A MUM who’s house is so bright it ‘gives people migraines’ has revealed her VERY colourful Christmas decorations – and she can’t keep the neighbours away.

Natasha McBrinn, 31, shares snaps of her home in Ormskirk, West Lancs on Instagram where her original decor has earned her over 70,000 followers.

Natasha McBrinn's decorations couldn't be brighter


Natasha McBrinn’s decorations couldn’t be brighterCredit: Natasha McBrinn
At Christmas, Nastasha goes one step further


At Christmas, Nastasha goes one step furtherCredit: Natasha McBrinn

And it seems that the maximalist home gets even more cluttered over the festive season with Tasha recently revealing her unique Christmas decorations.

Spending just £30 on Amazon, the mum-of-two has transformed her front door into the entrance of candyland with the help of 80 foil balloons in the shape of sweets and lollies – and it seems the neighbours can’t get enough.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Tasha says: “It is very different from a typical Christmas door.

“I’ve not had anybody say anything negative about them which is surprising as my house usually gets varying feedback.

“It’s the only decoration on our street at the moment. I’ve had all the neighbours around taking pictures and taking selfies, it’s mad.” 

But it’s not just the exterior of the home that’s receiving a Christmas makeover.

“I’m spray painting my Christmas tree black this year – I do a different colour every year – pink splodges this year,” Tasha says.

“I’ve also ordered a bespoke colourful tree, and I am going to repaint my landing black and white especially for it.

“My trees are highly anticipated by my followers because they’re such a spectacle. That’s why I do something different every year.

“I don’t do a traditional Christmas. Mine is covered in rubber ducks and sweets.”

But while Natasha’s Christmas decorations are a huge hit with her neighbours and followers alike, her wacky ‘cluttercore’ interiors have always divided opinion.

“I have people constantly telling me that my home gives them a migraine and claiming it would trigger their anxiety,” she says.

“I suffer with anxiety and I’m absolutely fine!

“Delivery men always have something to say but I don’t mind that, I find it weirder when people come in and don’t say anything because you can tell they’re holding back.”

I don’t do a traditional Christmas. Mine is covered in rubber ducks and sweets

Natasha McBrinn

It has taken Tasha three years to get her home to the colourful state it is currently in with every inch of her home covered in paint, murals and prints.

But the mum admits that previously her home had been a wash of grey and neutral tones, one that Mrs Hinch would be proud of. 

“While my house might be a splash of colour now, believe it or not, I used to be part of the grey house brigade”, she says.

“When we first moved into the home, my oldest son, now 15, is autistic so everything in my home had to be quite neutral.

“The most we could have in the living room was grey with hints of yellow in the wallpaper. 

“I gradually started adding yellow to the rug and he adapted really well and shortly after he was diagnosed with being colourblind.

“Initially I did a really colourful wallpaper and he was fine with it and I’ve gone from there – he barely notices my house.”

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With years of pent-up decorating inside her, Tasha quickly turned her home from monochrome to multicoloured with the mum never waiting long before she embarks on her next decorating project.

“I’m constantly decorating,” Tasha says.

“Nothing is ever permanent, I am always just itching to move things around.

“My husband Christopher, 35, is totally at ease with all the colour and constant change at this stage.

“Having lived in a grey home for so many years I felt like I had all this creativity pent up inside me that I needed to get out.

“The other week I was in a really bad mood and I needed to just chuck some paint so I just stood over my kitchen table and poured some all over my table and it looked amazing.”

Tasha’s incredible makeover has been something of a labour of love, however the transformation is unlikely to be permanent as the family is living in a rental property.

I have people constantly telling me that my home gives them a migraine and claiming it would trigger their anxiety

Natasha McBrinn

“Our landlord is a family friend and I’m very lucky that he lets me do whatever I want,” she says.

“The house is mine as long as I pay rent and he barely bats an eyelid.

“Not everyone is lucky and on my Instagram account I do share rental hacks using vinyl that can easily be removed rather than paint.

“The idea of having to paint over certain walls one day is upsetting.

“I would be most sad about losing my bedroom wall that I spent months achieving using a tiny paintbrush while I was heavily pregnant.”

While her hard work may not be permanent, Tasha says that will never stop her from expressing herself in her home.

“I’m a maximalist and I love clutter-core,” she says.

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“It makes me feel safe in my house to have all my items that I love displayed, it’s my safe place.

“Colour is what brings me joy. I’m a very colourful and outgoing person so it makes me feel happy and settled to be surrounded by them.”

Previously, Tasha opted for grey decor


Previously, Tasha opted for grey decorCredit: Natasha McBrinn
Now each room is bursting with colour and personality


Now each room is bursting with colour and personalityCredit: Natasha McBrinn
Even her kitchen is colourful


Even her kitchen is colourfulCredit: Natasha McBrinn
Elsewhere, the bedroom is decorated with splashes of different colour


Elsewhere, the bedroom is decorated with splashes of different colourCredit: Natasha McBrinn
If you thought the stairs would be boring, think again!


If you thought the stairs would be boring, think again!Credit: Natasha McBrinn
Despite some people's comments, Tasha wouldn't have it any other way


Despite some people’s comments, Tasha wouldn’t have it any other wayCredit: Natasha McBrinn


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