If you’re planning an inbound weekend getaway or an impromptu road trip, chances are, you’re most likely planning to steer clear of hotel chains. Just because you’re not flying abroad, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience living under the roof of a truly unique piece of architecture with spectacular interiors. In most instances, vacation rentals are better than hotels when it comes to uniqueness and experience.

Whether you’re wondering where to organize your next staycation with your gang, a relaxing weekend away with a significant other, or your soul-searching solo adventure, here’s a Hypebeast list of some of the most interesting Airbnb and home rentals to check out within the states.

A Private and Historic Hilltop Home With Sweeping Views of Downtown LA

According to reports, John Lennon and Yoko Ono previously resided in this hilltop home sometime during the ‘70s. While quite a lot of its original furniture and decor have been replaced, the home retains much of its original flavors – an idiosyncratic mix of boho and mid-century Danish decors with Japanese Meiji-style interior design.

Privacy is ensured as this house rental is perched up at the top of hills in Laurel Canyon. With numerous decks, equipped with sun loungers and hammocks, renters can completely relax while enjoying the sweeping views of downtown LA. This tranquil sanctuary caters to an intimate group with its three bedrooms, an open kitchen, and one newly renovated bathroom. Another gorgeous feat in this property that’s worth highlighting is the study, which is attired with wooden floors, ceilings, in-build shelving, and desks that emanates the appeal of historical Japanese home interiors.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $600 USD
Location: Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

Industrial Meets Modern Interiors in This Factory-Turned Studio Home

Now a unique, urban industrial loft space nestled in Chicago’s trendiest neighborhood, The Tea Studio was formerly a distillery during the Prohibition era, before being converted into a spring factory for decades. Fitted with 14-inch timber ceilings, solid oak flooring, and exposed floor-to-ceiling brick walls, the industrial vibes are imbued with touches of Chinese and Japanese decors. Culinary enthusiasts can utilize the fully-equipped, professional-grade kitchen, which was granted first runner-up at the Signature Kitchen & Bath’s 2014 annual kitchen awards. A great vacation rental for couples or solo travelers seeking to explore the city without sacrificing homeliness.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $222 USD
Location: Chicago, Illinois.

A Surrealist Home Away for a Digital Detox

If you’re looking for designer homes paired with the great outdoors, The Monument House seems like the perfect fit for those who’re also looking for a complete digital-detox. A product of architect Josh Schweitzer, this iconic property was previously reserved for only his friends and family for three decades and was only opened for the public near the end of 2022.

On the outside, The Monument House comprises cubic forms and trapezoidal openings that mirror its surroundings. Meanwhile, its vivid walls add a splash of colors to the barren landscape. As it was built between 1989 and 1990, the home decor feels almost like a time capsule of its time with designer furniture such as a dining table by Roy McMakin, and dining chairs designed by Schweitzer himself to match the modern exterior of the home. Read more about the property here.

Booking: Homestead Modern
Price per night: $619 USD
Location: Joshua Tree, California.

A Luxury Treehouse With 5-Star Resort Amenities

If one of your childhood dreams is to sleep inside a fully decked-out treehouse, then this Airbnb will meet your expectations with flying colors. Settled in a tropical rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii, this treehouse is built in a Kukui Nut Tree, letting guests reside 15 feet above the ground. With a live tree trunk integrated within its structure, the property is surrounded by stunning tropical foliage, ocean views, and is equipped with the amenities of a 5-star resort as stated on its Airbnb listing. As this is a handcrafted treehouse, much of its furniture and home decor are locally sourced, notably the king-sized bed frame and dressers made of mango wood.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $678 USD
Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

An Off-Grid Desert Bungalow With Raw Modern Interior Design

This creative and eco-conscious dwelling is completely hand-built by its home owner and host Dan. Located just outside Taos, Dan’s Earthship is surrounded by a wondrous mountain view of the Sangre de Cristo. Its exterior combines a domical stone build with a green-house-like structure that regulates temperature while illuminating the indoors with natural light. From storing rainwater to generating electricity via its solar-power panels, this Airbnb also sustains a comfortable 72° F all year round without heating or AC.

Its interior design is amalgamated with rustic wooden ceilings, raw and modern walls, and acid-stained flooring, adorned with both modern and old-fashioned furniture. While the Earthship is undoubtedly an off-grid property, it’s fully equipped with modern amenities, appliances, and fully functional bathrooms that can cater up to a party of four.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $170 USD
Location: Taos, New Mexico.

The Ex of In, an Experimental Woodland Cabin

Described as an “architectural wonder in the woods” on Airbnb, this rare gem is actually part of the experimental “T” Space project by Steven Holl Architects. In a video interview with Architectural Digest, Holl explains he was inspired by Peter Sloterdijk’s Spheres trilogy, which explores myriad spaces and its fundamental formation of human life. The cabin derives its name from the “Explorations of In,” which were a series of developmental models that the studio conducted to intersect spheres into trapezoidal volumes.

Lightweight and porous, the facade of the house is attired in pour-over stucco, which are made of recycled glass to explore Holl’s concept of spheres in microscopic levels. Although the house can sleep up to five people, there are no designated bedrooms. As every space connects and illuminates with another, many spherical concepts are also incorporated into the property. In terms of materiality, the house is constructed with mostly solid, non-coated, wood. A great portion of the home’s decor and mid-century-style furniture is created by Steven Holl Architects, including the ‘70s Porosity light fixture, the Ex of In table lamp and the A-chairs, to name a few.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $461 USD
Location: Rhinebeck, New York.

A Rustic Little Church on the Hill

Formerly a small, local church constructed in 1913, the property was later fully converted as a living space in the ‘50s. Much like its exteriors, the inside of the church has preserved much of its quaint charms – from the 25-foot cathedral ceilings, original stained glass windows, and early 20th-century textured tin walls, to the old-fashioned spiral staircase. Fun fact, the late Gael Greene, acclaimed restaurant critic actually lived in this property with her husband during the ‘60s.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $296 USD
Location: Woodstock, New York.

The Rubber House, a Secluded Artist Colony & Retreat

Erected in the ‘80s, The Rubber House is a secluded post-modern home designed by landscape architect Tom Pritchard. As the home originally belonged to Eugene Loring, a separate dance studio was also built on the estate for the renowned choreographer.

The building’s facade is made of paint-free neoprene, which provides the home with natural ventilation. Another highlight of this unique Airbnb is its glass vaulted industrial kitchen, which opens up to a cozy dining and living room space where a freestanding fireplace and Hella Jongerius Polder sofa reside. Moving onto the upstairs, the master bedroom comes outfitted with its own fireplace, complete with a 270-degree forest view via its curved, floor-to-ceiling windows. The post-modern interior design follows a muted, yet multi-toned color palette that plays a characterful contrast from its somber exteriors. To read more about the history of The Rubber House, head over to their official website.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $854 USD
Location: Accord, New York.

A Historic Artist Estate With Its Own Pond and Waterfall

The Pond House was once a family estate of renowned realist painter, Reginald Marsh between the ‘20s and ‘30s. After its renovations by MDIM in recent years, the property has been featured in a handful of design magazines and is currently owned by an architect and artist couple. As a result, the house has preserved some of its authentic elements, such as the fireplace, and various sections of the walls that nod to its unique history.

If you look up what home decor style is trending right now, mid-century modern and crisp-clean contemporary luxe aesthetics will dominate your search results – which The Pond House precisely encapsulates, complete with a lived-in artist studio feel to it. Guests will wake up to an idyllic scenery of green through the master bedroom’s timber-framed picture windows. The fully equipped open kitchen, along with a spacious dining and living room area easily caters to a group of up to 5 people. And just like its name suggests, the estate comes with its own pond, as well as a one-of-a-kind, private waterfall.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $334 USD
Location: Woodstock, New York.

A Fully-Furnished Bedrock Cave With a Taste of Sustainable Living

This Airbnb offers a taste of unique sustainable living inside a bedrock cave. Its raw structure and interior offers a natural warm-hue, while self-regulating throughout the seasons.The entrance is decked with wooden floorboards with a glass-fitted cave opening that serves as a front door. Illuminating the bedrooms, living area, and kitchen space are floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer undisrupted landscape views around the Grand Staircase Monument. As for furniture, the cave is neatly decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage decor and raw wooden elements that exudes a cottage-lodging-meets-super-villain-hideout appeal.

With the Bedrock Homestead cave owner being a father, land activist, artist, farmer, and music enthusiast, the property permeates with elements that correspond to all of his interests and identities — from a farm, earthen patio, outdoor BBQ, to an abundance of lands to explore and hike in.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $275 USD for a private room, or $950 USD for the entire cave.
Location: Boulder, Utah.

A Cozy Glamping Experience in the Great Outdoors

Reconnect with nature in this cozy 2-acre cabin surrounded by a panoramic view of the South Zion Mountains. The design of the A-Frame cabin implements an open-air concept with expansive living space – guests will sleep inside the cabin’s triangular structure comprising three wooden walls, while the remaining glass wall opens up for undisrupted views and fresh air of the great outdoors. The Zion A-Frame is a collection of five EcoCabins, each fully furnished with private decks, a bathroom, and a propane fire pit to offer a memorable glamping experience.

Booking: Airbnb
Price per night: $515 USD
Location: Hilldale, Utah.

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