MANY OF us are just craving the various interior design posts on our social media pages, as we all know that interior design isn’t exactly the cheapest fun one can imagine. Meanwhile, everyone wants a pretty and beautiful home, which is not impossible! There are many homes décor tricks that can be used to make your home more luxurious with pennies or just paying attention. Join us and find out in our article what are the 5 home décor tips that everyone should know for the sake of their home!

In general, interior design should not be called cheap fun, but you don’t have to spend money to arrange your home in such a way that it looks elegant and radiates style. In our article, we will now provide you with interior design tips that will help you make your home more luxurious!

5 interior design tips to create a luxurious atmosphere

1. Using the right materials

Here’s a little velvet, there’s a little silk, there’sa little nice decoration of faux furand a bedspread. Materials often make a small but subtle difference when it comes to interior design. Of course, you don’t have to use real silk right away, it’s enough to use a material with a similar appearance! You don’t have to buy a new sofa right away either: just replacethe decorative pair of napkins that will decorate the sofa or use satin bedding that looks silk in the bedroom. With a neat layout, you can also combine the appearance of the room with a fluffy fur cover. Small changes create a completely new effect in every room, even if you don’t think so!

A bedspread is the simplest trick to create order and elegance in the bedroom – simple, but effective, since all sorts of things can be hidden under an oversized blanket… Pretty bedspreads reliably give the bedroom an elegant look at any time of the day and radiate charm and inviting coziness at the same time. In addition to the use of materials, it is also worth paying attention to the texture, quilted blankets not only look good, but are also practical, because during the daythey protect bed linen from dust and dirt.

If you prefer a luxurious, elegant design, choose a bedspread made of velvet or satin, bed linen or decorative pillows. Thanks to the special knotting technique of fabrics, their surfaces shine, so they always look classy and give the interior a luxurious look. Plus: The feel of velvet and satin is extremely soft!

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

The murals are all nice and good, but if youreally want to spice up the look of your homeod, consider using mirrors. The reason: the room seems larger. This works especially well when placed opposite the window. Today, mirrors are available in so many variations and forms that they often look like art themselves.

Round, soft forms radiate harmony. They have a calming effect on the eyes, create comfort and visual balance. Therefore, it is not surprising that at present round shapes dominate the interior – be it a pillow, a vase or a wall mirror. Pretty wall mirrors can be found in all possible variations, from minimalist to playful. The trending materials? metal or wood! The trend colors here are white, gold and black.

The grandeur of mirrors: unlike other wall decorations, for example, pictures or shelves, they optically enlarge the room and reflect light, making small rooms look larger. So there is good reason to invest in round wall mirrors as trendy objects.

3. Curtain up!

There is hardly a more elegant home décor device than floor-length curtains . And no, you don’t need huge windows for that. Because even if youlive in an old high-ceilinged apartment, you can still benefitfrom long curtains. They visually stretch the wall and make the room look taller. In large rooms, noble, heavy fabrics look especially luxurious. For smaller rooms, translucent materials such as linen are more suitable, otherwise a depressing atmosphere will quickly be created with the use of other draperies.

4. Have brightness!

Many indirect light sources make the given room cozy and at the same time beautiful – be it the creed, the wall or specifically our favorite mural. Small lamps are worth investing in, and with a metallic appearance, for example, they can look extremely elegant. Tip: Old lamps with airbrush can quickly and inexpensively get a new look.
Luxury lamps are lamps hung on the ceiling, on bedside tables, desks or in the living room– lamps are available in all shapes and models, which means that they fit well into different rooms and furnishing styles.

A metallic lamp can look fiery in a colorful interior or surrounded by elegant fabrics, very cozy. It gives an elegant accentto the simple interior even in combination with darker, muted colors.

5. Stylish décor elements

When decorating, it is important to find the right balance. Too much décor will look crowded and look like a collection of tendrils of grandmother’s figurines (not against grandmothers!). But how to find the right balance? For some reason, our eyes find a strange mass especially beautiful. So it is better to put three cacti on the windowsill than two.

A mixture of various decorative elements, such as pictures, plants or sculptures, will make the layout even more interesting. Elements made of metal, stone or dark wood are of particularly high quality. Coffee table books can also be a real eye-catcher!


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