Beginning February 10, the celebrations for Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year will commence. The festival commemorates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. While 2023 was the Year of the Rabbit, 2024 is regarded as the Year of the Dragon. Although the traditions around the predominantly Asian festival differ across various countries, it is a common practice for people to decorate their homes. Here are some decor ideas to attract more luck into your houses:

Chinese New Year decoration ideas to attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity this Year of the Dragon(Pixabay)
Chinese New Year decoration ideas to attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity this Year of the Dragon(Pixabay)

History of Chinese New Year celebrations in China

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Red paper cuttings

The most popular element when it comes to Chinese New Year decor is wishes written on red paper cuttings. This is a centuries-old tradition wherein people note their wishes for the new year on a piece of red paper and paste it on their walls, doors, or windows. It is believed that drawing auspicious plants like kalanchoe or fishes like carp is a sign of good luck.


For centuries, dragons have been one of the most important traditional symbols. Since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, it is pertinent to incorporate them into your house. Dragons are a symbol of authority, prosperity, and good luck. You can decorate your house with dragon-shaped lanterns, wall hangings, and paintings. Another way to incorporate them is by using silverware with dragon engravings for your festive feast.

Chinese New Year 2024: When is Lunar New Year? Know date, history, significance, traditions of the Year of the Dragon


Chrysanthemums are a symbol of happiness and vitality. Hence, it is common for people to decorate their houses with red, yellow, orange, or golden chrysanthemums. You can place these beautiful big flowers in a vase around your entrance or on your dinner table as a centrepiece. In addition to giving a pop of colour to your house, they will also attract good luck.

Fish wall hanging

Red fish, especially carp, symbolises abundance and prosperity, making it a perfect piece of decor if you are hoping for wealth this new year. Tips to decorate include hanging a red fish-shaped lantern by your door or window. You can also draw these on a piece of red paper and stick it around your house.

Chinese lucky knots

Chinese knottings are decorative handicrafts which are a crucial part of Lunar New Year decor. These knots are among the eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune. It is believed that hanging them in your house will ward off evil. As a symbol of longevity and eternity, they are considered to attract good luck, peace, and harmony.


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