Home is our retreat from the cacophony of the world around us.  Ensuring our home is in consonance with our mood and personality is essential. For this, you may want to change specific characteristics of your home or spruce it up to reflect your mood. Contrary to popular misconceptions, giving your home a facelift needn’t be an overly expensive affair that burns a hole in your pocket.  Home makeovers can be simple, easy, and fun DIY projects. So, if you feel ready to refresh your home and take the vibe up a notch, here are five easy hacks for every space by Pramitha Roche, Head, Product & Design Development, Bonito Designs.

Bring in uniformity

Theme-based homes are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Whether it’s Moroccan, Victorian, Bohemian, or modern, creating a theme and sticking with it throughout your home interiors gives a unique vibe to your home, making it inviting and elegant. So, pick a theme that best resonates with you and your preferences, and choose the décor accordingly. You can also go for different colours in the same hue to give every room its own character while maintaining uniformity.

For example, reflect style and class with a beige colour palette. You can also add a splash of colour by painting one wall of your room. All the décor items like crockery, showpieces, and rugs can reflect this contrast.

Light it up

Lighting is an extremely important component in giving your home the right look. Experiment with yellow lights in areas you want to unwind in, such as the bedroom or drawing room. There can be corners of the house reserved for work, which should be brightly lit. Also, you can add elements of natural light by installing big glass paned windows or doors. This is also a great way to ensure ventilation and warmth.

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Go beyond the traditional lighting system and play around with lamps and shades. For example, floor lamps are a great way to fill empty spaces. However, be careful not to overdo it. Since these lamps attract attention, ensure that the area around them is not cluttered.

Fun with Fabric

Designers worldwide emphasize minimalism as the way to go for home décor. However, being minimalistic does not necessarily mean being boring. The walls may be of a neutral colour but you can add vibrancy to your room through patterned bed sheets, table covers, or rugs. For example, red placemats or table covers suit the dining room, as red stimulates appetite. Living spaces can have cushion covers or pillows in warmer shades like yellow. Reserve cooler shades like blue, purple, and green for the bedroom, as they set the mood for relaxation.

A décor masterpiece

One of the best ways of breaking the monotony of uniform tones is to add to your décor your favourite art pieces. However, if you are worried that this may incur huge expenses, you can choose DIY options. For example, Madhubani paintings, glass paintings, or even simple mirrorwork designs can help set the right ambiance. Working with colour blending to create abstract backgrounds with complementary colours is a simple yet effective way to add artwork to your décor.

Make it personal

Your home is who you are, and the décor should reflect that. It doesn’t have to be like the pictures in magazines- it has to be you. So add small personalised items like artwork by children, photographs, or other items with personal significance. So not be scared to experiment and keep moving things around if they don’t fit. Remember that the goal is perfection in personalisation.

Once you begin giving your home a makeover, you might not want to stop. However, it’s essential to remember not to go overboard. Simple, inexpensive upgrades can go a long way in making a difference to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, get started with your home makeover project.

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