Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian architectural science, discusses several rules regarding the placement of paintings in the bedroom. Many people buy new paintings and hang them without thinking about Vastu. The same can be said for family portraits and photographs. Here are some pointers for anyone who wants to hang or place paintings in their bedroom.

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Would you like to hang paintings in your bedroom but are unsure about Vastu? We’ve got your back. Here are some examples of paintings you can hang in your bedroom while keeping Vastu Shastra principles in mind.

Painting Of Radha Krishna

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If the bedroom corresponds to a couple, they should hang a Radha Krishna painting on the wall. The painting depicts pure love and can promote harmony between two people who live together. Make sure to hang the painting in the room’s southwest corner. This will increase your trust and honesty with your partner.

Paintings In The Dark

Do you have any photos that give off a negative vibe? Pictures of ghosts, evil or the devil should never be displayed in the bedroom. If you have such photographs, it is best to remove them from your home entirely.

Wars Paintings

You should not keep disturbing images in the bedroom, according to Vastu Shastra. Loneliness can be created in your heart by a painting of a solitary animal or human. Similarly, a picture of war should be removed from the bedroom because it can cause disagreements among residents.

Photographs Of Fire

According to Vastu, you should never hang images of fire in your bedroom. Fire represents destruction and should not be kept in the bedroom. Avoid hanging such photos because they will bring negativity into your room.

Art That Is Abstract

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Do you want uncertainty in your life? You should not hang abstract paintings in your bedroom if you don’t. Paintings with ambiguous or abstract imagery can cause conflict between couples. If you enjoy abstract paintings, you should display them in your living room.

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Portraits Of Ancestors From The Olden Days

Pictures of late ancestors should be hung on the northeast wall of the pooja room rather than in the bedroom. Because ancestors have god-like personalities, their images should be displayed in the room where you pray.

Water Element Paintings

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Vastu paintings for home plans suggest placing images of water bodies on the north wall of the bedroom. Aside from that, you should not hang photos or paintings of bodies of water on any other bedroom wall.

Photographs Of Family Members

Vastu for photos in the bedroom suggests displaying family photos on your bedroom’s southwest wall. This will aid in the strengthening of family relationships. Avoid putting pictures of your family in the north or east corners of your bedroom.

A Pair Of White Birds

Hanging a painting of a pair of white birds in your bedroom is one of the best Vastu tips you can get. The birds will undoubtedly bring harmony and peace to loved ones. This photograph is a must-have for any couple who wishes for their love to last forever.

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Illustrations Of Wild Animals

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Even if you adore wild animals, you should not display their images in your bedroom. These photographs or paintings can incite resentment and dishonesty between partners. As a result, such images should be avoided in the bedroom. You can display them in your living room because they represent ultimate power.

The Buddha Painting

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Although displaying Buddha paintings in your home is appropriate. However, according to Vastu Shashtra, placing them in your bedroom is not recommended. Images of gods should not be displayed in the bedroom because they can have a negative impact on the home environment. You can place them in your living room as shown in the picture above. 

Painting Of Seven Horses

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The Seven Horses painting brings abundance to a home, but Vastu says it should not be placed in the bedroom because it may bring negative energy or bad luck.

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Paintings For Children’s Bedrooms

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Hanging pictures of birds, horses, puppies, and butterflies are suitable for a child’s bedroom, according to Vastu. According to Vastu, animals protect children while they sleep. Having pictures of important things gives children in their growing stages positive energy and is also considered ideal. Paintings depicting sad emotions or moods, as well as violence, are not appropriate for children’s rooms. Keeping a picture of Goddess Saraswati in a child’s room is also considered appropriate, as it aids in the flow of art and knowledge.

Summing Up: Vastu Recommendations For Arranging Paintings

Now that you’re aware of Vastu tips for painting placement, make sure you hang them in the proper location in your bedroom. Following these Vastu tips will help you improve your relationship’s harmony and lead a happier life.

A blue colour painting is preferable for a North-facing wall because colours play an important role in a painting. Greenery-rich paintings with a shining sun and a clear blue sky are thought to be appropriate for the living room. These types of artwork are best in the house’s southeast corner.

If the bedroom belongs to a couple, they should hang a Radha Krishna painting on the wall. The painting depicts pure love and can promote harmony between two people who live together. Make sure to hang the painting in the room’s southwest corner. 

The South-West wall is the best place to hang these pictures because it strengthens the bonds and harmony between the relationships. It is recommended that you never place family photos in the house’s eastern or northern corners.


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