Remember that last family road trip where everyone in the car got a case of jimmy legs at the same time? Yes, they went to the bathroom before you left but now, everyone was at a 10 on the pee-pee scale and you had no choice but to pull into the dreaded truck stop.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

As your family sprinted toward the bathrooms, you casually walked in, looked around, and thought, “Hey this isn’t so bad. I could see myself living here.”

Well, sweetie, like the listing agent says about this week’s house, “DREAMS DO COME TRUE!”

This home is located at 43721 S Parks Highway, Talkeetna, Alaska. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is a little more than 5,100 square feet. Even more attractive is that it sits on more than six acres so if you want to expand your truck stop — I mean house — you can. The owners are asking $325K.

The truck stop theme of this house extends into the yard.

There’s a nice deck where you can sit and enjoy all the kitsch crap they have while the kiddos have a picnic at any of the three “tables” that are sitting on tire rims. 

Now the true hero of this column is the listing agent. I think she downed four or five Red Bulls in true trucker spirit and then wrote out the description.

She uses the term “multi-generational family” four times, “business” three times, and “homeschool” once.

What really jumps out at me, however, is “PAINT IS CHEAP! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!” She made a point of telling us to “look at all the pictures.” There are 62 pictures. We are not listening to someone hopped up on Red Bulls.

alaska, truck, paint

With walls like that you can just hang racks and racks of your chosen decor.

alaska, truck, paint

The murals are nice enough in a creepy, nasty kind of way.

Let us move on to the living room.

alaska, truck, paint

Okay, the homeowners get a pass on the living room because the listing agent did remind us that paint is cheap.

I would not say that this bedroom is a desperate cry for help but in all honesty, I cannot make out what is written on the floor. 

Okay, one more bathroom.

alaska, truck, paint

How do you get out of the tub without cracking your noggin on the slanted ceiling? And what would I give to get a better view of that sink basin. 

Now I know what you are thinking. Perhaps the outside of the property makes all this worthwhile. The listing agent did mention that you had a mountain view.

alaska, truck, paint

You sure do, you just have to cut down all those trees to be able to see the mountains.

So there you go my people, the next time you and the fam are on vacay and you skid the family truckster into a truck stop so everyone can have their bathroom break, just think of the possibilities.

For more photos, go here.


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