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Actress Chetnaa Meeraa who was recently seen in the Star Bharat show Haathi Ghoda Pal Ki Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki, has a unique taste in the kind of decor that she would love to have in her house.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Chetnaa talks about her home and its decor.

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Which is your favourite corner in your house?

The window I have in my living room. I have a sitting set up over there, I have made it in the Bohemian style, with colours, and plants. I love to have my tea and food there.

What should your dream house look like?

It will be more of a traditional house. I was born in Uttarakhand. I am so close to that place with so many childhood memories. So I will have a house in the city, which will have a recreation of my house in Uttarakhand. Also want to have a cowshed in my house. I want a lot of plants, with organic farming. I want a place where I will have a mud stove.

What colour combination would you like to paint your house?

I want to keep it very real. I want the muddy and wooden look with stones. The idea is to incorporate the colours yellow and white in my house.

Which celebrity house would you want to be yours?

I believe Amitabh Bachchan’s house is huge and palatial. It has a collection of vintage and traditional stuff. Anupam Kherji’s house I am sure, has the pahadi tradition.

Who will be the first guest that you would call after designing your dream house?

It is my dream and wish that I will owe my house to my mom. When I design the final look of my house, I will make her approve it.

What should your window view look like?

It has to be a French window with a view of the mountains. I want different views like mountains, flowers, river etc in every window view that I have in my house.

What will be your priceless contribution to the decor?

I will want to put up pictures of my nani, nana, mama, mami etc in one corner or room in my house.

Any idea for home decor that you ever got after watching anything? (Can be a movie, ad, poster, web series, friend’s house etc)

I do see DIY ideas on YouTube and Instagram. Also I get a lot of ideas when I travel. I love having home stays when I travel and imbibe when I see.

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