Actor and new mommy Sonam Kapoor celebrated Mothers Day in the UK yesterday and took her social media followers inside her house and shared how she prepared for the special day with her son Vayu and husband Anand Ahuja.

Sonam, who is spending time in the UK with her seven-month-old son Vayu and Anand at their home in Notting Hill, took to Instagram to share a few glimpses of the party they held on UK’s ‘Mothering Sunday’, and wrote a note explaining the theme behind her party decor.

She wrote, “Spending Mothering Sunday or (Mother’s Day in the united kingdom) with my friends and ushering in the new season by decorating the house inspired by the colours of spring. Everything that’s been done in the house in such spectacular style is by incredibly talented desis!.”

In the pictures shared by Sonam, we see her posing on her living room’s green sofa, wearing a red statement dress. In other pictures, Sonam also shared the look of her floral dining table decor which was filled with purple, pink and yellow flowers and candles to signify the arrival of the spring season. She also shared a picture of the seven course meal, which was a good mix of fish, chicken and vegan dishes, that was served at the party.

Responding to Sonam’s post, Anand posted a funny comment and requested her to tag her one of the pictures in the album. He wrote, “Can I get a tag on slide 7 please … not cause I did anything here but cause it says my name. 😆🙋🏽‍♂️😘.” Sonam’s mother Sunita posted red hearts on the pictures, whereas many of her fans and social media followers wished her a “Happy first mother’s day 💐.”

Anand, earlier in the day, had posted a lovely post for his Sonam where he lauded her for her “commitment and selflessness” as a “full time mom”.

He wrote, “I have to admit, and Sonam can verify, that emotional / social awareness is not really a strength of mine. As a result, it’s really taken me seeing what @sonamkapoor has done over the past 17 months (and actually even longer) in ensuring the best emotional and physical health of herself and our baby to really understand the levels of commitment and selflessness it takes to be a full time mom. In an age when we all have been accustomed to immediate reward systems, committing to motherhood really does mean giving endlessly over and above that system. It has also re-emphasized her responsibilities as a daughter, sister and wife (and girlfriend :P) as she navigates making sure our son gets all the love, learnings and blessings he can from our big family as he slowly grows into the most unique individual with the assets of our heritage and also without the burdens of any expectations.”

He added, “I know all of this is cliché in a sense which is why I started by saying that it’s taken me seeing @sonamkapoor do all this to really appreciate the magic of motherhood. To @sonamkapoor and to all the moms (and we all have some degree of motherhood in us even if not everyone is a ‘full time mom’) Happy Mothers Day!! You are the root all life & love. 💕.”

After reading Anand’s post about her, Sonam was left speechless and wrote, “Oh wow…. I love you so much…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ don’t know what to say.” Sonam and Anand tied the knot in May 2018 and welcomed their first child, Vayu, in August 2022.


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