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I don’t need to remind you of the ease of shopping online, but with the endless products available out there, I’m here to help guide you to must-buys you’ll actually use, that ship quickly, and, most importantly, won’t hurt your wallet. Enter: the best things to buy on Amazon.

And to make the following picks even better, these well-designed, best-selling items on Amazon are all under $100. One standout suggestion is this highly-rated $30 pasta maker that I recently came across during a cooking class in Rome. (While I also love my Smeg pasta attachments, I can confirm this inexpensive option works just as well!) Another rec is a lightweight, bright yellow patio set ideal if you have a small balcony. There’s also a touchless, odor-absorbing trash can, a modern nesting coffee table set for only $90, and much more.

Not only have I personally bought a number of the following home essentials, you’ll see that the customer reviews speak for themselves. All in all, you won’t be able to resist the thoughtfully curated list, especially given the modest and at times, on-sale price tags. So get ready, set, shop!

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30-Inch Black Magnetic Shelf Organizer

First up is a shelf organizer that goes over your stove, which has received over 11,500 five-star ratings. It’s a simple way to have cooking essentials like oil and salt readily available. One customer advised turning it upside down to keep stuff from falling off.

Honest Review: “I turned it over, put the magnets on the new bottom – that was the top—so that the back lip with the holes in it is now facing down behind the backsplash, and the front now has a lip…I also just ordered some rubber shelf liner to put on the shelf to keep the spices from moving forward.

Nesting Coffee Table Set of 3

Next, a contemporary coffee table and despite it being available to the masses, it’s a unique set that makes a stunning centerpiece to any living room.

Honest Review: “This is an adorable set. The colors are exactly like those shown in the pictures! Assembly was quick and easy. You can arrange them however you please; they’re light enough to move around for personal use if needed. Highly recommend!”

13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can

Take it from me, if your trash can isn’t automatic, you’re missing out. As a germophobe who always washes her hands after a second of touching the wastebasket, this was a gamechanger. Plus, it really locks in all the bad smells.

Like I said, one Italian cooking class with this machine, and I was hooked. Gone are the days of pasta attachments not attaching, just switch the handle between the different settings and you’re all set. The hundreds of five stars here can also back me up!

Metal Folding Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

Outdoor furniture you’ll only use for part of the year shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars. Turn to a small set ready to make a big statement, especially if you have a tiny balcony. Additionally, you can fold and put them away once the weather gets colder.

Honest Review: “They have a good weight so they wouldn’t blow around easily, but the best part is how compact they are! When you fold up the whole set and stack it the width is barely 4 inches. These would store away easily in the back of a closet or under a bed. Perfect for my apartment and balcony.”

Natural Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet

Yes, there came a time when I got tired of shelling out for floral arrangements that don’t last which is what inspired me to buy an on-trend pampas grass bouquet. Don’t worry, it was just as much fun to arrange as live blooms!

Regal Accent Table/Laptop Desk

Can’t fit a desk in your apartment, but still work from home? The Novogratz laptop desk is the answer to your prayers.

Honest Review: “This is a great addition to my home office. The piece is compact but sturdy, easy to assemble (standard dowel and cam fitting method)…If you have a smaller space and want a solid turntable stand with LP storage, this unit is great, and the price seems very reasonable…”

Back Massager Neck Massager With Heat

I’m a sucker for a massage, so a friend of mine got me this massager and I use it every night before going to bed. If you’re always hunched over your computer or have lots of back pain, 10/10 recommend you get one for yourself. You’ll also love the heated setting!

Need minimalist home decor that’s not over the top? Grab some stylish, high-quality ceramic cases. Each purchase comes in threes and is on sale for a limited time.

Smart Coffee Gravity-Induction Mug

Never worry about your drinks getting cold again. Amazon’s smart mug features a heating plate that stays up to 131℉ and it’ll look pretty on your desk or nightstand.

Honest Review: “I love this! I drink tea at night in bed while reading or watching a show and now I never have to worry about it getting cold. I was so surprised when I got this because I didn’t realize it was coming with a mug—such cute packaging!”

Speaking of bedside beverages, TikTok actually got me to order a night carafe because I wanted something fancy to drink out of whenever I’d wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night. If this is you, trust me…you’ll get plenty of use out of it!

Refrigerator Liners (10 Pieces)

A well-organized refrigerator is my happy place! To make cleaning my fridge less of a headache, I placed easy-to-wipe and wash mats on each shelf. As soon as you lay them down, you’ll wonder why it took you this long to start using some.

Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Calling all farmhouse aesthetic enthusiasts, you’ll get excited by a set of mason jar wall sconces. And with more than 12,200 people giving the lights five stars, you can’t go wrong with ordering a few.

Honest Review: “Great item. Just as expected from viewing the pics. Looks very nice once assembled and lit up. Only bad thing is that there are [no] instructions for using the remote control but I was able to figure it out.

17-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

I’ve never been a fan of bulky knife blocks, but I got this beloved set (42,254 five-star reviews and counting!) as a gift and changed my mind immediately. Instead of it being a heavy-duty, wooden rectangle, the thin, translucent design appealed to me and the knives couldn’t be sharper. On top of that, the vegetable peeler is the sturdiest I’ve ever had—it grates and peels without it ever slipping out of my hand. If you need new knives, but don’t want to spend a lot, go for it!

Cube Soy Wax Bubble Candles

How adorable are these bubble candles?! I wanted to hop on the trend, but couldn’t bring myself to go all out for a trendy buy I wasn’t even going to light. This set of two was the perfect compromise and luckily, they have a lovely smell as is.

White Faux Fur Chair Seat Covers

Looking for a way to jazz up the seating in your home? Lean on a fluffy, faux fur throw. Other shoppers placed it on the bed, too.

Honest Review: I really didn’t expect much for the price but let me tell you, this item does not disappoint. I ordered it in white and have it next to my bed. It’s so soft when you step out of bed onto it. I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

Are you a plant parent interested in giving propagation a try? Here’s a budget-friendly buy that’ll allow you to do so.

Honest Review: “Gorgeous! Perfect for propogating plants or throwing in small flowers. You have to put this together yourself, but it’s easy with the instructions. In order to clean the glass, you have to take all of the pieces off the rod at once—so you will need a helper. There are rubber stoppers in between each glass, which keep them in place.”

Woven Decorative Storage Basket

Decorative storage baskets can get pricey depending on where you buy them. If you’re only going to use them for blankets, shoes, a plant, or other small items, don’t blow your budget.

Honest Review: “This basket saved me at least $80. I couldn’t stand looking at the old, ugly, plain clay plot my Jade tree came in… but I also couldn’t bring myself to spend upwards of $100 on something fancy. This is where this basket comes in… it perfectly accommodates the height and diameter of the clay pot and tray…”

On the hunt for something special kids (and possibly some adults in your life) will love? A moon lamp is a remarkable way to brighten up a room and the nearly 14,000 five-star comments prove it.

Honest Review: Such a cool gift. My husband loved it. Perfect size and it has two settings, warm and cool. Only thing I wished is that it lasted longer. It goes out after about an hour being on full charge. Other than that it’s great…”

Mini Portable Projector for Outdoor Movie Nights

Hot take: get rid of your television like me! That’s right, I haven’t had one in years thanks to my projector. I simply hook up my laptop or phone and have movie theater-sized entertainment for a lot less than a giant flat screen.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Around 26,600 buyers would recommend this mosquito repeller so it’s no surprise it made it on the list of things to buy on Amazon.

Honest Review: “It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t make noise. It doesn’t get hot. It just clears the mosquitos & only mosquitos…I’ve used sprays, foggers, candles, torches…the list goes on. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit on my patio in peace, even the cat was safe…”

Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Fun for the whole family at a reasonable price has arrived, courtesy of Intex’s inflatable lounge pool. It has a comfortable back rest and even a cushy bench where your squad can relax.

Honest Review: “This pool is amazing!! Best $20.00 I’ve ever spent! It could easily fit 3 adults. I didn’t have a pump to blow it up, so I googled and ended up using a hairdryer and it was pumped up in minutes! Absolutely love the bench as I can sit in the pool without fully being in it. [Love] this purchase!”

Just in case, you can shop our other blow-up pool picks here!

Outdoor Patio Furniture and Hot Tub Side Table

Keep the fun going outside with a convertible side table that doubles as a cooler. It’s a genius buy your entire crew will keep coming back to at every gathering.

Honest Review: “Looks fantastic for the price point. I wanted a makeshift lounge area to relax in while grilling at my beach home and since it’s just a garage I wasn’t looking to spend an arm and leg. Put together, this looks like I paid 5x what I did.”

Mellanni King Size Luxury Sheet Set

Like I’ve pointed out before, sheets are a solid Amazon buy. These Mellanni sets that come in a variety of patterns and colors will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel bed (just ask the over 222,200 five-star reviewers).

Honest Review: “I decided to wait a couple of months before I wrote this to ensure that everything I say about these sheets is completely accurate. First off, they are so unbelievably soft it’s as if your sleeping on a giant puppy. Second, even after countless washes, the color and softness has yet to fade away…These sheets are fantastic, dude. Nothing more I can say.”

F.S Boundary Toothbrush Holder Wall Mount

Is a clear bathroom countertop a must? Maintain a neat and organized space with a wall mount guaranteed to keep everything in its place.

Honest Review: “While this product isn’t cheap, it definitely is worth what you are paying for. The holder with LEDs for cleaning, the wash cups and the toothpaste dispenser all help make the process of brushing your teeth more streamlined.”

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