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Stepping into your space should feel like a breath of fresh air. That said, clutter or messes can get in the way of a tidy home, and it’s tough to keep everything tidy when life gets in the way (aka always).

Luckily, there are plenty of clever products that can help you pick up the slack on a budget. From storage bags and bins to genius kitchen gadgets, your house will quickly become your favorite place with these clever picks that are all under $30.


These unique floating shelves that are easy to mount

Remove clutter from shelves and the floor and store your stuff on these unique wooden floating shelves instead. With a gorgeous gray finish that complements most decorative styles, they come with all the hardware you’ll need to mount them with ease. Install them in smaller bedrooms to free up space on your desk and under your bed.


These slim velvet-lined hangers that swivel 360 degrees

These slim velvet-lined hangers help you make room in your closet for all the clothes you love to wear. Made of premium velvet material, they grip onto clothes so they won’t fall, and their chrome hooks feature a 360-degree swivel. Each package contains 20 hangers, so you won’t run out — even when it’s time to hang dry your dresses and sweaters. If black seems too formal, they also come in colors like purple and turquoise.


An adjustable bed skirt with sweet pleats

The adorable pleats on this adjustable bed skirt give it an elegant touch that’ll complement the decor in your bedroom while hiding anything you might be storing underneath the bed. Available in five neutral colors, you can choose between sizes that range from twin to California king — and it’s fade resistant, so you can keep it on your bed for years to come. If it gets a little too dusty for your taste, just throw it in the washing machine and it’ll look good as new.


These shoe storage boxes that will revamp your closet

Instead of scattering loose footwear all over the bottom of your closet, pick up these shoe storage boxes. This pack comes with five clear boxes that help you find what you need fast — even when you’re about to rush out the door barefoot — and their stackable design saves so much space. As a bonus, these boxes come with ventilation holes that keep air circulating and stop unsavory smells at the source.


This purse organizer that turns your door into a storage space

Hang this purse organizer over your door to keep handbags, scarves, and umbrellas within reach (and off the floor). It’s designed with four larger pockets that perfectly fit purses, and two smaller pockets designed for your favorite accessories. Because each slot is open on the side, all you have to do is reach in and retrieve whatever you need. It comes in three colors, so you can find the right one to match your bedroom decor.


A plastic bag dispenser that mounts on your wall or cabinet door

Replace the huge bag you use to store your smaller bags with this plastic bag dispenser. It’s so easy to install with the included hardware, and you can either mount it on walls or cabinet and closet doors to store trash bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, and more. Its stainless steel finish resists dust, rust, and fingerprints, so it’ll keep its brand-new shine for a long time.


This shadow box you can hang on your wall

Keep your prized photos, cards, and memorabilia on display with this memory box you can hang on your wall. With all mounting hardware included, installation takes very little time, and you can display it on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter. Since its torched wood design has a rustic look, it goes with everything. Close its magnetic door to secure your most treasured possessions, whether you place them on display or keep them tucked away.


This cozy throw blanket with a chic waffle design

With this cozy throw blanket, you’ll be warm all year long, whether your AC is blasting or you’re in the depths of winter. With 23 color choices, from champagne to peacock blue and everything in between, there’s a style option to match any living room or bedroom. Made with super soft polyester fibers, it’s machine washable without shedding or fading, and its waffle design is just as breathable as it is stylish.


A broom holder with 5 slots & 6 hooks

If you’re constantly finding cleaning tools leaning on the walls or crowding your closets, pick up this broom holder. With five slots and six hooks, you can store mops, dustpans, gardening supplies, and more without creating clutter. It features a 35-pound capacity, so it’ll support even your heaviest tools. It comes with all the screws and anchors you’ll need to install it safely on your wall, and if you think you could use more than one, you’ll be happy to know that they also come in packs of two and four.


These bed straps that keep unruly sheets in place

Ah yes, the most challenging workout known to man: putting your fitted sheets back on your bed after a wash. With these bed straps, you can streamline the process and hold sheets in place using their rust-resistant metal clips. Their elastic nylon material is rugged and durable, and each set comes with four triangle-shaped belts that clip securely onto every corner.


These extendable dusters that reach new heights

These extendable dusters are a must when you’re looking to clean hard-to-reach areas, from ceiling fans to crevices all over your home. They’re especially useful for dust allergy sufferers, especially since dust can easily collect in out-of-sight areas. Their handles are extendable up to almost four feet, and their brushes are made with thousands of fibers that effectively pick up dust. Two come per pack, so you can keep one on each floor.


These vacuum storage bags that’ll upgrade your closet (or next vacation)

With these vacuum storage bags, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing potential outfits to make room in your closet or suitcase; instead, you can pack your favorite pieces and vacuum excess air out of the bags, and you’ll be ready to go. With double zip tops and turbo valves that seal completely, they’re made to completely eliminate extra air without letting any back in while you organize or pack. You can choose the set that best fits your needs, from small to jumbo and everything in between.


These cutting boards with nonslip handles

Minimize kitchen mishaps with these cutting boards, which feature nonslip handles that stay in place while you chop, dice, or julienne. Each set comes with one large, one medium, and one small board, and their built-in juice grooves keep liquid from escaping onto the counter, so cleanup will be a cinch. When you’re finished preparing your meal, throw them in the dishwasher and repeat.


These oil dispensers that give you control over your pour

Have you ever poured olive oil or vinegar into a dish, only to watch it spill out quicker than you imagined? These oil dispensers will solve that problem. They come with pouring spouts that let you easily control how much you use. Their removable advanced filters also stop spices from pouring into your dishes, and their measurement marks show you how much time you have before you need to refill.


A deep cleaning cloth that just needs water to work its magic

This cleaning cloth is basically magical — just add water, and it picks up dirt, stains, and spills in the blink of an eye. Because it’s reusable, you’ll save money on disposable sponges and costly cleaning solutions, and it absorbs dust and water up to five times its own weight. The secret lies in its microfiber material, which boasts over 1,000 strands per yarn that pick up messes of all kinds.


This detergent dispenser that requires zero upper-body strength

Instead of lifting a heavy detergent bottle every time you run the washing machine, try this detergent dispenser. Thanks to its slight downward angle, you won’t need to lift the bottle or try to angle it downwards, and its rubber feet keep the dispenser from slipping or sliding. Its universal size fits most detergent bottles, and its molded edge stops the measuring cup from tipping over while you pour.


A soap dispenser set with a silicone tray

Make dishwashing feel like a breeze with this soap dispenser set, which includes a sponge holder, dish soap dispenser, liquid soap dispenser, and silicone tray. Thanks to the sponge holder’s drip tray and ventilation holes, your sponges won’t get moldy or soggy, which makes the process much more hygienic. Because the tray keeps everything in place, you’ll be able to declutter your kitchen counters for good this time.


This chalk paint that works on almost every surface

Wood, glass, metal — you name it, and this chalk paint will stick to it. With an astounding 30-minute dry time, it creates a smooth matte finish that looks amazing on furniture, cabinets, and any surface in your home that needs a touchup. Its low-odor formulation won’t smell unpleasant, so you can simply paint and go about your business without a headache.


A stainless steel lazy Susan that rotates 360 degrees

Organize your spice collection with this stainless steel lazy Susan. With 360-degree rotation, it lets you access all your favorite flavors without reaching into the depths of your spice cabinet. If you’re in need of some more storage, use it in the bathroom for toiletries or the office for paper clips and pens — the only limit is your imagination.


A record holder that stores up to 50 vinyl records

This record holder stores up to 50 vinyl records at a time, be they singles or LPs, so you can keep all your favorite albums in one place. Its shatterproof acrylic material can withstand heavy weights without bending or breaking, and thanks to the grooved design, records will stay in place, so they won’t budge during even the wildest dance parties. Plus, the organizer features a retro design that will beautifully complement any turntable.


These lavender candles with wood wicks

Choose this lavender candle if you want to fill your home with a calming scent. It’s made with soy wax and a wood wick that burns without creating residues that could potentially irritate your airways. Each one is beautifully packaged, so you can give it as a gift that anyone’s sure to love. If that weren’t enough, Benevolence LA donates to their charity partner Zoe International every time you buy.


These macrame hanging planters made with 100% cotton

These macrame hanging planters will add a cozy touch to any room that needs a pop of green. Woven with 100% cotton, they’re sturdy and durable for long-term use, and they’ll create more space for the things you need to store. Choose between three earthy colors and hang them up against the wall, by a window, or even on your porch for a decoration that complements any space.


This grout pen that dries incredibly fast

Use this grout pen to scribble away unsightly stains or discoloration and keep your bathroom tiles looking good as new. Its water-based, low-odor colorant covers grout with ease, and each pen contains enough colorant to cover up to 150 feet of grout. Choose between a narrow tip or a wide tip, depending on your cleaning needs, and make your bathroom feel cleaner than ever before.


This black adhesive wallpaper that’s easy to apply & remove

Stick this black adhesive wallpaper onto any surface that needs a timeless touch of minimalism. Whether you use it on your wall, desktop, kitchen counter, or in smaller crafts, all you have to do is peel off the paper on the back, and its strong adhesive will stay put wherever you use it. If you’re looking for a pop of color, you can also pick up this wallpaper in a ton of shades, from pale pink to deep purple.


This peel & stick tile that spruces up your bathroom or kitchen in no time

Install this peel-and-stick backsplash by your kitchen island, over your sink, or even in your laundry room for a modern touch that keeps your space looking fresh and stylish. It’s highly flexible and resists humidity, so it’s no match for hot showers or bad weather, and its 12-inch by 12-inch size covers 40% more area than most tile covers. Choose between five stunning colors; you’re sure to find the design that best fits your style.


This 3-pack of picture frames with pre-installed hanging hooks

Hanging art on the wall can feel like such a hassle; that’s why this 3-pack of picture frames comes with pre-installed hanging hooks for your convenience. Their shatter-resistant plexiglass protects your beloved prints and photos from the elements (or just dust), and their removable mats can accommodate pictures of any size. With seven available size options, you’re sure to find the one that best fits your poster collection in no time.


A desk organizer that declutters your office

Keep your papers, pens, and stationery essentials within reach when you use this desk organizer. It’s customizable since you can assemble the shelves in different ways and display your organizer horizontally or vertically. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be seriously decluttering your desk space. Choose between two timeless colors and four gorgeous designs, many of which happen to be waterproof, for the WFH setup of your dreams.


An accent rug that won’t slip or slide

Thanks to its skid-resistant latex backing, this accent rug won’t slip or slide out of place, minimizing mishaps. Available in 17 different sizes, its polyester material is built to last and resists fading. Display it proudly in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere you could use a pop of color. It’s available in four different floral prints.


A shower caddy with a strong adhesive

You won’t need to drill holes in the wall or use unwieldy tools to install this shower caddy; simply stick its adhesive hooks to the wall, and you’re good to go. With a weight capacity of 40 pounds, each caddy is strong enough to hold even the biggest bottles, and its L-shape design fits beautifully into the corner of your shower, maximizing wall space everywhere else. Made of stainless steel and painted over with a rust-proof top coat, it’s sure to last through years of hot showers without deteriorating.


This bathroom set that’s rust & corrosion-proof

When you install this bathroom set, you can rest assured that its high-quality stainless steel material won’t rust or corrode over time. With a sleek, minimalist design, the set includes a hand towel bar, a toilet paper holder, a towel ring, and a wall hook; that being said, you can use each piece to decorate or organize however you like. Its matte black design won’t scratch, and all the tools you need for installation are included.


These flameless pillar candles with a timer

Thanks to the six-hour automatic timer on these flameless candles, you can choose when you want them to be lit and unlit, and they’ll turn on and off automatically according to your instructions. They’re made of real wax, and their 3D lights flicker to mimic the warm glow of a real flame. The candles on your dinner table might feature a five to 10-hour burn time, but these last well over 450 hours, making them an obvious choice.


A sleek ottoman with a secret storage system

Looking for a covert place to store your clutter? Check out this sleek ottoman — remove the top and you’ve got a hidden storage system with a 45-liter capacity. The only assembly required is to place the lid on the body, and its premium faux leather material will spruce up your living room in a major way. Plus, the cushioned lid is so comfortable that you’ll be excited to put your feet up after a long day. Its 13-inch height makes it a fantastic footstool.


This dried pampas grass that gives your space a rustic feel

If you’ve been obsessed with the cottagecore trend and want your space to feel like a getaway cabin in the countryside, you might love this dried pampas grass. Either keep the grass as is or place it in the sun for up to three hours and watch it unfurl into a fluffy bouquet. Every pack includes 100 pieces of gorgeous grass which you can display on your nightstand, hang on the wall, or use as a centerpiece on the dinner table if you’re looking to add a rustic touch.


A sheer curtain that blocks unwanted eyes & lets in the sun

This sheer curtain provides a sense of privacy, thanks to its high-thread polyester material, but it still lets in just the right amount of fresh air and sunshine. Available in two adaptable sizes, each curtain is machine washable and won’t need to be ironed to maintain its wrinkle-free flow. Choose from 16 stunning colors, from a timeless black to a yellow that brings a cheery feeling all year long.


A foldable wine rack with a 10 bottle capacity

Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, you’ll be obsessed with this foldable wine rack. With a 10-bottle storage capacity, you can keep your collection in order and out of the way, sans cellar. Made of solid wood, it’s super strong and sturdy, making it a perfect gift for both the expert and amateur sommeliers in your life.


These washable refrigerator liners that make food storage so much easier

These washable refrigerator liners come with so many perks; for one, their nonslip material keeps containers in place, so even the most precarious towers in your fridge won’t come crashing down. That said, they won’t stick to your food, and they’re pre-cut to fit most standard fridge shelves. Spills happen, and when they do, you can simply wipe down the liners with a damp cloth or rinse them in the sink; you’ll avoid residue in your fridge that takes forever to remove.


These heavy-duty hooks that can bear 20 pounds each

Grab these heavy-duty hooks if you need a better way to store your ever-growing coat collection. Because each hook can hold up to 20 pounds, you’ll be able to hang up your heaviest accessories, from gardening tools to kitchen accessories. They’re made of scratch-resistant rubber that won’t keep the door from closing. Each pack comes with six hooks, so you can use them all over your home for storage that’s as versatile as you are.


This floating organizer specifically designed for your entryway

Keep your entryway essentials in one highly visible place with this floating organizer. With a mail slot, a small shelf, and three hooks for coats, keys, and leashes, you can give it a glance before you walk out the door and make sure you have everything you need for the day ahead. It comes with all the hardware you need to hang it up, and there’s no assembly required, so installation is a cinch.


These terrazzo coasters that are highly absorbent

Not only are these terrazzo coasters timelessly beautiful, but they’re also highly absorbent and protect your tabletops from heat, cold, and rings of moisture. Their nonslip cork bases also help absorb liquid, and each set of six coasters comes with a handy metal holder. Break them out at happy hour for a stunning decorative choice that keeps your tables free of damage.


These LED lights for a vanity that’ll make you feel like a movie star

Turn your bedroom into a dressing room worthy of a movie star with these LED lights. They come with a smart dimmer that allows you to adjust their brightness with the touch of a finger, and their adhesive backing easily takes the place of complicated assembly or drilling. If the strip is too long, just cut off the extra lights to fit your decorative needs, and you’ll have the vanity of your dreams in no time.


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