We won’t go as far to say anything as drastic as the gallery wall is dead, it’s a timeless approach to filling a blank wall that’s going nowhere. But the gallery wall as it has been known (framed prints and photos in various grid-like layouts) is starting to become a bit… done? They have become the safe, easy option, the simplest way to decorate the walls of any room. 

So now what we see in those who like to avoid safe and ease in the world of interiors, is the gallery wall morphing into something else. A gallery wall is no longer all about two-dimensional framed prints, set out in a way that’s easy on the eye. You can add 3D elements to a gallery wall, mirrors, plates, and baskets. Or you could turn a shelving wall into a gallery wall with books, plants, and ceramics. Or go bold with wallpaper and give depth to your wall decor. Incorporate the rest of the room with your wall decor, and mix the furniture’s silhouettes into whatever is going on on your walls.


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