A HOME decor fan has shown how she transformed her room with a DIY wall art project.

She use a budget buy from Amazon to create texture, and people couldn’t get enough of it.

Sophie Frais' DIY wall art transformed her room


Sophie Frais’ DIY wall art transformed her roomCredit: TikTok / sophfrais

Sophie Frais (@sophfrais) is an interior design lover with a creative side that she likes to show online.

She demonstrated how she created her own wall art for her home in a viral TikTok video.

She added in the caption that she was “obsessed” with the DIY canvas project.

Sophie demonstrated the step-by-step process in the video, and shared how much she spent on materials and overall.


The design enthusiast used very minimal items to get the job done.

The canvaw size was 80x60cm and purchased from her local craft store.

She used insulation seal foam strips from Amazon, paint, and a plain canvas.

First, she drew out the pattern that she wanted to lay the foam strips on top of the canvas as a guide.

She then carefully placed the strips on the lines that she carefully laid out.

Once they were properly stuck onto the canvas she sealed the edges down with a staple to secure them behind.

Next, her style came into play when she painted over it with the beige shade called Seashell for “natural vibes.”

She said most of the items were from Amazon, and she found the paint at her local hardware store.

I feel like a queen in our DIY tiny home – we had to get creative but it was only $40k and we have a full rooftop deck

Many viewers were impressed by her skillset and ingenuity and wanted to try it themselves.

“Obsessed but scared I’ll get the materials and regret it,” one said.

“I love this!!!!! I’ll be doing this soon!!!!” another commented.

Sophie encouraged them to “do it” anyway, and admitted that she has created three art works so far.

“Obsessed! This looks so good,” a viewer added.

In total, she spent about 30 or 40 UK pounds, which equates to about $38 to $51 US Dollars.

“It’s gorgeous but I’d like to know what you used for wall placement?” a TikTok user asked.

“I used wall Velcro so it’s damage free on my walls! Holds the weight too,” she replied.

A $7 Amazon strip created texture and fans are ‘obsessed’ with the look


A $7 Amazon strip created texture and fans are ‘obsessed’ with the lookCredit: TikTok / sophfrais

Budget interior design tips

Interior designer Judy Hoang shared her furniture tips with The U.S. Sun.

  • Thrift furniture and paint it to match your decor.
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  • Invest in classic timeless pieces.
  • Set up smart home lighting to save money.


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