Everybody would love to live in a grandly decorated home with stunning interiors. However often times money is a big constraint, as not everyone can break their monthly or yearly budget. Well, it might seem like a pricey task, but it doesn’t has to be. The great news for you is, that interior designing of your home is now affordable in bare minimum budget and that too with not much professional help.

Here is a list of some low budget interior design ideas that are doable and will guide you in achieving a look of your dreams.

Tip 1- Get Potted plants

Undoubtedly, Plants are a great option for people looking for interior design in low budget tips. Indoor plants such as fiddle leaf figs and cacti are ideal because they don’t need too much care and instantly deck out the home. Consider switching out the pots for ceramic or standing planters and to catch the trend.

Tip 2- Trick out your bookcase

To increase the style quotient, deck out your bookcase, as they can prove as a great interior design option. Try pairing the regular books with interesting vintage bookends, miniature cacti, crystals or photo frames to create more impactful sight.

Tip 3- Throw in pleasant pillows

Redoing your sofa may blow a massive hole in your budget, but there’s a way around it– slipcovers. These drape over existing sofas in a variety of prints and patterns to give it a new look without much physical change. Cushion and pillows can also have a great effect.

Tip 4- Add a rug

A space can be transformed without a single structural change by a mere addition of rug. If your room needs new life, consider purchasing a printed or patterned rug. If there’s already too much going on, a neutral carpet or jute rug will work just as well.

Tip 5- Get a mirror

Mirror can be a great option for interior designing. The use of mirrors can be multi-dimensional in a home. Stylish mirrors reflect existing light to make the space bigger, allow you to check your outfit before you head out the door, and double up as decor pieces.

Tip 6- Put in place some vintage pieces

Vintage items continue to stand the test of time and infuse character into a space. So, rush to your nearest antique shop to find some historic great showpieces in afforadable price.

Tip 7- DIY Art

Buy a canvas and let the artist in you take over. You don’t need expensive art or the work of a famous artist to make your walls look good. Try to bring in colours that are present in the rest of the decor in the living room. Once it’s done, all you need to spend on is the frame for your masterpiece.

We hope these tips will help you turn your wishful thinking of renovating your home with amazing decor and give your home a new lively energy.


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