A trip to the thrift store can turn up incredibly stylish home decor, as one Reddit user recently demonstrated.

Thrifting has been getting a lot of attention on social media in recent years, as more and more shoppers turn to this affordable option for wardrobe updates and kitchen supplies. User u/Sunspot5b is among the many smart homeowners furnishing their homes with secondhand items that still look beautiful and work perfectly.

In this post, u/Sunspot5b shows off a wood veneer dresser that pops against a black accent wall with potted plants in understated glass and metal vases on matching twine doilies. Nearby, a carved Buddha figurine sits on a six-legged bamboo stool. 

“Everything pictured was thrifted except the lamp and plants,” they say. “Especially proud of my hexagon/octagon mirror collection!” In the comments, they clarify that even the curtains reflected in the largest mirror are secondhand, purchased on eBay and originally from a discontinued Ikea set.

The Redditor’s decor is just one example of how budget-conscious shoppers can create beautiful home designs from thrift store finds. Secondhand stores sell a wide range of furniture styles at a fraction of the original cost. With time and patience to find the right pieces, homeowners can put together beautiful, cohesive collections — even if they’re looking for something unusual, like u/Sunspot5b’s many-sided mirrors. 

Not only is this an effective way to save money, it also reduces the amount of used furniture sent to landfills, which means it’s great for the environment.

Getting started is as easy as finding the nearest secondhand store. “I mostly shop at Goodwill and America’s Thrift Store,” u/Sunspot5b says in the comments. “I also peruse Facebook Marketplace and I’ve found some awesome pieces on there as well.” 

In response to an inquiry about their design background — a fair question, given the beautiful decor — they said, “Nope, not a designer or anything I just have a knack for this stuff. And a lot of luck when thrifting!!”

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