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Out of all our tattoos—from the abdomen wizard to the Kewpie mayonnaise on our bicep—it’s the ode to Wayfair (“I BRAKE FOR WAY-DEALS”) we love most. And not just because it’s in Papyrus font [James Cameron enters the chat], but because we do, in fact, love Wayfair enough to swap our first born for, say, its 10-piece All-Clad cookware bundle that’s 40% off right now. We love Wayfair for its very #metal skeleton chairs; we love it for its satin sheet sets; and we love it for its affordable reproductions of mid-century modern Marcel Breuer chairs. When the Way Lords say jump, we say, “How high?”

The online retailer is also one of few to actually rival Amazon in terms of the volume of its cookware, appliances, and decor, and it’s even better (we said it!) at providing shoppers with detailed reviews and IRL photos. And, as we open up our wallets for the best Prime Day Amazon deals on Bezos’ behemoth, we’ve also been on a mission to find all the non-Amazon Prime Day sales that our editors love, including the best deals in Wayfair’s gargantuan summer sale: the 20th Anniversary Save-a-Thon. We’re unbuckling our belts for discounts of up to 60% off outdoor furniture and grills, mattresses that would make Mother proud, and a low-slung media console that can fit our TV and record player

You’ve seen the gleam in our eyes come Way Day, and the Save-a-Thon is looking to be just as epic. We’ve scoped through the thousands of sale items so that you don’t have to, and compiled the very best sectionals, statement mirrors, heritage cookware pieces, and more.

The best couches

We’re always on a quest for cheap couches that look expensive and don’t feel like sitting on corrugated cardboard. AllModern is one of our favorite brands for finding Article couch dupes, including this mid-century modern sofa. It’s a doppelganger for Article’s coveted Sven sofa, and it’s 51% off

$2550$1240 at Wayfair

For the love of crushed velvet, someone give this 60% off stunner its own movie. Preferably, a retro film noir where it can cradle the buns of hot, confused people drinking ice cold mint juleps (same). 

$1699$679.99 at Wayfair

Finding a great sectional sofa usually means succumbing to a higher price tag—but not on Way Time. This Rebrilliant sectional is 52% off, and designed with especially wide-set seats so that you can curl up with the whole orgy crew. “This couch looks just like the pictures,” writes one reviewer, while another says the delivery was fast, and the assembly was “super easy.” 

$2499$1192.49 at Wayfair

This best mattresses and bedding

The time is nigh to get a mattress that doesn’t suck, this queen Memory Foam slab is 12% off and favorite of Way Babes with over 20,700 reviews on the site and a 4.7-star average rating. “I used to get a lot of lower back pain but for the most part haven’t had any since switching mattresses,” one reviewer writes. “I’ve had it a little over a year and a half now and can say it was well worth the price.”

$374.99$329.99 at Wayfair

$374.99$329.99 at Wayfair

We couldn’t tell you the last time we upgraded our blanket situation, and the piping hot temps of summer don’t make our goose down feel like the best fit. This reversible quilt and pillow shams set is the perfect swap at 23% off.

$29.99$22.99 at Wayfair

The best media console

We favor a low-slung media console in this house, because it takes up less visual space while still being able to cradle our precious Audio-Technica record player. This walnut-finished credenza by Mercury Row is 49% off and just the ticket, because reviewers say it looks like a legit MCM vintage piece. “I really love my TV stand!” writes one. “It makes my room look amazing and it looks expensive without the actual overpriced tag.”

$667$339.99 at Wayfair

The best home decor

Round mirror supremacy. This silver surfer is 55% off and has earned a 4.9-star average rating from over 6,700 Wayfair reviews, because it gives a zhuzh to any entryway, bedroom, or bathroom it calls home.   

$114.17$51.30 at Wayfair

Do you like W.A.S.P.? Is your only other car a skateboard? This trio of iron candlesticks is the perfect home decor piece for giving you the vibe of a Medieval Times sophisticate, and it’s 50% off. All you need are some tapered candles, and boom.

$130.20$64.99 at Wayfair

We can’t explain why, but this set of three Chinoiserie jars will make it look like we have our shit together/we’re well-traveled/have topical opinions on publishing houses. No one has to know you grabbed ‘em at 44% off.

$66$36.99 at Wayfair

The best office furniture

Before we can work on correcting our WFH posture, we need an actual WFH desk setup that doesn’t make us feel like we’re working our nine-to-five in a dorm room. This desk by Mercury Row is 51% off and cuts a nice 1950s silhouette—so much so, that we wouldn’t mind having it in the living room. 

$768$379.99 at Wayfair

Why is it that office and gaming chairs are so fuggo? Luckily, this one by Andover Mills is 7% off and handsome enough to moonlight as a dining chair for when our friend brings their flat earther partner to the next game night. 

$128.99$119.99 at Wayfair

$128.99$119.99 at Wayfair

The best cookware and kitchen tools

Before the Always Pan, there was the well-equipped non-stick skillet. All-Clad has been killing that game since 1971, and its non-stick frying pan is 38% off and comes complete with a lid so you can steam your veggies, make the perfect shakshuka, and fry eggs like a pro. “Lovely even heat,” writes one Wayfair reviewer, “and seems to clean up in seconds.”  

$159.99$99.99 at Wayfair

Where else are you going to put all of those lobsters? All-Clad’s massive, gorgeous multi-pot is the biggest green flag we could hope to spot in someone’s apartment, and it’s 44% off. It’s also earned a 4.6-star average rating on Wayfair, where fans say it evenly cooks everything from gumbo to pasta like a boss.

$180$99.99 at Wayfair

When we die, please make our urn a piece of Le Creuset cookware so we can watch our descendants fight over who gets us. The beloved French brand has been around for nearly a century, and the gleam of its signature enamel is as iconic as its durability. This flame-colored cast iron pot is 34% off, and ideal for frying chicken, making stews, and whatever else floats your Le Creuset gravy boat.

$380$249.95 at Wayfair

We’re long overdue for swapping out our dingy cutting boards. This two-piece set by Tramontina is solid teak and 50% off—so you can assemble your charcuterie masterpiece on one, and designate your meal prep to the other.    

$44$22.12 at Wayfair

The best fire pits and grills

In order to ascend to our best lumbersexual summer selves, we need flames around which to gather. This wood-burning outdoor fireplace—which is less of a fire pit and more of a chic fire cylinder—is ideal for small backyards and patios. 

$132.99$102.99 at Wayfair

$132.99$102.99 at Wayfair

“I put [this grill] together myself, [and] I am 69 yrs old,” writes one reviewer of this classic charcoal grill, which has a 4.7-star average rating on Wayfair and is 22% off. It even has a handy storage section below. 

$379.99$297.94 at Wayfair

$379.99$297.94 at Wayfair

The best major appliances

This is a judgment-free zone, but if you don’t have your A/C unit ice blasting you by now (are you ok??) you’re either a lizard person or a really hot and lazy person. Luckily, Wayfair’s Prime Day sale has a bunch of deals on major appliances, including a highly rated GE window air conditioning unit that’s 20% off. Bye bye, charbroiled nights. 

$207.90$167 at Wayfair

Have you ever heard television cook Nigella Lawson say “microwave?” If your microwavé is crusty and sad, scoop this one by Commercial Chef. It’s 19% off, and has a 4.9-star average rating on Wayfair, where customers are saying it’s a “good size” but “isn’t too bulky” to fit on a countertop. 

$153.99$124 at Wayfair

This moo throne

This impeccable heifer is 6% off and the ultimate throne for milk lovers/yee-haw-sexuals. 

$250$234.99 at Wayfair

Shop on, Way lords. 

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