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In the heart of Brookneal lies the memory and momentum of a grandmother who put her heart and soul into inspiring her granddaughter Kimberly Holguin to live her dreams, and there, a living monument to her memory is the flourishing boutique that has as Holguin states, “A little bit of everything! It’s so important to shop small. One stop shopping, something for everyone!” The grace, the embracing warmth, and enthusiasm that she exudes is surely what was handed down from her dear Nanny and is what lights up her success as she is now the owner of two Nannys Prims & Decors, one in Forest, a 2,000 square foot space which was acquired as a result of running out of room in her original store in Brookneal, and newly opened, December 2022 Nannys Prims & Decor at 228 Main Street in Brookneal where renovations are underway.

Meanwhile a lavish supply of candles, wreaths, real wood pictures, flags, doormats, soaps, hats, women’s purses and accessories, and home decor vases, flowers, just to name a few of what’s available and newly added to the wide selection is a section right in the front of the store which customizes t-shirts, tumblers, mugs. She says, “If you can get us a picture of it we can put it on!”

Never forgetting her childhood Holguin has a soft spot to pay attention to what kids love. Kimberly has created a Kids Zone with kids height activities, where they can come and pick a present to customize too!

Her eyes dance as she becomes that excited child that enters the Kids Zone with anticipation of being given the freedom to pick and choose a creative gift for someone,

Teaching children to give with love and creativity. This was the gift Nanny gave her, and that in turn she now gives the world around her through her growing business that attracts both young and old alike.

The first Nannys Prims & Decor was opened three years ago, two weeks before Covid hit. What a time to start a business. One might think such a deterrent might impair the beginnings of her dreams, but it did not.

Her strength and perseverance were lovingly implanted deep in her soul by her dearly beloved Nanny who Kimberly says she much preferred spending time with than her own contemporaries as a teen.

Though businesses usually went under during Covid, Holguin and her

Nanny kept the fires burning. If times were slow, the embers never went out. Almost everyday Nanny was there by her side in the store.

As Nanny’s health declined, Holguin had someone else run her Forest location and for two years she cared full time for her ailing Nanny until she passed. She was so sad she wanted to give up everything she worked so hard for. Her heart was broken. She didn’t know how she could go on without her Nanny by her side, inspiring, motivating, and driving her.

She quickly learned that though her Nanny was temporarily not in this realm with her, all the heart and soul she imparted was still with Holguin and her Nanny’s words, indelibly etched in her mind, “Follow your dreams” and she did. Holguin submitted a profound and charitable mission statement to an award she hoped to win, The Roland K. Peters Small Business Award which is given in recognition of exceptional leadership, and responsible business practices. She did win and in her heart knew her Nanny won too! She wrote in her entrance application for the award how she tries to keep mostly everything American made, and how she strives to only sell the best quality items, and thinks constantly how she can best serve her community. Holguin and her Nanny traveled the world together sourcing out the best quality for the home decor to add to the primarily American made products providing the best of the best to their customers.

When a wonderful building with oodles of potential became available,

she jumped at the opportunity to once again have a location in

Brookneal, and Papa, her beloved grandpa, jumped at the chance to dig in and start the renovations! It is clear this family is resilient, motivated and eager to serve their community as well as surrounding communities with the best in quality, the most creative in arts and crafts, and enough variety to meet all needs and wants. Her husband, Christopher Holguin, is not to be forgotten as after his day job he comes to Nannys Prims & Décor to help his wife stock shelves and whatever else is needed doing. Nanny is still overseeing the busy hands that are linked together in the growing family. Thank you Nanny for still being here, the matriarch overseeing the growing business. Welcome back to Brookneal and surrounding areas, the roots of Nannys Prims & Decor.

Abundant with products of every sort, a great place to gather, a stellar place to shop, a place where memories remain, memories to make, memories to hand down from generation to generation. Come join Nanny’s family as you add to your own!

Nannys Prims & Decor 228 Main Street, Brookneal, VA.

Open: Wednesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Upcoming is an Easter Celebration! An Open House! This is a two day event Friday, March 24, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, March 25, 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Home decor, t-shirt bar and an Easter Egg Hunt with discounts and prizes hidden inside! Other stores in the area will also be hosting their spring open houses! Fun for everyone!


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