The way a person feels about a room is greatly influenced by the architecture and interior design of the space. You should absolutely love living in your house because it is your safe haven. Professional designers emphasize the importance of the psychology of color in your home. Color is used to convey actions, it affects your mood and even your physiological responses! The colors of your furniture and the decorations in your home surely play an important role, but it is the color of your walls that matter the most, since they surround you with their energy at all times. Choosing the right color, however, can be overwhelming since there are so many color options to choose from and fashion is constantly shifting and evolving. That is why taking into account your zodiac sign and the characteristics that make you who you are can make things a lot easier. In this article, we will talk all about the Zodiac color palette and how you can choose the best colors for your home with the help of the stars!

Let’s see which home color palette is the one for you

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#Aries Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos aries zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Aries (the Ram)

March 21–April 19

Best Color Matches: pink, coral, orange, yellow

Aries are super ambitious since they are the first sign of the Zodiac. This Zodiac sign is drawn to bright and warm hues. You are fiery and determined, so colors like pink, coral, orange, and yellow are perfect for you. And since painting your entire house a scorching pink color from floor to ceiling is not everyone’s cup of tea, we have a suggestion for you! Choose a neutral color scheme for your home instead, and then add touches that give your home that warm Aries glow. Opt for colorful pillows, curtains, and decorations.

This is how a bold Aries should decorate their home


#Taurus Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos taurus zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Taurus (the Bull)

April 20–May 20

Best Color Matches: sage, matcha green, earthy tones

Taurus is an Earth sign that is motivated by nature, so they need to be around gentle greenery. This will serve as a reminder for them to remain grounded and connected with nature. What’s more, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which is also associated with hues of white and green. Simply said, Taurus requires lush flora and beautiful green hues in their home. And, what else pairs well with plants? Lots of light!

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A Taurus needs greens and earthy tones

zodiac home color palette aesthetic

#Gemini Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos gemini zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Gemini (the Twins)

May 21–June 21

Best Color Matches: bright yellow, lavender

Yellow is perfect for the daring Geminis. So, apply the idea of illumination to any space you are in to match your cheerful persona. Yellows assist you to focus on fresh thoughts and confidence, in addition to conveying the concepts of happiness and optimism. Even though the idea of using yellow can seem excessive, adding some neutral tones can help balance things out. So, take a risk. Pick tones of lavender and brilliant yellow for your space.

Geminis should add a pop of yellow to their home

color palette for each zodiac sign

#Cancer Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos cancer zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Cancer (the Crab)

June 22–July 22

Best Color Matches: pastels, mint green, baby blue, light pink

Cancers have a sensitive side and are born in the summer, which makes these dreamy colors perfect for them! Cancers adore colors that aren’t necessarily dramatic, but are still beautiful to look at. The coziness and friendliness that most Cancers yearn for are supported by pinks, baby blues, and pastels. They favor colors that reflect like the moon, since the moon is their ruler. In other words, you get a couch covered in pink velvet and look for pretty pastel decor pieces.

This dreamy aesthetic is perfect for a Cancer

what are the 12 zodiac signs colors

#Leo Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos leo zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Leo (the Lion)

July 23–August 22

Best Color Matches: jewel tones, royal blue, purple, ruby red, burnt orange

After all, you are the lion of the zodiac, so you surely have the ability to carry off a daring color choice. Ruby red and amethyst purple, two royal jewel tones, give your home a luxurious, opulent feel that you will love. Play with textures and add surprising pops of color. Nobody would be surprised if they saw you combining warm orange hues with elements of royal purple or perhaps gold. Orange encourages individualism and competitiveness, which matches your energy perfectly.

Jewel tones and golden accents complement the Lion

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#Virgo Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos virgo zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Virgo (the Virgin)

August 23–September 22

Best Color Matches: light and airy colors, white, brown, pale green

Virgos are born in the summer, so it is vital to keep the color palette in their home light and airy. Virgos essentially require the relaxing spa experience in the comfort of their own living room. So, no harsh colors and contrast. Layering pillows, rugs, and blankets is a good way to keep your neutral color scheme pretty. What’s more, look for the softest of the soft textures. Shades of green add natural elements, while brown tones help ground and relax you.

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Virgos need colors that are light and airy

what are the zodiac signs color

#Libra Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos libra zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Libra (the Balance)

September 23–October 23

Best Color Matches: charcoal, olive green, crème, blush pink

Libra, you never hesitate to express your idealistic side. You exude an energy that strives to be classy and sophisticated while still putting a focus on harmony. Hints of crème and blush pink are perfect for all over your house. Pink shades uplift the spirit and exude empathy and romance. Hints of charcoal and olive green are perfect to bring that sophisticated vibe to your home. After all, you want your home to have a timeless, romantic air to it, just like you!

Libras thrive in green and blush pink

zodiac signs signature colors

#Scorpio Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos scorpio zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Scorpio (the Scorpion)

October 24–November 21

Best Color Matches: dark hues, maroon, red, brown, wood

Everyone recognizes your devotion and mystique, Scorpio. Although you could find yourself gravitating toward darker hues, you don’t have to paint the entire room black to express who you truly are. It makes sense that the colors maroon and red would spark your interest because they both have a commanding presence without being overly aggressive. These colors highlight your secretive and sensuous side. Deep reds will help you connect to your seductive and enigmatic side. Choose accents in brown, or red, and opt for lots of wood.

Scorpios adore maroon hues and wooden accents

libra zodiac color palette

#Sagittarius Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos sagittarius zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Sagittarius (the Archer)

November 22–December 21

Best Color Matches: deep greens, navy blue, purple

Sagittarius, you enjoy being outside a lot. Even though you frequently feel trapped by four walls, you nevertheless make an effort to let the outside world in. Colors like navy blues and deeper greens seem to be calling your name. You are a Zodiac sign that symbolizes progress and independence, two concepts that are most closely related to the color green. Blue frequently connotes sincerity and integrity, as well as a hunger for knowledge that you really respect and strive for. By employing these hues to serve as a reminder of what is outside, you may design a space that inspires and liberates you.

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The sophisticated blue is just what a Saggitarius needs

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#Capricorn Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos capricorn zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Capricorn (the Goat)

December 22–January 19

Best Color Matches: white, gray, black, brown, gold, beige

Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline that is connected to darkness and, very literally, the color black, is the ruler of the Capricorns. Their preferred choice of colors reflects their sober outlook on life. In a Capricorn’s home, you won’t find a lot of colors, but you will find strong patterns and self-assured shapes. Opt for neutral colors like white, gray, black, brown, or beige, and add some gold details.

Sophisticated and minimalistic is the perfect vibe for Capricorns 

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#Aquarius Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos aquarius zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Aquarius (the Water Bearer)

January 20–February 18

Best Color Matches: fuchsia, turquoise, magenta, chartreuse

Although they have a mysterious edge, Aquarians are essentially kids at heart—extremely clever kids. They are not the kind of people to follow conventions in anything. Colors that not only stand out from the usual but also inspire you are what lures in an Aquarius. Fuchsia, magenta, turquoise, and chartreuse are quite vivid colors for a home, but an Aquarius can make it work. Consider adding lots of these richly colored accents—bright pop art, unique plants, funky decorations, tacky trinkets, and tinted glass.

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The more eclectic, the better when it comes to an Aquarius

aries zodiac color palette

#Pisces Zodiac Color Palette

casandra banuelos pisces zodiac star sign

Illustration by: Casandra Banuelos

Pisces (the Fish)

February 19–March 20

Best Color Matches: lavender, sea foam green, pale blue

Since Pisces are the Fish of the Zodiac, they are comfortable with hues that have a sea/ocean style. Pisces should always feel motivated when they look around their home environment. Being one of the Zodiac’s most sensitive signs, it is especially crucial to surround yourself with soothing blue hues. Then, let the waves wash over you with colors like lavender or sea foam green. Greens with a lighter hue conjure up images of recovery and new beginnings. Lavender frequently conveys sensitivity and vulnerability at the same time.

A Pieces needs soothing blue and lavender shades

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