Building an empire. When Down Home Fab star Chelsea DeBoer (née Houska) isn’t busy raising her growing family, she’s working on making a name for herself in the home renovation world. On top of her wildly successful HGTV series – in which she appears alongside husband Cole Deboer – the former MTV personality exclusively tells In Touch about her “big goals” for her recently relaunched home decor line, Aubree Says. 

Chelsea, 31, founded the line of curated pieces in late 2020 as she set out “to make the kind of products that turn four white walls into cozy homes.”

The mother of four – who shares children Walker, Watson and Layne with her husband as well as daughter Aubree with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind – explains that she named the company after her eldest daughter because the 13-year-old has “such a cool style.”

“It kind of stems back to I’m always like, ‘Aubree, do you think this is cool?’” Chelsea tells In Touch. “I’m like, I don’t know, I’m getting older and she’s young and cool and I’m like, ‘If Aubree says it’s cool, then I’m like, okay, it’s cool.’ So that was kind of the whole idea behind Aubree Says.”

After two years in business, the South Dakota native decided it was time to revamp as she was looking to curate a “more higher end” and “chic” collection to fit her self-described South Dakota Glam style. 

“I wanted stuff that I would be like, ‘OK, I definitely could see that in my house,’” she explains, adding that the quality of the pieces needed to match the vibe. “This has to be perfect.”

While the first drop of the relaunch included items such as copper mixing bowls, an Aztec print throw blanket, a chic acacia wood and black marble cheese board and leather wrapped candles – all of which land at under $80 – Chelsea hints that there’s more to come. 

Chelsea Houska Relaunches Aubree Says
Calli Rentschler/Baya Rae Photography

“I definitely feel like the vibe [of the pieces] is still South Dakota Glam because it does have some modern elements, but then a little bit of rustic mixed in,” she explains. “And even some of the products coming I can think of are definitely more of the rustic-y [vibe]. So I just like to have a balance of both of those items or those qualities.”

The HGTV star goes on to explain that gets “validation” on her unique design styles from her family, especially Aubree and Cole, 35. 

“I just love that they are incorporated. I love that they are part of like, the pictures and stuff and I, I do value like their opinion,” she says, before jokingly adding that she has the “number one say.”

As for what’s next for the busy mama, Chelsea thinks “it’s important to have big goals” and looks to Fixer Upper alum Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ success as “motivation.”

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have some big goals,” she adds. “[It’s so motivating] to see what they’ve done with you know, what they had and if we could build anything even close to what they have, it would be so, so amazing. So definitely goals.”


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