Zillow Gone Wild has done it again! Last month, they shared a post on their Facebook page featuring a Fort Worth, Texas home that featured what seemed to me like a very calm and cozy home on the outside, however, inside it was another story!

One commenter on Facebook described this Texas home perfectly, “It’s like an 80s department store and a game show had a baby. I’m overwhelmed and it was only pictures.”

The Facebook post that was shared read, “You never know what’s going on inside a home, part 240923, Fort Worth edition.”

The first photo shows what seems to be a very quiet, family friendly home. A basketball court outside with a black gated fence near the front door.

But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. The second you step foot into this home, you’ll feel like your childhood dreams have come true.

Zillow Gone Wild Home

Courtesy: Zillow.com

This 7,179 square foot home includes 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms but for some strange reason it’s listed as a Single family residence when I’m pretty sure two families could live comfortably in this home.

The home features a game room and bar area that comes complete with TV’s, an air hockey game, a pool table, a pool, a diving board, and a slide. The lighting in this game room is what really gives off the 80s vibes in my opinion.

Courtesy: Zillow.com

Courtesy: Zillow.com

This Texas home was built back in 1940 and features 3 garage spaces.

The living room and kitchen area is an open area which features a beautiful white grand piano.

Courtesy: Zillow.com

Courtesy: Zillow.com

I was very impressed with what I was looking at and then I got into the pictures of all the rooms and honestly, I’m keeping my $745,000 and won’t be purchasing this home.

Courtesy: Zillow.com

Courtesy: Zillow.com

Maybe it’s the not so great decor, or the underwhelming backyard, but whatever it was I wasn’t alone in thinking this Fort Worth home was not worth the $745,000 asking price:

Let’s go with “things that shouldn’t go in the same room together for $1,000, Alex.”


“I’m betting there’s a party bus (with a pool, no doubt) parked inside that garage. This family never rests.”


“This screams xxx adult films made here xxx  I’d gut it completely and start over.”


“Looks like someone got all the bonus items in an Animal Crossing game and just placed them wherever there was room.”


“These people may not know how to decorate, but I guarantee they know how to party.”


Courtesy: Zillow.com

Courtesy: Zillow.com

Honestly, throw a huge trampoline in this home and it can be the house from the movie “Big.”

If this seems like the house for you, then you can request a tour here.

Zillow Gone Wild Fort Worth Home


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