Whether you spend some of your working week at home, or work from home full-time, then practical home office layout ideas are essential. While a makeshift desk might once have worked in the short term, if your set-up has changed to a more permanent basis, then a re-evaluation of your work space and home office layout is probably long overdue.

The location of your home office is key when it comes to achieving a good layout that allows your home office ideas to work smoothly and effectively. If you have the luxury of your own office in a separate room, then working out a layout that suits your specific requirements shouldn’t prove too tricky. If it’s a shared office space, then you’ll need to factor in the needs of other family members too, while if it’s a shared area, such as a living or dining room, then a compact work set-up that won’t interfere with other activities is a must.

Home office layout ideas


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