By Annette Bradley

I went to my kitchen to make whipped product for a cake I had produced and rather of pulling out the large mixer I made a decision to go with my hand mixer. It is simple to use, only two beaters and surely lighter to handle. So, I achieved in the equipment cupboard and there it was in the very same green box it came in! Extensive tale brief, I made use of it and the whipping cream was best! After washing and repacking the minimal inexperienced box I seen I nevertheless experienced the primary paperwork folded neatly in the base of the box. Perfectly, “that’s cool” I imagined and wondered how prolonged I experienced really owned this tiny surprise. What???…1980- You are kidding me!!! But there it was in print “1980”. 43 years in the past! 

My girls were being born in 75 and 77- How could this mixer be that outdated- 80 and even now performing like the working day I acquired it? I believed about all the occasions I had used it in excess of the a long time. All the birthday cakes it experienced “mixed and whipped”. I experienced reached for that very little green box for decades.

I had a short while ago heard the stating “vintage is the new cool”. It made me chuckle for the reason that to me that mixer was just an daily staple in my kitchen but it experienced produced me prevent and assume about the new generations coming up driving me. When they get to for a 1980 mixer, what are they pondering? What goes by their minds? Do they end and consider about all the cakes it has produced? The potatoes it has whipped? That exact minor mixer. What a existence she has had! Of training course, at this place, I am not geared up to section with her. But I deal with very little mixers just about every working day!

My name is Annette and I deal in vintage, antiques, collectibles and house decor. I have a shop right here in Walterboro. Just like my excursion down memory lane about the mixer, I see the actual same response day by day from my prospects. I listen to “Granny had a single just like that” or “We obtained a single for our wedding ceremony gift” or my most loved “Remember Momma’s?”

The young generation is thrilled to have these “cool” vintage parts! Vintage is without a doubt the new awesome. Oh and FYI- the new generations consider 1990 classic! Indeed, I mentioned it!! Sad but true, I suggest was not 1990 just a number of yrs ago? LOL

Well, I’ve touched on my opening subject matter, I’ve been a tiny nostalgic and I’ve remembered that our residences are stuffed with old goods that are continue to new to us. Our pantries are treasure troves for the youthful. To us it is just a mixer, to other individuals it is a “cool classic piece”.

Above the months that stick to I will be touching base on other awesome vintage finds and of program that will get me down memory lane. Arrive with us, just after all, “Vintage is the new great.” For extra data contact Consignment Envy at 813 Bells Freeway, Walterboro, SC or Downtown Envy at 220 E Washington Road, Walterboro, SC.


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