If you are a foodie, you would be able to relate to scrolling past thousands of lip-smacking food pictures on social media regularly. It’s a proven fact that even a simple snack like vada pav can tempt you if it is presented aesthetically. It’s time to do away with mundane steel and plastic utensils and click food pictures with better kitchen accessories. Here are some suggestions.

5 Kitchen accessories that can help you click aesthetic food pictures

1. Wooden Bowl & Steel Servers, Folkulture

The most crucial detail to pay attention to while clicking food pictures is the dish, bowl and other utensils that are used to present the food. Your creative vision may not pan out in the pictures if you do not use a certain type of utensil.

For example, the Wooden Bowl and Steel Servers by Folkulture can help you elevate the presentationof even a simple dish like salad. The rustic bowl is handcrafted with the finest acacia wood.

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2. Beam Chanderi Table Runner, Nicobar

Table runers can help in clicking aesthetic food pictures © Nicobar

Using table linens and table runners can go a long way in making your dishes look presentable for pictures. Ditch table mats for an appealing table runner to present your food.

For instance, the Beam Table Runner by Nicobar, detailed with gota work, will add an old-school charm to your pictures. It’s one of the best and effortless ways to go the extra mile to click food like a pro.

Price: INR 2,650

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3. Nomad Indigo Dinner Plate, Good Earth

Pretty dinner plates can help in clicking aesthetic food pictures © Good Earth

Do not underestimate the power of a pretty dinner plate to serve your food. Presenting the food on a china plate not only elevates the look of the dish, but also helps you click better pictures.

The Nomad Indigo Dinner Plate, created intricately with fine bone china, is one of the many pretty dining collections of Good Earth.

Price: INR 2,400

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4. Trivets, Folkulture

If you think table runners and table mats are too mainstream, use trivets to place your dish on the table. Trivets are braided, medium-sized coaster mats that are commonly used to place dishes on kitchen tops or tabletops.

Instead of mundane coaster mats, use these Bohemian-style trivets by Folkuture in the shades of nude and brown. The sturdy trivets shield your tabletop from heat as well as add a charming appeal to the food presentation.

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5. Stacked Tea Set, Terravida Goa

Tea sets can help in clicking aesthetic food pictures © Terravida Goa

Got a quaint tea party on your mood board? Add cute teacups, sugar bowls and kettle pot, made with ceramic, on your table.

Take your cues from the Stacked Tea Set by Terravida Goa that houses several options in adorable mugs, tumblers and tea sets in different shades and designs.

Price: INR 1,335

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Social and lead images credits: T-Series, Abundantia Entertainment Bandra West Pictures, Shutterstock

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