The much-awaited monsoon not only brings joy and romance into your house but also dark clouds and musky scents. Enjoy the spell without making your home seem dreary and drab. You can counteract boredom and add a little brightness without breaking the bank by adding tiny décor components.

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Dirt Trappers

Rain implies muddy shoes, filthy water, and soaked umbrellas and raincoats. Invest in some high-absorbent dirt trappers to keep your home dry and fresh throughout the season. Darker colours that hide muck and filth may keep your house looking nice while still accomplishing the job.

Perfumed Candles

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Lighting scented candles around the house is another approach to fight the odours associated with monsoons. Choose visually appealing kinds that come in a variety of smells. Add a bit of warmth to your house and appreciate the tranquillity that these beauties provide.

Sheer Window Dressing

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Invest in textiles that are thin enough to allow sunlight in while yet being breathable, such as sheer or lace. Heavy curtains, such as cotton or velvet, can trap musty odours in the home and make it appear darker. Sheer curtains make rooms feel bright and airy.

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Maintain Wooden Furniture

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When the monsoon arrives, it’s time to take care of your wooden furniture and antiques. During rainstorms, wood expands and changes the form of doors and furniture. Take good care of it by sealing the surface before the monsoons arrive. Make a plan ahead of time.

Blooming Beauties

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Plants and flowers have a way of bringing brightness and enthusiasm into a space. Fill empty spaces with new vases or repurpose old wine bottles into planters and fill them with stunning lilies, jasmine, roses, and other flowers that will lend a fresh mood to your house.

Here are some important precautions to take before the monsoon arrives: 

  • Seal the walls and roof with a waterproof coating, and address any water damage to your home’s ceilings and walls. 

  • When it rains, cover the balcony and windows with tarpaulin sheets to prevent water from entering your home. 

  • Varnish or sand the improper fixings and loose hinges on your hardwood doors to keep them from expanding due to moisture in the air. 

  • To minimise humidity and insects, stuff your cupboards with neem leaves, camphor, and cloves. 

  • To avoid electrical failures, use safe wiring and make sure there are no exposed wires in your home.


1. How can we protect our homes in monsoons?

Methods to keep your house safe during the monsoon 

  • Waterproof the walls and the roof. 

  • Repair pipes and unclog drains. 

  • Close the doors and windows… 

  • Look for any exposed cables. 

  • Heavy furniture should be stored with care. 

  • Adjust the humidity levels. 

  • Replace heavy furniture. 

  • Keep mould and dirt at bay.

2. How can I decorate my home classy?

Large-scale decorations such as lights, mirrors, and furniture are ideal, but little accessories may also be effective. Antique boxes, sculptural wall sconces, or even antique picture frames may add a special something to your space that makes it appear more expensive than it is.

3. How to keep the floors dry in monsoons?

Cross ventilation may be necessary to keep the floor dry. When it is not raining, open all doors and windows. The outside air will evaporate moisture from the floor, leaving it dry.


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