Kate Middleton recently shared the first glimpse inside her new home at Adelaide Cottage. The Princess of Wales released a video for Addiction Awareness Week which was filmed in the couple’s new living room.

The room featured a cream sofa decorated with red, pink and white cushions and framed photographs could be seen in the background. 

Following this news, property expert Chris Ashton collated known information about Adelaide Cottage from a historical perspective, and key design features to provide expert commentary on how to recreate the royal look.

He spoke to Express.co.uk about how to add a touch of historical glam, but importantly on a budget to help during the cost of living crisis.

Chris Ashton described how to recreate the royal look in your home on a budget. He said: “In a cost of living crisis, homeowners may look to interior design as a costly prospect.

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“But it doesn’t have to break the bank to achieve the traditional and elegant look of a royal home.

“This royal estate, Adelaide Cottage, is well known for its iconic style with neutral colours, artwork and beautifully finished furniture to achieve a luxurious finish which will never go out of date.

“Whilst hand-painted gold leaf and bespoke furniture pieces might be out of the question, here are some interior design tips which can help add some royal glam into your own palace on a budget.

“Second-hand shops: Charity and second-hand shops are great for finding hidden gems, whether you’re on the lookout for furniture, artwork or even unique trinkets to have on display which will be a quarter of the price if purchased new.


She said: “The sofa is traditional with clean lines which lend it a regal look. The whole space comes alive with a splash of red, and floral tossed cushions, which add warmth. It’s formal yet inviting and makes for the perfect spot from which the couple can air interviews.”

The expert also expanded on some background information on the Windsor home. Ms Mehta-Sagar explained: “Adelaide Cottage, set on Windsor Great Park is a historic property consisting of the cottage and the Adelaide lodge.

“The property has a modest history: Adelaide cottage began life as a keepers’ cottage in the 17th century. In the 19th century, King William IV commissioned that it be converted into a summer house for his wife, Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen.

“The history of the property ties in with the reported preference for Prince William and Kate to offer their children a normal upbringing. The cottage also has a sense of privacy as is the norm for suburbia.

“The estate holds onto the original porch. The manicured gardens also appear to have maintained the same character for nearly 200 years. Other features added to the exterior include a gravel driveway, a red-brick outbuilding and a gatehouse which is a rather inconspicuous security detail, in line with the royals’ desire for privacy and normalcy. 

“The four-bedroom residence reportedly holds on to traditional furnishings such as a nautical-inspired theme in the main bedroom, recycled from a 19th-century royal yacht, and in this, the décor is almost iconic. 

“The home also reportedly has a neutral colour scheme with royal blue and deep red with hints of gold for a touch of elegance. This creates a calming effect, which is perfect for a family with young children. The historic home is smaller in comparison with the family’s other two homes and yet again represents a desire to bring up the children in an ordinary manner, while still ensuring they remain rooted in the royal history.

“Bagshot Park is not too far away; Sophie and Kate share a close relationship and perhaps the proximity is appreciated by the women.”


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