo merch will go on sale. The items appeared on BTS’ Weverse Shop starting Dec. 15 at 5 p.m. KST and officially went on sale an hour later at 6 p.m. KST or 4 a.m. EST.

For anyone worried that they’ll sleep through their alarm and miss out on some of the more popular items, there is the potential for a restock. While it’s not guaranteed, Jin’s “The Astronaut” merch that released at the end of November had a restock after initially selling out of a few items. However, if you do want to be the first to receive your RM merch, make sure to set your alarm — and even a backup one.

What’s Included In RM’s Official Indigo Merch?

While other artists may release a couple of shirts and sweatshirts for their most recent album, RM’s merch is so much more. They are collector’s items that can become home decor or get used almost daily. For instance, the ceramic vase and diffuser in the collection will look picture-perfect on your dresser or WFH desk. The folding photo book is also perfect for anyone who considers RM their bias as it has photos of him from the album and can be used for decor as well.

Anyone who plans to host more movie nights with their besties in the new year will get a lot of use out of the wood plate. It can be used as a cutting board, charcuterie board, or just kitchen decor. It does come with two wooden butter knives that’ll be great if you’re thinking of making a viral butter board from TikTok. Another item that may be used a lot in the new year is the diary and pencil set. This is for anyone who has wanderlust and wants to jot down their adventures, or just plans on journaling more.

As far as wearable merch goes, there is also a denim shirt and tote bag in the collection that really fit the Indigo theme. The tote bag is great for running errands or just “Namjooning” around the city. For anyone who doesn’t know, “Namjooning is the act of living as Kim Namjoon” — aka RM — and going for “walks in parks,” “admiring nature,” and “having fun with friends.” You could even add the Indigo keychain to your tote bag to show off how much you love RM and BTS.


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