Elevating the design of a room can be as simple as hanging up a wall clock! According to JediMasterHouse, wall clocks come in different styles and shapes, such as circular, square, hexagon, and more. As a result, it’s usually pretty easy to find a wall clock that will complement your current home decor. They also come in a variety of colors and can be used to either brighten up a space or create contrast. Additionally, wall clocks can also be used to achieve a certain design aesthetic, which is especially helpful for homeowners who don’t have the budget to purchase several decor items. 

If your budget is tight, there are plenty of wall clocks to choose from — in fact, we’ve found 15 different wall clocks that are all under $50. We’ve analyzed the reviews, material, style, and more to decide which products are sure to give your space a brand-new look. If you’re ready to find the perfect wall clock for your space, then peruse our selection.

Rustic aesthetic

The Farmhouse Wood Wall Clock from Target is a great choice for those who want to create a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. The distressed shiplap design adds interest to the product and will complement other rough textures. It’s currently priced at $45.

Modern design

This Infinity Instruments Vogue wall clock from Walmart is only about $17 and is sure to add a modern touch to any space. The black color and simple design will complement other modern decor pieces in the space.

Touch of color

We love the vintage, square shape of this Orrwell wall clock from Wayfair, currently priced at about $29. The beautiful, deep red finish is also a perfect choice for anyone who needs to add a touch of color to their space.

Contemporary pattern

The unique and interesting pattern of this Contemporary Latticed wall clock from Overstock is a beautiful choice for a bedroom or living room. It’s currently priced at about $32, and we believe it will look best when complemented with similar patterns.

A minimalists’ choice

This Rotblöta clock from Ikea is the perfect choice for those who love the minimalist design aesthetic. It’s simple yet sleek design and neutral colors will make it a perfect accent piece in any room. It’s currently priced at $40.

Antique finish

Sometimes a trip to the thrift store can be unsuccessful, and our need of purchasing something antique goes unfulfilled. However, the Bellamy wall clock from Target may be a good second choice if you need something that will complement other antique or rustic decors. It’s currently priced at about $35.

Something eclectic

This gold DecMode wall clock from Walmart is a great choice for those who want to elevate the design of an eclectic space. The dynamic lines and orbs are sure to make this a focal point in any space. It’s currently priced at about $37.

Pretty in pink

We love the mixture of color and material combined to create this wall clock from Wayfair. The pink frame, rose gold clock hands, and marble background creates a feminine and elegant design that will pair beautifully with decor designed with similar colors. The price is about $47.

Traditional shape

If you’re looking for something traditional, we suggest this Vintage Grandfather wall clock from Overstock. The color and detailing complement traditional decor and furniture and would be a perfect accent piece in a living area. The price is $40. 

A modern take

This wall clock from Ikea on the other hand is a modern take on the traditional pendulum clock. The black color with gold accents and simple, circular shapes is a great choice for those who are transitioning from the traditional to modern aesthetic. The price is currently $30.


This wooden wall clock from Target is can be used to complement mid-century decor. We also love that the white ticks and clock hands contrast against the wood to create a bright and interesting design. The price is about $33.

Pocket watch

We love that this rustic wall clock from Walmart is reminiscent of a pocket watch, which gives it a touch of charm from a previous era. The price is about $25.

Create a collage

If you enjoy creating collages out of picture frames, we suggest adding this Berrie wall clock from Wayfair into the mix! It’s square frame is perfect for complementing the other decor on your wall, but the floral design will also allow it to stand on its own. The price is $35.

Bohemian vibe

If you’re aiming for a bohemian aesthetic, we suggest taking a look at the Palm Leaf Wrapped Quartz wall clock from Overstock. It is priced at $48, and the texture and materials are warm and inviting, which will make this product a great accent in any room.

A classic color combo

Who doesn’t love a classic color combination? In this case, it’s navy blue and gold. This pair has always worked in many aesthetics, especially when combined to create the Skärig wall clock from Ikea. The current price is $20.


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