The mega-mansion has a backyard oasis that feels like its own personal retreat

The mega-mansion has a backyard oasis that feels like its own personal retreat

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A wild and colorful living experience has landed on the real estate market in the Boca Raton area of Florida — a mega mansion that appears to have a couple different cool themes inside its massive walls.

The catch? You’ll need some serious cash to pay the rent.

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Cost of the rent per month Screen grab from RE/MAX

The nine-bedroom, 13-bathroom estate that is a whopping 27,266 square feet is available to rent for $199,000 per month. So, if you wanted it for six months you’d be out $1.2 million.

For that price, of course, the house comes loaded with high-end amenities — at least according to the photos on RE/MAX. Based on the pictures, the large home has a semblance of a basic “Star Trek” theme running through some of the rooms, including the theater.

Other features include:

There is even some pop art that line the walls, including (what look like) replicas of Andy Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

The residence’s decor — and its hefty price tag — turned heads on Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlights unique homes on the real estate market all over the world. People were agog over all of it.

“I’ll take all the Star Trek themed rooms and all the pop art,” one person said. “The rest needs a remodel and new furniture.”

“The Warhol’s are magnificent. The house is amazing too, but I’m stuck on the artwork,” another noted.

“I love love love it — the colors, the star trek theme, the storage!” someone exclaimed.

“Thank god they reduced it by a thousand dollars, because $200K/month would have just been ridiculous,” one person joked.

“4000% if I won a stupid huge lottery I would buy this and live in it and run a freaking film production company out of the garage. 4000%,” another said.

“Maybe I’m just dumb…but who, in their right mind, would spend $200,000/month on RENT??” someone asked.

“I’ve got so many questions,” one person commented.

“Welp, guess I become a Florida man now,” someone tweeted.

Life goals updated,” another said.

The Boca Raton area is about 45 miles north of Miami.

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