Whether it’s for streaming binges, gaming sessions or sporting events, there’s a lot to consider when buying a new TV. But no matter how long your checklist may be, there’s one factor that should always remain top, and that’s picture quality.

You may think that 4K resolution is enough, but why settle? In 2022, there’s a lot of TV tech that will take your home viewing experience to the next level, offering unbeatable colours, brightness, contrast, speed, performance and surround sound.

Thanks to Samsung, it’s now possible to get all of these cutting-edge features at once. Its 2022 range of TVs – available to buy via Currys – is a real game-changer. Here’s everything you need to know about the line-up, including our favourite models.

Samsung 2022 TV range: What models to buy

Top premium option: Samsung 65-inch QN800B

Samsung QN800B

If there’s one TV that showcases the sheer power of the premium 2022 line-up, look no further than the Samsung 65-inch QN800B. It has everything you could want.

The QN800B uses Quantum Dot LED (QLED) technology, which adds a layer of Quantum Dots to the LED backlighting, allowing the TV to produce a brighter, more colourful and true-to-life picture. When it comes to brightness and colour-rendering, Samsung’s QLED TVs are very hard to beat. You’ll get a crisp, accurate picture every time, with impressive brightness levels and a great viewing experience.

The main difference between Neo QLED and QLED technology is how backlighting is used to boost the colour and brightness. While QLED relies on LEDs to light the panel, Neo QLED models use tens of thousands of mini-LEDs spread across the screen that is only 1/40th of the height of traditional LEDs. This new model also has Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which powers those mini LEDs with incredible precision – enhancing the detail and contrast on the screen. The results are astounding: brighter whites, darker blacks and better overall clarity.

But that’s not all. The QN800B is ultra slim, has Dolby Atmos Super surround sound and can even be controlled with your voice via Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant.

The QN800B display doesn’t just look fantastic, but the anti-glare coating means that its quality can be enjoyed day and night. There’s great news for gamers too: it has a 120Hz refresh rate* for minimal input lag – perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. There’s also support for VRR and 4K at 120Hz and 8K at 60Hz.

Buy the Samsung 65-inch QN800B at Currys

Top 4K option: Samsung OLED S95B 4K

Samsung S95B 4K

If you don’t need 8K resolution, another stunning option from the latest TV range is the Samsung OLED S95B 4K. This is powered by Quantum Dot technology, so it has great brightness and colour quality packaged into the impressive laser slim frame.

The Samsung OLED S95B comes with the Tizen operating system, so you are always mere clicks away from enjoying content from Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, BBC iPlayer, and BT Sport – as long as you have all the relevant subscriptions. (Third-party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV at any time.)

No matter what you choose to watch, its Neural Quantum 4K processor automatically adjusts brightness and contrast while also upscaling the picture to glorious 4K picture quality.

Buy the Samsung OLED S95B 4K TV at Currys

Top stylish option: The Frame QE55LS03B

Samsung The Frame

If you want a more artistic approach for your telly, Samsung’s 55-inch The Frame LS03B is an incredibly attractive TV that’s worthy of a gallery appearance, pictured here next to some pieces from the Samsung Art Store.

While the matte QLED 4K-resolution display can, of course, be used to watch films and sports in amazing clarity – boasting an anti-reflective coating – it has a dedicated Art Mode that can be used to display pictures of your choice when the TV is off.

Hanging flush to the wall – just like a photo frame – this model is not only very stylish, but highly customisable. Subscribing to the Art Store opens up more than 1,600 works of art to use on the HDR10+ supported display, and you can choose from a range of bezel colours so the TV is able to perfectly blend in with your home decor.

Samsung has a partnership with the Louvre museum and the store features some of its most iconic works, such as Mona Lisa and The Wedding Feast at Cana.

If you do buy Samsung’s The Frame via Currys, a promotion running until 28th May 2023 lets you claim a free or discounted custom Samsung screen border.

The free bezels, which are made from plastic, are available in Modern and Bevelled designs and in a range of colour options that vary depending on the size of screen you choose. But if you want to tailor the colour scheme even further, you can claim your discount on up to 40 colours of an aluminium custom bezel. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your TV experience to a Samsung at Currys today.

Buy the Samsung The Frame QE55LS03B at Currys

For more on Samsung’s QLED range check out our best QLED TV deals guide, or read our head-to-head between Samsung QLED and Samsung Neo QLED.


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