Inspiring visuals of the rocky coastlines, salty air, and olive and fig trees, Mediterranean inside structure provides the flair of European seashore everyday living to the day-to-day. “Mediterranean type really should evoke the natural beauty and class of Southern Europe, particularly Spain, France, and Italy,” suggests Jeff Andrews, a Los Angeles–based interior designer, founder of Jeff Andrews Layout, and member of the AD Professional Directory. “Light naturals, bold pops of saturated color, and organic products that evoke seaside landscapes are the base of this interior structure design and style,” he states. To better realize this laid-back, previous-entire world aesthetic, Ad spoke with Andrews as effectively as David and Suzie Lucas, co-founders of the inside design firm Lucas, all about the seem. 

What is Mediterranean inside design?

A Mediterranean-fashion house intended by Jeff Andrews.  

Picture: Tim Road Porter 

Mediterranean interior design is a design and style fashion influenced by the properties discovered all over the Mediterranean region of Europe. As Andrews describes, it’s normally linked to an aesthetic carefully relevant to southern Spain, France, and Italy, however it is motivated by a host of nations that encompass the Mediterranean Sea, including  Greece, Malta, Morocco, and Monaco. “The Mediterranean region is identified for indoor-outdoor living, which translates to ethereal, breezy interiors and a hefty use of natural resources with rich times of shade, texture, and eclectic tile do the job,” Suzie clarifies. The type could be recognized as a subset of broader coastal interior layout nonetheless, Mediterranean type interiors are typically extra vibrant, rustic, and eclectic in comparison to other coastal style and design trends. 

A Mediterranean-style home will frequently make use of natural and organic elements and textures, and nevertheless it is in general lighter in color palette, you will commonly obtain pops of dazzling hues. “I would describe [the Mediterranean look] as gentle, eclectic, and using all-natural resources with sample and texture,” David adds. 

Record of Mediterranean interior design and style

It’s very likely no shock that the history of Mediterranean design begins in the location that birthed the aesthetic: the Mediterranean. “As we started to travel and migrate from the Mediterranean location of the earth to other parts of the globe, the style and design styles favored by individuals folks typically arrive alongside with them, substantially like food and other cultural traditions,” Andrews explains. 

White partitions, beamed ceilings, and eclectic tiles are all common in Mediterranean households, like that of Jeff Andrews, pictured below. 

Photo: Stephen Busken


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