Are you looking for unique living room ideas with a stylish touch that reflects your personality? Look no further! Get ready to discover excellent interior styling tips and tricks that range from chic modern decors to cozy, eclectic vibes and stunning interior design ideas with the expertise of interior designer Aurelija Slapikaite.

Aurelija is spot-on when she says, “No two houses are alike.” We couldn’t agree more. Interiors are created and lived in by people, making them so fascinating. Every home is unique because it reflects the people who reside in it.

The founder of the interior studio Aform specializes in designing public facilities, offices, residential homes, and apartments. And when it comes to homes, Aurelija believes the cozy living room look is the heart of every home, a central space that serves multiple purposes. It’s a family room where we eat, work, and spend quality time with our loved ones – we live.

Some may desire stylish living and unconventional interior ideas, while others prefer to decorate with a more traditional design. Some lean towards an artistic style. Let’s dive into the exciting journey of living room ideas together! We’ve got something for every taste.

How Do I Choose a Room Design? Modern living room Ideas

Changes in home interior fashion have seen an evolution of styles and trends over the years, with each era reflecting the changing tastes and lifestyles of its time. The contemporary living room look, in particular, has served as a blank canvas for creative expression, from the ornate and lavish designs of the past to the 2023 sleek and modern aesthetics.

Aurelija recommends incorporating your home’s overall design, atmosphere, and vibe for a modern space. For instance, if your house sports an avant-garde theme, decorate your living room with artsy decorations and avant-garde elements to match its overall style.

Choosing a home decor style that aligns with your lifestyle and taste is crucial in creating a unique atmosphere and cozy living. As a designer, Aurelija emphasizes the importance of understanding your preferences, considering the space’s functionality, and striking a harmonious balance between form and function to achieve the perfect look.

Although modern design is a distinct style, many other interior styles that we see today are essentially modern interpretations. We have compiled a few design ideas to help you familiarize yourself with the various interior styles of today and determine which one resonates with your personality the most!


Image credits: bij_spiertjes_thuis

The modern design style is characterized by clean lines, a minimalistic style, and a preference for open spaces to create a chic and uncluttered atmosphere. This design approach perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics, creating a welcoming and contemporary vibe.


Image credits: kkin_designstudio

A minimalist design is about simplicity, clean lines, and the “less is more” approach. This creates a peaceful and uncluttered environment where vital elements stand out and promote a feeling of serenity and tranquility.


Image credits: haus_tannenkamp

A Scandinavian interior style uses more natural, softer materials, neutral colors, and functional furniture to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It seamlessly combines minimalism and coziness, creating an inviting and welcoming space.


Image credits: k___archive

The industrial living room ideas feature a rough, urban look with incorporated elements such as exposed brick, metal accents, and distressed textures. Decorate it with ready-made objects, such as old items from an industrial environment. This design style adds a touch of ruggedness to the space and blends the essence of history and modernity.


Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

The Aform studio team, led by Aurelia, has designed an avant-garde space with bold and innovative elements. Captured by photographer Benas Sileika, the area is adorned with dark hues of brown and black, providing a dramatic and sophisticated ambiance. White walls, unique decor elements, and light wood lend an edgy and modern aesthetic, resulting in a truly remarkable space.


Image credits: deborah_sweethome

A boho style combines various colors, patterns, and textures, creating a free-spirited and eclectic look. It creates an atmosphere of relaxation and creativity, with a blend of global influences that give it a bohemian feel and encourages self-expression.


Image credits: Suzanne Tucker Home

Classic furniture, antique accents, and retro patterns characterize the design of a vintage living room. It exudes nostalgia and elegance, creating a timeless atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of past eras.


Image credits: elle_the_home_bird

The traditional interior style stands out with timeless elegance of classic furniture, rich hues, and intricate details. This sophisticated and refined ambiance pays homage to heritage, evoking a feeling of coziness and familiarity.


Image credits: comfortablelife_7

The Japandi design blend Japanese aesthetics’ peaceful simplicity with Scandinavian minimalism’s sleek elegance. It incorporates natural elements, neutral hues, and practical shapes to create a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.


Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

The eclectic interior design combines various styles, colors, and patterns that work harmoniously. To create a unique interior space, designer Aurelia used Svenkst Tenn fabrics made by Sweden’s Estrid Ericson in 1930, which are still available today. This eclectic approach celebrates personal individuality and reflects a modern lifestyle.

How Can I Make My Room Beautiful? Living Room Decor Ideas

When discussing interior design preferences, decorating a living room and establishing a beautiful living space is an important related topic. Incorporating personal elements such as photographs, artwork, and decor showcasing individual styles can help create a truly unique space.

An interior designer, Aurelia believes that decor elements can tell the homeowner’s story and remain stylish for a long time. If you have a collection of bikes, board games, or sports balls, you can use them as decorative items on your wall. As Aurelia explains, your home should represent the person’s personality, and numerous ideas exist to achieve this.

Bright Colors

Image credits: mad_house_beaumaris

Decorate your space with vibrant colors. Add artwork, throw pillows, and rugs to infuse sunny yellow, deep coral, or lively turquoise. This will give your room a warm and inviting ambiance that radiates positivity.

Deep Colors

Image credits: lisa_loves_vintage

Enhance the beauty of your living room design by incorporating deep, rich colors. Navy, emerald, and burgundy are great options to create a cozy and luxurious ambiance, whether it’s through accent dark walls or accessories.

A Mix of Different Patterns

Image credits: the_shoestring_home

Improve the aesthetic appeal with captivating patterns. Layer different combinations of wallpaper prints, incorporating stripes, florals, and geometric designs to create a dynamic space that reflects your personality.

Art Wall

Image credits: harrisvintage

Restyle your space into a stunning showcase with an inspiring art wall. Curate a collection of paintings and artwork to embellish a dedicated gallery wall. Explore creative wall decor ideas to enhance your living room’s visual appeal.

Coffee Table

Image credits: patrickmele

Revamp your living space with a chic coffee table as a captivating centerpiece. Add personality and practicality by displaying decorative pieces, magazines, and a stylish tray. It’s sure to impress!

Sofa for Relaxation and Quality Time

Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

When we asked Aurelia to sum up the living room in a single word, she immediately chose “sofa.” According to her, every living room can take on a variety of styles, from extravagant to simple, as long as it has a comfortable and inviting seating area for relaxation and quality time with loved ones. For Aurelia, the sofa gives this living room a comfortable feeling.

Sophisticated and Textured Look With Curtains

Image credits: jackdmarch

If it’s possible for you and you don’t have any pets or children, the interior designer Aurelija suggests putting up curtains. No matter your taste, curtains have a way of creating a sophisticated and textured look. You can choose luxurious fabrics and trendy patterns, and make sure the curtains complement your color scheme.

Cushions and Blankets

Image credits: inside.number.twelve

Wrap your living room into a cozy space with cushions, soft blankets, colorful textures, and patterns. Layer them over sofas and chairs to add a touch of creativity. These cozy additions enhance your space with style and make it irresistibly comfortable.

Vases and Ceramics

Image credits: huisjekwartshove

If you have an artistic tendency, here are some decor ideas. Consider incorporating three-dimensional art pieces into your decor in addition to traditional wall hangings. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors that reflect your individuality.

Green Living

Image credits: mayu__home1023

Embrace nature by incorporating plants into your home. According to designer Aurelija, plants are not only great for improving air quality but also have a positive impact on our emotional well-being. Opt for various plants in different sizes and styles to create a calming and lively atmosphere.

What Is the Best Shape For a Living Room? Small Living Room Ideas

The ideal shape for a small space maximizes space efficiency while maintaining comfort and aesthetics. Although your living room is rectangular, square, or L-Shaped, strategic layout choices can significantly impact how spacious it feels.

The Aform interior studio founder shares tales of furnishing small apartments, even ones as small as 28 square meters. They often create multi-functional furniture, like built-in beds that can be hidden in walls, to make the most of limited space. With careful layout and decor choices, you can unlock the full potential of your small space. Let’s delve into various small living room ideas!

Functional Layout

Image credits: woozzoolover

A functional layout is vital to make the most of a small living room. Aurelija recommends arranging furniture and decor along the walls to free up space in the center of the room. Additionally, she suggests using multi-functional furniture that can be easily transformed or folded away to optimize the room’s capacity.

Shiny Surfaces and Mirrors

Image credits: cereza_design

Consider incorporating shiny surfaces and mirrors if you want ideas for small spaces. They reflect light and create an illusion of a larger area, adding brightness and depth. It makes the room feel more open, airy, and visually expansive.

Furniture With Legs

Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

Aurelia and Aform’s team designed a monochromatic living room where furniture with legs creates a sense of airiness. Light can pass through by lifting these pieces off the ground, making the space more open and less cluttered. This contributes to the overall relaxed atmosphere.

Peaceful Neutral Tones

Image credits: yongyong_leo

When looking for small living room ideas, consider incorporating neutral tones to achieve a peaceful and cohesive ambiance. Earthy colors such as beige, soft greens, and warm browns can create the illusion of a larger space.

Space Definition With Paint

Image credits: homebythestation

Using contrasting wall colors strategically or creating accent walls can define different zones, add depth, and enhance aesthetic appeal. This will make the space look more significant, sectional, organized, and functional without cramps.

Colored Ceiling

Image credits: helenehoue

A colored ceiling can improve the appearance of the space by introducing depth and increasing visual interest. It directs the gaze upwards, giving the impression of height, and a lighter or contrasting hue can produce the illusion of more space.

Cozy Lounger

Image credits: daves_home

A lounger is a must-have as it provides flexible seating without taking up too much space. Its compact design and versatility make it ideal for relaxing, reading, or even serving as an extra sleeping area for visitors, maximizing comfort in a limited space.

Elegant Shutters

Image credits: myvictorianhouselove

Shutters are vital as they provide a space-saving option instead of curtains or blinds. Their elegant design enables effortless control of natural light and privacy, creating an illusion of a more expansive and neat area while adding sophistication.

Create a Focal Point With a Rug

Image credits: highboyla

Elements that create a focal point are essential in small living room ideas, and one of those is rugs: “It’s a universal, easily replaceable decor element that always stays in style, adding coziness and softness even in industrial interiors,” – Aurelija says. Additionally, the designer highlights that old rugs are currently in fashion again and are an excellent fit in modern interiors.

Gallery Wall

Image credits: thetruthbehindthe_decor

Creating a gallery wall can provide a clear focal point and help draw attention away from the room’s size. Arranging artwork and photographs thoughtfully infuses the interior with a more personal and artistic touch.

What Makes a Living Room Classy? Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

Are you searching for ideas that exude elegance? Mix vintage and contemporary pieces to elevate your decor, adding depth and character for a curated look.

Aurelia assures that now is the ideal time to try mixing different interior styles: “Just like fashion design, there are countless exciting options to play with. It’s possible to experiment with colors and not worry too much about balance. What’s important is to create a lively atmosphere that revitalizes and energizes the space.” Let yourself be a bit extravagant!

A Blend of Old and New

Image credits: theoldforgeincolour

Try blending old and new elements to create a sophisticated and elegant feel. Combining vintage and modern pieces can add depth and character, creating a timeless ambiance that radiates curated elegance.

Elegant Eclecticism

Image credits: brandon_schubert

The elegant design infused with eclecticism emanates a refined and sophisticated vibe. The artful mix of diverse textures and elements adds character and uniqueness, creating a harmonious, inviting space that exudes timeless charm and individuality.

Sculptural Pieces

Image credits: daves_home

Sculptural pieces serve as eye-catching centerpieces and enhance the overall aesthetic. Their original shapes provide intrigue and character, resulting in a sophisticated and polished atmosphere. A space devoid of sculptural pieces is akin to a book without illustrations – it lacks depth and visual appeal.

Luxurious Chandeliers

Image credits: 101 Copenhagen

Luxurious chandeliers are vital to creating an elegant vibe. Adding a touch of sophistication and grandeur, they become the room’s centerpiece, infusing it with a sense of luxury and timeless charm.

Sophisticated Dark and Bold Colors

Image credits: jessicagersteninteriors

One can incorporate sophisticated dark and bold colors to create an elegant interior design. This adds depth, drama, and a touch of luxury, evoking a sense of refinement and timeless allure that elevates the overall design and ambiance.

Display of Books and Other Interior Details

Image credits: i.tam.i.tu

Arranging books and other interior decor on shelves can charm a space, and create a sophisticated and cultured environment, reflecting the homeowner’s unique style and enhancing the overall elegance.

Combination of Various Interior Styles

Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

In this contemporary living room designed by Aurelia and Aform team, a curated and elegant atmosphere is achieved by combining various interior styles. White living room harmonious blend with a modern sofa, vintage coffee table, and armchair adds character and sophistication.

Simplicity and Clarity

Image credits: yuhe_interior

Elegant living room ideas such as simplicity and clarity are essential. This means prioritizing clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a sense of calm. A minimalist approach can help to elevate the room’s sophistication, creating a refined and timeless ambiance.

Geometric Shapes

Image credits: sewnhandmade

Geometric shapes add a touch of modern elegance. Structured patterns create a sense of sophistication and visual interest, infusing the space with a contemporary and refined ambiance that exudes timeless charm.

Focus On Classic Pieces

Image credits: kennethlingdesign

To achieve a sophisticated and refined style, focus on classic pieces. Timeless furniture and decor add elegance and establish a sense of heritage and luxury. This creates an exquisite and enduring ambiance that exudes sophistication.

What Brings a Room Together? The Power Of Home Decor

It’s undeniable that interior design has a powerful impact, as evidenced by the striking differences in before and after photos. The thoughtful integration of various design elements brings a room together. When these components work harmoniously, they create an inviting atmosphere that reflects the homeowner’s style and personality.

Aurelia used to believe that interior design should always be harmonious. Still, she’s unsure: “Completely different antique and retro-style furniture can coexist with classic pieces without creating a sense of imbalance,” – she says. So, whether you want to refresh your space or add a few finishing touches, these deco elements will unite your living room.

Tied in Interior Style

Image credits: restyleart

Why have we covered so many different interior styles? The tie of interior style brings a room together by establishing a consistent design theme. Selecting a specific style or its mix guides the selection of furniture, decor, and color schemes, resulting in a unified and harmonious ambiance that reflects the homeowner’s taste and personality.

Integral Color Palette

Image credits: vethany_home

You can achieve a cohesive and harmonious look in a room by selecting the appropriate colors. Choose 3 to 5 shades from the nature-inspired color palette. The right combination of colors for your walls, furniture, and decor elements can unify the space, evoking a desired mood and aesthetic.

Selection of Furniture

Image credits: si.len.cio

Choosing the right furniture can significantly impact the look and feel of a room. Not only does it set the tone and style, but it also affects the layout and functionality of the space. Selecting pieces that complement the overall design and serve a purpose can help create a balanced room.

Proper Indoor Lighting

Image credits: one.interior.mag

Interior designer Aurelija emphasizes that proper lighting is crucial for the living room design. Incorporating romantic lighting can be a great option to create a relaxing atmosphere. Strategically placed fixtures, such as chandeliers, sconces, and floor lamps, can help bring the room together and make it more inviting. However, installing brighter lighting may be more appropriate for work in the space.

Natural Light

Image credits: interiorbytim

The natural light that streams throughout the room can do wonders for a room’s overall aesthetic and mood. It brightens the space and draws attention to its best features and colors, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that effortlessly connects the interior with the outside world.

Central Focus Point

Image credits: carlotaweberm

Incorporating living room ideas such as a gallery wall, rug, coffee table, or fireplace can be a central focal point. Whichever element you choose, it helps unite the room, creating a modern feel and visually pleasing design that elevates the overall ambiance.

Small Decor Details

Image credits: Photography by Benas Sileika.

Small decor details, like an old-time typewriter, add charm and personality to a room, elevating the overall design. As seen in the interior created by Aurelija and Aform team, these thoughtful touches to a neutral room bring a unique and cohesive character, creating an appealing ambiance.

Textures and Patterns

Image credits: collinsandgreenart

Small textures and patterns build a room’s depth and visual appeal. Adding them to a room is like adding spices to a dish. Just as spices enhance the flavor of a dish, intricate details enhance the visual appeal of a space, making it feel cohesive and inviting while adding style and personality.

Harmonious Symmetry

Image credits: mrcigar

Incorporating symmetrical arrangements of furniture and decor is a crucial aspect of interior design. This visually pleasing and harmonious layout brings a sense of balance and order to the space, enhancing the overall design and creating a feeling of elegance.


Image credits: alessmalpica

The draperies in a room are essential in creating a pleasing-to-the-eye atmosphere. From the curtains framing the windows to the cushions on the furniture, they can transform the ambiance through their texture. If you’re sprucing up your living room or simply looking to add a few finishing touches, draperies offer a lot of convenience and can tie the room together.

Transforming Ideas into Reality

In the journey to refresh your interior, your living room stands as the heart of your home, a canvas to express your style. By exploring many living room ideas and insights the interior designer shares, you’ve gathered inspiration to embark on your revitalization project.

Remember, your choices of furniture, colors, layouts, and decor pieces can transform your living space into a reflection of your personality and a haven of comfort. The possibilities are limitless, and the canvas is yours – so go ahead, breathe new life into your living room, and enjoy the artistry of design in its most personal form.


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