By now, Swifties have watched Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video a few times. You kind of have to re-watch just to see all the Taylor Swift easter eggs hidden throughout. In addition to all the nods to her previous eras, you may have also noticed the Taylor Swift “Anti-Hero” music video decor and thought to yourself, “I need that.” If you’re too lazy to search the web yourself, though, don’t worry — you’re not the problem. Instead, just shop these Taylor Swift “Anti-Hero” music video-inspired home decor items that have been assembled just for you.

The ‘70s-inspired home decor must be making a comeback, because you also feel the need to fill your space with teal vases and retro floral wallpaper. While you may not be able to find exact replicas of everything in the “Anti-Hero” house that Swift inhabits, you can find plenty of home decor items inspired by the music video.

From floral wallpaper to the actual plates used in the “Anti-Hero” music video, shop around for what’s calling to you and give your house the makeover it deserves so you’re fully ready to enter your Midnights era as well.

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Add Some Vintage Wallpaper To Your Kitchen

The “Anti-Hero” music video starts with Swift sitting in her kitchen, which has a yellow and orange floral wallpaper. The ‘70s vibe is strong with a daisy lamp shade as well.

While it may not be the exact same print, this yellow floral wallpaper from Society6 kind of looks like the “Anti-Hero” one. If you’re not ready to fully cover every wall in your kitchen, start with an accent wall.


Set The Table With These ‘70s Plates

The plate that Swift uses to cut her eggs that bleed glitter are these 1970s Corelle plates. You can buy the exact same plates from the “Anti-Hero” music video on Etsy. Or, you can also just search for ‘70s-inspired dinnerware with gold accents on the rim to match.


Host A Swift-Inspired Dinner Party With These Placemats

Underneath her 1970s plate, Swift has a woven yellow placemat like this one from World Market. Having some colorful placemats on hand is necessary if you’re planning a dinner party and want to have an Insta-worthy tablescape. You could even plan a Midnights-inspired party for your besties to listen to the album while eating a delicious meal.


Hang Up Your Family Photos In This Teal Frame

One of the easter eggs spotted in the “Anti-Hero” music video was the framed picture of Swift’s grandma in the bathroom. The frame in the video is teal and matches the tiles in the retro room. This frame from Michaels is almost the exact same shade and will look cute on your wall with a precious family photo inside.


Throw Away Your Problems In This Teal Basket

To match your teal picture frame, get this wastebasket that looks like the one in Swift’s bathroom in the “Anti-Hero” music video. It’ll fit in the corner and just add some color to the room. You could also use it as a laundry basket in your bathroom or next to your WFH desk for trash.


Place An Octagonal Mirror In Your Hallway

As Swift is running through the “Anti-Hero” house, she runs by an octagonal mirror on the wall with one of the sheet ghost’s reflections in it. This mirror from Target looks almost the same.

Hang it up in your hallway, so you can always check your OOTD or for any sheet ghosts standing behind you. Unless, of course, you’ll “stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror.”


Throw These Green Pillows On Your Couch

When Swift is hanging out with her problematic self, she’s seen taking shots on the living room floor with her teal couch in the background. You may not have the budget to buy a matching teal couch, but you can get these budget-friendly throw pillow covers to twin with the pillows in the music video.

They’re soft, velvety, and match the rest of the green, teal, and gold ‘70s decor.


Relax As Your Listen To Midnights With This Throw Pillow

You can never have too many throw pillows. They’re great for your bed, couch, and chairs. Plus, they are so easy to add to your space. You literally just throw them down and that’s it. No problem here.


Hang These Blue Curtains In Your Dining Room

When Swift enters her dining room as a “monster on the hill,” you may have noticed the blue vibes going on. While her kitchen was very yellow, this room has tons of blue accents like these blue curtains.

These curtains also happen to be blackout curtains, so they’ll be great in your bedroom when you want to sleep in after staying up past midnight.


Give Your Room Character With This Blue Wallpaper

Swift’s dining room also has a blue wallpaper that looks like this pattern from Michaels. This peel and stick kind of wallpaper makes it so easy to apply when you know your place needs a vibrant boost.


Never Run Out Of Glasses With These Green Cups

Swift’s dinner guests each have a green water cup in front of them. They really stand out and are a gorgeous color. If you’re looking to have more “Anti-Hero”-inspired home decor, you’ve got to get this set.

It comes with six glasses, so you’ll never run into the problem of not having enough cups for you and your besties.


Add More Colorful Vases To Your Bookshelf

When you stop by Target for the lavender edition of Swift’s Midnights album, pick up some colorful vases to fill your living room with. In the video, Swift can be seen hiding in the corner next to a green vase the same shade as this one from Target.


Make Your Bed With ‘70s Sheets That Can Also Be Used For Sheet Ghosts

Swift is haunted by sheet ghosts at the beginning of the “Anti-Hero” music video, but these ghosts aren’t in your typical white sheets. Instead, they’re wearing very ‘70s-inspired sheets like these from Target. You can use them to make your bed or wear on Halloween with some heart-shaped sunglasses.


Put These “Anti-Hero” Prints In Your Picture Frames

Etsy is always a great place to find home decor for your specific needs, like these “Anti-Hero” prints for Swifties. They perfectly capture the cuteness of the sheet ghosts in Swift’s music video. You could even put these in your teal picture frame.


Include Some Swift Lyrics In Your Home Decor

Throughout the “Anti-Hero” house, you can see colorful art on the walls so it doesn’t hurt to get more Swift-inspired art for your walls. This minimalistic lyric print is also very subtle Taylor Swift decor, so your friends who don’t listen to her will just think it’s cute generic decor. Swifties will know, though, and that’s what matters the most.


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