With so many paint colors and finishes to choose from, it can prove challenging (make that overwhelming) to find “the one.” Picking a bedroom paint color feels particularly personal. Perhaps you’re looking for a happy hue that will set the tone for some much-needed serenity after a long day. Or a soothing shade that will help you fall asleep faster?

We understand the struggle, which is why we tapped home decor and color experts to get their pro-approved picks for the best bedroom paint colors. From relaxing to romantic, here are seven fail-proof bedroom paint color ideas you won’t soon regret.

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

“This is a perfect off-white for brightening up a space and making your room seem larger. It’s warm, cozy, and clean for a relaxing environment. It’s also extremely versatile, so you can play around with different accent colors and decorative pillows or throws,” says Anna Franklin, an interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective.

Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams


“This is a super light blush that is soft and subtle—perfect for setting a serene mood. I would use this color throughout the room so your eyes won’t get distracted by different color combinations,” advises Diana Weinstein, an interior designer and founder of DW Designs.

Muslin by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

“For bedrooms, I love utilizing soft neutrals and warmer tones like soft creams,” says Weinstein. “I paint the entire room—from moldings to ceilings—and it creates a calming effect. It’s warm and welcoming without taking over the space and I find it to be so much fresher than a cold gray. Muslin is a great transitional color that works in almost any room in the home.”

All White by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball

“This shade is described as ‘a totally pure white’ and that’s just what it is. The biggest challenge with white paint is when it leans gray, blue, or yellow, and skews the look you were going for. All White is a gorgeous, pure white that doesn’t have an underlying tone and it’s perfect for the bedroom,” says Alessandra Wood, a design expert and VP of Style at Modsy.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

“Our Color of the Year for 2022, October Mist 1495 is an exceptionally harmonious color that has a comforting and dreamy quality. It’s a softly muted hue that’s ideal for walls and pairs beautifully with an array of fabrics and materials,” says Andrea Magno, Director of Color Marketing and Development for Benjamin Moore.

Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball

“I’m obsessed with this shade!” says Wood. “It’s a grown-up and sophisticated take on light blue that doesn’t scream ‘baby shower.’ I especially love this color for bedrooms. Paint it from floor to ceiling, including trim, for a classic and refined look.”

Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

“Head Over Heels is flattering and feminine without feeling too sweet. This soft pink hue gives a subtle glow to a room that is gorgeous morning to night, making it a great choice for bedrooms,” says Magno.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best bedroom pain colors for sleep?

    Colors that promote calmness and reduce stress, like blues and greens, are the best bedroom paint choices. Loud colors like reds and oranges are not good choices as they are stimulating/energizing.

  • What paint finishes should I use for a bedroom?

    For the trim and woodwork, try using semi-gloss for high contrast. Flat, eggshell, and satin finishes are best for bedroom walls and ceilings because they do not reflect as much light as other finishes. This makes for a more soothing environment.

  • How much does it cost to paint a bedroom?

    The room size will affect the final total cost, but painting a bedroom can cost between four and seven dollars per square foot.


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