You may have the best furniture, decor, and lighting around, but no room is truly complete without cool artwork. The good news? There’s plenty of art prints, paintings, and unique pieces to be found if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up 40 of the best places to buy art online. Across these sites you’ll find a wide range of art styles at every price point. Plus, you can buy from the comfort of your own home. Art has never been so accessible. Whether you want to buy graphic paintings, discover an up-and-comer, or invest in blue-chip pieces, the pieces you want are just a click away. 

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Cat with Ball Canvas Wall Art by Picomodi

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Believe 1 No. 7 Framed Art Print by Black Pepper Paperie Co.

For those who like to swap out their art on a regular basis, Society6’s assorted collection of whimsical, affordable prints is a great bet. Everything from cheeky sayings to watercolor florals, nature scenes, and abstracts can be had for as little as $20, so your gallery wall is limitless.

The Encounter, New York City by Elaine Karton

Abstract Landscape Giclée by Ranko Ajdinovic

Abstract Landscape Giclée by Ranko Ajdinovic

Saatchi Art boasts an impressive collection of art at accessible prices. Original art—which includes photography, collages, canvas prints, oil paintings, and sculptures—starts at around $110, and limited-edition prints at $75. The site also runs a complimentary art advisory service, where a team of curators will build a collection for you based on your taste or space.

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Umbrellas (2022) by Volodymyr Melnychuk

Fishing Bay #2_ Acrylic Painting by Kwame Boama Mensa-Aborampa

“Fishing Bay #2” Acrylic Painting by Kwame Boama Mensa-Aborampa

Founded in London in 2011, Artfinder is an online marketplace for original pieces of art from around the globe. The site sorts its offerings by both style and medium, making it easy to browse the more than 200,000 pieces (including abstract paintings, sculpture, photography, collage, and digital art), all of which are signed by the artist. Prices start at $24, and the site also has dedicated services for interior designers purchasing cool artwork for its clients.

Lisa Elley

My Favorite Peonies by Lisa Elley

Turks and Caicos-Blue Hues From Above (2021) by Addison Jones

A favorite of the interior-design set, 1stDibs hosts a large inventory of art from established galleries, from Old Master dealers to contemporary specialists, much of which is available for purchase on the spot. Original Banksy street art has even been known to pop up now and then. Prices for many works are listed, and you can easily filter your search. The site’s curated sales are a good way to see how art might mix with vintage and antique furnishings or to check out artists whose work you might not know.

Oliver Gal Calming Waves Framed Art

“Calming Waves” by Oliver Gal

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Colorblock Lacquer Square Dimensional Wall Art by Margo Selby

West Elm is a destination for all things tasteful: Furniture, rugs, lighting, home decor, and more. It also has an expansive selection of wall art. Prints, photography, and canvas art are par for the course, and it also stocks 3D pieces, tapestries, and macramé art. There’s something for every room in the house, from pastel pieces fit for a nursery to Japanese art that would make sense in a modern, minimalist space. If you live near one of its physical stores, you can check out a small sample of its offerings in real life. However, its selection online is even more robust.

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Connection by Heather Polk

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Spacey Studios offers archival-quality framed prints in limited-edition rounds of 25 pieces from a curation of emerging North American and European artists. Prints can be customized with different frame colors and sizes, and the platform also facilitates commissions with artists represented in its collection.

Tennis 4 by Burak Boylu

Flower 6 by Max Blackmore

Drool believes that you should never settle for boring walls—and we couldn’t agree more. Its contemporary collection of art features prints, original paintings, graphic design, typography, and more. Shopping for the right piece is easy, given that you can sort by theme, color, medium, or subject.

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Dog Days of Summer Art Print

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Rifle Paper Co. has some of the cutest prints around. It has everything from sweet florals to cityscapes, all with a touch of whimsy. Among its bestsellers you’ll find animal art like the homage to the many dog breeds pictured above. All of its art is available with or without a frame, and most prints come in two or more sizes. Come for the art, and you’ll probably head to the checkout with prints and some fun wrapping paper or tote bags.

Kiss 6 in Wine by Dana Veraldi

Sunset Wall by James Needham

Sunset Wall by James Needham

Founded in 2012 by Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein, Tappan aims to nurture emerging artists by connecting them to seasoned collectors. This support extends beyond the internet too: Tappan has curated numerous exhibitions of its artists in assorted spaces throughout Los Angeles. On the site you’ll find everything from small paintings for around $175 to larger-scale paintings upward of $10,000.

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3 Xhosa Ladies Large Wall Tapestry

54Kibo features contemporary African art across mediums. The brand’s name was inspired by Kibo, the volcanic peak at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 54Kibo has a fantastic selection of art, pillows, blankets, furniture, rugs, and more. The wall art includes beaded wall hangings, stunning prints—among which there’s a collection by designer Lisa Hunt—and mirrors. 

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Eucalyptus Greenery Wall Art Set by Art Space Lia

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Riding in Swimsuits Canvas Art

If you’re anything like us, you rely on Etsy for all things home decor—cool paintings and artwork are no exception. Etsy offers every type of art you can imagine, from stunning black-and-white photography to bespoke oil paintings. Shop at Etsy, and you can take anything—your living room, home office, man cave— to the next level while also supporting small business owners and artisans.

The Pool and Garden of a Home by William Grigsby

The Pool and Garden of a Home by William Grigsby

Vogue Cover by Jean Patchett by Erwin Blumenfield

Condé Nast is home to the world’s most iconic magazines—not only Architectural Digest, but also Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and GQ, to name a few. At the Condé Nast Store, you can shop for art from a vast library of fashion, decor, and editorial photography.

The Baltic Club Peony Art Print

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Deer Art Print by Sarah Walsh

Baltic Club is a one-stop shop for home decor, and it has a nice selection of quirky art prints. It offers contemporary works of art featuring animals, plants, florals, city scenes, and more. All the pieces have a fresh feel and are sure to liven up any room. While you’re shopping, make sure to check out the rest of its offerings, including frames, vases, textiles, and stationary. 

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Magical Marrakech Framed Art Print with Wood Frame by Deny Designs

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Stay Home No. 3 Framed Wall Art by Deny Designs

Nordstrom, no doubt, is a fashion and beauty destination, but the stylish retailer is also a hub for design-forward works of art, including photography, art prints, and paintings. 

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New Dance by Deborah Velasquez

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When you think of Minted, there’s no doubt that stationary and gifts come to mind—but don’t sleep on its incredible collection of art. You’ll find curated collections that feature independent artists, Black artists, and more. There are pieces in a wide variety of mediums, including paintings, drawings, photography, and more. It also has really unique and stylish options for custom art. For example, you can commission a portrait of your pooch or a rendering of your home. 

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Klimt: The Sunflower Framed Print

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Agapanthus Matted Print by Claude Monet

If you’re looking for high quality reproductions of some of the world’s best art, you’ll find it in the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store. Its thoughtfully curated shop has a little bit of everything, including works of impressionism, pop art, and vintage posters.

Vintage 1970’s Alvin Ailey Original Photographs

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Vintage Alvin Ailey Original Photograph

BLK MKT Vintage is a Brookyn-based design shop specializing in decor, literature, and records that celebrate Black history and artistic expression. Its online shop features a unique collection of vintage art prints you can’t find elsewhere. The highly framable pieces include rare posters, magazine covers, movie stills, and more. You’ll also find vintage patches, collectible VHS tapes, and trading cards you’ll want to add to your shopping cart. 

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Jungle Art Print by Maheswari Janarthanan

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Andalusian Square City Art Print by Roeqiya Fris

Looking for a fresh take on wall decor (and home decor in general)? Head to Jungalow. Everything in its collections is fresh, bold, and vibrant. Jungalow showcases collections from artists around the world as well as artworks from founder Justina Blakeney, and much of the selection is bohemian and colorful. 

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The Dream by Hanna Peterson

Discover cool prints and modern art posters that will add a polish to your bare bedroom, dining room, and living room walls. The Poster Club is well-curated, reasonably priced, and easy to browse. You can shop by size, orientation, price, color, artist, or art category—and we love a good sorting system because it makes the whole art-buying process less overwhelming. Once you’ve settled on a print, you can also choose a frame. The frames are available in basically every color and style imaginable. Once you have a print and frame picked out, the Poster Club will assemble it and ship out your bespoke creation (you can also buy the prints individually without framing, if you prefer).

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Build Your Own by Amberlee Green

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Biscuit Football by Neals Niat

Swakara Atwell-Bennett founded BetterShared and launched it in 2016 as a platform dedicated to showcasing artists of the African Diaspora. Based in the U.K. with wide-ranging shipping options within Europe and to the U.S., art lovers can choose from a wide selection of prints, photographs, paintings, and mixed-media works—there’s even a curation for the budget-conscious collector, where no piece is over 100 British pounds.

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Overture (2021) by Erin Parish

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One of the few sites that offer one-click buying—as opposed to bidding—from established contemporary art galleries, Artspace is a great source for work by top contemporary artists. It’s the most like an online store in that you can browse hundreds of images and purchase directly. The site’s specialists curate sales from the various member dealers, which is a good way to browse pieces if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for. And you can sort by price, from under $500 to (on the much less affordable side) over $1 million.

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Cherry Blossom Landscape (2021) by Damien Hirst

Artsy has more than 2,000 partnerships with galleries, museums, artists’ estates, foundations, and art fairs, making it easy to search for a specific artist’s work in exhibitions the world over and then connect with a dealer on the site. Check Artsy regularly to keep on top of new arrivals. 

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Boho Arid, Dusk Lake: 2-Print Boho Set

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Palomarin Decor is a gem of a small business with a unique selection of cottage, coastal, cabin, and island artwork. Notably, Palomarin Decor strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, and all its fine art prints are made using green-certified fine art paper. 

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Slim Aarons “Beverly Hills Hotel” Photography

Celebrated interior designer Jonathan Adler is known for transforming any space into a colorful, energetic affair—and his online store features art that brings his personal style (and an unparalleled liveliness) to your walls. In addition to photography, sculptures, and paintings, you’ll find hand-beaded masterpieces, like the one featured above—every one of those vibrant pills was created by weaving bead onto linen.

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Alpine Glow in the Valley by Ariel Lee

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Camp Nathan Hale (mess call) by Gordon Parks

The goal of 20×200 is to provide art for everyone. The 1,000 editions the site has produced so far range from $24 to $10,000, and each is produced exclusively for 20×200. The company also wants customers to be passionate and knowledgeable about the art it receives, so every print or photo ships with documentation about the work, and the site announces each new launch with an informative write-up on the artist and project.

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Enough To Hear by Adrian Kay Wong

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Nine Women Work by Dana Bell

With a wide variety of original artworks available to purchase under $800 across a diverse set of mediums, Uprise Art is easily one of your best options to begin your art collection. Uprise also offers art consultations and payments in monthly installments to make the artwork more accessible. 

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Palm Springs by Guachinarte

Lumas is now a network of over 20 galleries worldwide, with an impressive digital arm. Its site, like the galleries, specializes in high-quality, limited-edition works from big-name photographers. Prints by greats such as Edward Steichen, Helmut Newton, and Horst P. Horst are offered in numerous framing options for prices starting around $400.

Flora by Berenice Hernandez

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Serious Dreamer by Loulou Avenue

Copenhagen-based e-tailer Paper Collective sells artworks with a mission. The company collaborates with artists, designers, and illustrators to create prints, posters, cards, and accessories that are certified eco-friendly with a seal from the Danish government. On top of that, a portion of the sale proceeds for each work goes to a charity of the artist’s choosing.

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Herman Miller is famed for its office chairs and midcentury-modern furniture, but the brand also has a unique selection home decor, including contemporary prints and posters. Among them, you’ll find pop art, typography, and abstract art, all bursting with vivid color.

Image may contain: White Board

Iveta Abolina Blush Forest Bamboo Framed Wall Art by Deny Designs

Image may contain: Furniture, Sideboard, Cabinet, and Drawer

Van and Surfboard Framed Wall Art (Set of 2)

Target has lovely curations of cool art, including quirky, boho picks from Opalhouse and geometric, abstract, and modern artwork from Project 62. Framed or unframed, with matting or without, sets or single pieces, Target has it all. 

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Astronaut Wall Art (Set of 2)

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Haus and Hues Modern Abstract Wall Art Prints

Similarly, Amazon has all kinds of affordable art. Whatever your vibe, you can find something to suit it—whether it’s retro pop art, anime posters, nature photography, or acrylic art. You can even find reproductions of the world’s most famous art, including Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. 

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Walker Noble is a design studio that has a robust collection of lush landscapes and desert-inspired art. The Saguaro Palm Springs commissioned Walker Noble to create custom pieces for its hotel, a fitting choice. In addition to desert art, Walker Noble also specializes in abstract and landscape art, as well as minimalist line drawings and nature-themed children’s art.

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Poppies by Madelen Möllard

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Fouiller La Nuit by Maliv

This European art store is based in The Netherlands and ships worldwide. Its top-quality giclée prints run the creative gamut. You’ll find colorful abstracts, vintage prints, and Japandi pieces, which blend together Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. There’s even a nursery collection that has chic baby room decor. Oh, and if you’re looking for a gift idea, you’ll be happy to know it offers gift cards starting at €10,00 (the equivalent of $12.20).

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Blue Lisbon by Raisa Zwart Photography

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Mixtiles takes the guesswork out of creating a gallery wall. It has tons of ready-to-go sets that are made to complement one another in color, style, and placement. If you don’t like all the items in a set, don’t worry: You can easily remove or replace the art in each collection (it has a huge art library to choose from). Additionally, you can upload your own photos or artwork to make something completely custom. 

The other great thing about Mixtiles? It has sticky strips on the back of each print that stick to your wall. That’s right: no nails, no hammers, no damage. Plus, you can remove and re-stick them with ease.

The Signal Study by Flora Kirk

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Pals, Spain by Suzy Spooner

Inprnt features a carefully curated collection of artists. Its unique collections include everything from fine art and photo prints to graphic art and metal prints. It also offer illustrations, like this beautiful watercolor by Seattle-based artist Suzy Spooner. Inprnt prides itself on using top-of-the-line and gallery-quality materials, ensuring that the artwork will last a lifetime and never degrade over time. 

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Channel Islands National Park

Image may contain: Advertisement, Outdoors, Nature, Mountain, Valley, Poster, and Scenery

Yosemite National Park Poster Print

As the name suggests, this online art store specializes in cool art prints that pay homage to national parks around the United States. Each poster features a vintage-style design, and is made with 100% recycled stock paper using soy-based inks. All the prints are available as both posters and canvas prints, not to mention postcards and stickers. 

Image may contain: Home Decor, Rug, and Door
Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, and Rug

Vintage Matisse Still Life

Nordic Peace offers a limited collection of minimalist art prints, reproductions, and curated gallery wall sets. Its collection includes graphic art, photography, and word art. In addition to wall art, Nordic Peace also offers a variety of creative, artistic home decor (vases, trays, mirrors, and rugs), and accessories (including phone cases, jewelry, and slippers).

Image may contain: Symbol, Paper, Art, and Origami
Image may contain: Paper, Transportation, Vehicle, Airplane, Aircraft, Art, and Origami

Paper Craft World brings art to life with its unique and eye-catching 3D wall art and decor. The pieces housed in Paper Craft are big, bold, and perfect for any space you want to infuse with fun (especially kids’ rooms and contemporary spaces). The lips and shark above are just a taste of its quirky selection. Its imaginative pieces include a unicorn, a macaw, a seahorse duo, dinosaurs, and even a sloth hanging off a branch designed to extend out from your wall. 

Image may contain: Book, Publication, Comics, Person, Head, and Face
Image may contain: Modern Art, Art, Canvas, Light, and Flare

Luminous Eye by Fung Cheung

Chop Suey Club is a treasure trove of contemporary Chinese design. In addition to art, CSC sells books, tableware, incense, jewelry, accessories, and clothing—all with an eye towards promoting Chinese culture. If you want to visit CSC at its physical location, you can find the lifestyle boutique in New York’s Lower East Side.

Image may contain: Building, Castle, Fortress, Architecture, Bunker, Rock, Ruins, Outdoors, Nature, Brick, and Archaeology

Oceanfront Property 3bd 2ba Needs TLC by Olivia Hill

Les Tournesols Black and White Art by Guillaume Dénervaud

Platform offers sophisticated pieces from a select group of artists. Each artist has an exclusive Platform profile where you can learn more about their background, and even get a glimpse into their studios. You’ll find a variety of mediums represented, including drawing, paintings, prints, mixed media, and photography. Prices start at $2,000. 


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